Bauer BBQ 1988

I’ve tried to just go forward in time this week, but during my search for more clips to create a more complete versions of 2002 and 2003, I came across this one and I wanted to go ahead and share especially because it’s a full episode. It even has the 1988 commercials.

Blake  developed during the writer’s strike. She just sort of drifted and built up complications for awhile. I think she was always supposed to be an ex-lover of Alan’s (yeah they forget that part pretty soon) and working with him against Phillip, but falls for Phil instead, but the whole she’s really Chrissy Thorpe came later. Although if you can overlook some inconsistencies and believe that Holly totally  cut off communication when she left town and Ed would let her (yeah right), it ground the character of Blake to two core families and upped her value to the canvas considerably. (Actually I preferred both brunette Blakes to the original blonde version, who later was kind of scary as a by the book officer on Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Phillip and Blake were actually a pretty decent couple considering everything. Although not as good as Phillip and India and certainly no Phillip and Beth or even Phillip and Harley. I really liked them best while Sherri Stringfield was in the role. They really disintegrated when Blake discovered Beth was alive and had Phillip committed in a rather misguided attempt to hold on to him. I don’t know why Phillip isn’t at the Bauer BBQ this year. Apparently Phillip and Rick aren’t getting along right now, which is never good for either of them. I don’t remember why, especially since he hasn’t even slept with Meredith yet which will cause them troubles for the next few years.

This was the year that Fletcher Reade and Maeve Stoddard got married at the Bauer BBQ. Maeve had been involved in the twisted Kyle Sampson backstory and had his baby (who originally known as Ben Stoddard) and lied about it. Kyle found out fought for custody then basically said, well if she wants me out of his life enough to lie about it, I should let him alone, and apparently never thought twice about Ben again. Fletcher broke my heart when he left Claire Ramsey and so I could never really support him in another couple (I was always waiting for him he leave again and he never disappointed). Maeve was different though. Fletch actually married her and although it might just have been because she died before he got a chance (she dies fairly soon after the wedding), this time Fletcher didn’t walk away. After Maeve’s tragic death in a helicopter crash, Fletch goes so far as to fight her mother for custody of Ben. He eventually wins and Ben Reade stays around town to grow up with his best friends Bill Lewis and Michelle Bauer. Ben is the first of an entire generation of Springfield young people who bonded over the common loss of a parent. (In real life “Maeve” was married to “Dr. Bob Hughes” on As the World Turns and photos of them together in soap magazines freak me out, it’s a crossover of realities!) The clothes for the wedding are beautiful. (Whoops! missed Fletch’s tie before I said that, add except for Fletcher’s tie.)

All the Bauers are looking great, Maureen, Ed, and Rick, but where’s Michelle? We do see her briefly following Ed to get a Bauer Burger a little later in the episode. It really is a beautiful service. Right before the rings, you get a nice shot of the current quad of the moment Harley and Cameron and Alan-Michael and Dinah. The writers were trying to recapture the magic of the Four Musketeers. They didn’t, but Alan-Michael and Harley went on to be great characters with these actors and Dinah would with a couple of recasts. The  will soon switch partners. Then Dinah will be recast and “Cameron” departed for a role on 90210. Love that HB and Mindy were in the audience.

In the bridal party, Rick was partnered with Meredith (Fletch’s sister) walking back up the aisle. She is still a future wife for him. They divorced over her inability to have kids and her sensitivity to the fact he was quite a bit younger than her. Rick didn’t particularly want to she literally ran away and left him.

Love Ed as the pied piper of Bauer Burgers and there is Michelle with the pink bow. Chelsea Reardon (Maureen and Nola’s youngest sister, a singer) is talking to distant Bauer cousin Johnny. He was dating Roxie Shayne (Reva’s little sister). Johnny has cancer, Roxie served as caretaker, he recovered through the power of prayer (no seriously) and she suffered a total mental collapse. She’s now being sent to another facility. Roxie will soon disappear and barely rate a mention again.

I like when Ross is in good guy advice mode. This was during the brief time Mindy was dating Frank Cooper. Josh is currently married to Sonni/Solita a twin with an alter who is terribly evil. That hasn’t come out yet. A really nice Mindy-HB moment. I’m loving a happy Maureen.

I don’t remember the girl name Jenny in the red dress who is dating Ross. Anybody want to fill us in?

Rick and Meredith didn’t really sell me because Meredith never could accept that Rick loved her for her. She was very sensitive about being so much older than him and that they both tended to be very passionate about their professional opinions and they tended to clash. As many people who died on Rick’s watch, maybe he should have done research as she suggests?

Reva wasn’t Josh’s only wife to come back from the dead. Here’s Sonni! Right now he knows Will Jefferies his former friend is missing, but Josh doesn’t know Will has turned into a dangerous criminal, he doesn’t know his wife’s alter is up to her neck in it. Solita had been killed and her twin Sonni was trying to keep her alive by “being” her. Josh will know by Christmas. Sonni was a psychologist, that’s why the man called her Dr. Lewis.

Phillip and Meredith truly were just friends, except that one little “accident.” This is second woman that Phillip has impregnated while she was in love with Rick, Mindy was the first. Rick gets his own back by impregnating Harley while she was married to Phillip. Phillip also got back points because when Meredith is in the hospital and only her or the baby can be saved, Phillip tells Rick to save Meredith even knowing she was carrying his child, which Rick didn’t know at the time.

I loved Rusty/Mindy they truly didn’t get a fair shot. At this point, Rusty was being framed by Will.

I’d forgotten Phillip lived at the lighthouse too! Oh! I loved the Cheer commercial with the lipstick!

Interesting slip. I bet Fletcher meant the Springfield Inn, a upper crust hotel more often mentioned than seen, but Ed realized Fletcher said Towers and corrected it. Funny!

More nice Ed-Maureen stuff at the end.


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2 Responses to “Bauer BBQ 1988”

  1. BL Says:

    I have a few scenes from 1988 on VHS, which I haven’t watched in years. I don’t have that BBQ, but some of the aftermath with little Ben after his mother died.

    This is what I know/remember as I wasn’t a GL viewer then.

    One major note: Ben’s mother name was Maeve spelled the same way as Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa) not Mauve. Before the writers’ strike, Blake Lindsey wasn’t supposed to be Christina. That is part of why the back story is so muddled.

    Jenny was a cop and worked with Rusty. Mary Ellen Stuart played the part, but she is more known from her time on ATWT. In the Christmas 1988 scenes I have, Jenny and Ross are no longer dating as he went with Dr. Linden to the Bauers. That’s all I know, as I don’t have anything from that period in my archives.

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