Bauer BBQ 2005

I tried to be objective in the background below, but let’s face it, I’m not. If you like Marina post Shayne, just stop reading now and go to the link at the bottom. If anybody comes across more non-Danny and Marina scenes, those I’d be willing to watch.

Bauer BBQ 2005 would win the prize for the suckiest Bauer BBQ ever because Danny and Marina being a (gag) couple, if not for the stiff competition of Bauer BBQ 2007 and 2008 which weren’t even held AT the Bauer house (Main Street and Jessup Farm respectively).  When Danny thought he’d lost Michelle for good Danny started dating the nanny, Marina Cooper, in a desperate effort to hold onto normalcy and to the utter destruction of one of his most important friendships with her father Frank. (Not that Marina cares what pain she’s causing either her father, her “best friend” Michelle or Danny himself.) This was basically because with responsibility for Robbie, he couldn’t take his normal route of dealing the utter despondency losing Michelle caused by being constantly drunk. Michelle is due to come back from visiting Ed for a trumped up reason aka because Nancy St. Alban went on maternity leave at a critical point in the story. Michelle doesn’t come back because she is now obviously pregnant via the one time Manny made love after she got her memory back before the end of the whole Tattoo Tony debacle. She sends Robbie back alone. Again these are just highlights, but I don’t know if I even want the rest.

Nice scene of a supportive Rick. I love it when Danny and Rick are like that. Great scene with Robbie and Danny reuniting. Danny is SUCH a GREAT dad. I love it when Danny can tell when something is wrong and deals with it.


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