Bauer BBQ 1984

Bauer BBQ 1984 is the only entry that I have in the 1980s for this year. I’m still looking for more. Let me know if you come across any on YouTube. This same channel has a couple of days of episodes before the BBQ. I’m sure I’ll get back to them sooner or later, but feel free to watch them now.I also want to make VERY clear that the Tony I’ll be talking about and loving on in this episode is my beloved Tony Reardon, not my much later, but also beloved Tony Santos or my severely hated Tattoo Tony Santos. Also, good heavens taste in earrings was AWFUL in 1984. Shudders!

The episode opens at the Reardon Boarding House with everyone getting ready for the BBQ (Maureen is a Reardon). Tony and Annabelle Reardon (who I adored as a couple before they just suddenly up and left on vacation one day and never came back – Tony started Company) are at the table. Tony and Annabelle are talking to Tony’s mother, Bea Reardon, who is also Maureen and Nola’s mother and Michelle’s grandmother. The guy with the beard was Jim Reardon – another brother of Maureen’s and a doctor who is currently dating nurse Hillary Bauer. (I liked Hillary – who was best friends with Katie Parker, but never warmed up to Jim except the one moment when they resolved the Tony-Annabelle-Jim triangle – which involved past lives flashbacks – by giving him their blessing, they go off and he says “Next lifetime she’s mine.”)

July 4, 1984 episode

Great early romantic Ed-Maureen stuff. However, that top on Maureen ought to be burned– seriously. Ed was chief of staff at Cedars and Maureen was a hospital administrator at this point. Soon Ed would start to chafe at not being the one with the most important job. Note the opening credits. I love that the real Laurel Falls is in there. (The falls are really in Connecticut. Anybody know where that version of Company was filmed?) (Part 1)

Ed and Maureen have been trying to create a baby for a long time. Sadly they never have a biological child together, although Maureen thought of Michelle as her own. Michelle comes along the next year. Jim Reardon had been doing secret research taking on his former – now deceased – boss’ name to keep the funding coming. He’s now been outed and foisted from the hospital as a result. Quola is one of my all time favorite couples. The crates are part of an odd storyline that screamed the writers were wildly groping for a Quola storyline. A teenage computer genius comes to town and moves in with them. The boxes are from him. (Part 2)

H.B. and Reva got married, basically as friends although she eventually gets pregnant by H.B. Josh reacted badly to the news and crashes his car. He’s temporarily paralyzed which eventually leads to two of Josh’s most famous scenes, Bert telling him not to feel sorry for himself, and the original Reva in the fountain scene. Reva wants Josh to stay with them while he recuperates, which he eventually does, but it doesn’t go smoothly. Fletcher attends with Claire (Michelle’s biological mother). ¬†Sadly they aren’t together right now, just good friends. I loved them as a couple and after Fletch broke my heart along with Claire’s when he broke up with her, I never was able to support any other couple he was in. I knew eventually he’s always walk away and he always did except for Mauve (who died before he got the chance). Ross seems to be dating Trish, they were always close. Don’t miss Bert’s arrival at the end. Her leg had been amputated in real life and written into the storyline, with some powerful results. The line with the heavy empasis on patient and advocate was because Bert – before her surgery – was a full time patient advocate volunteer at Cedars. (Part 3)

I adore Bert, she was truly the heart of the show, even years after she died she was still effecting characters and stories. Tony and Annabelle’s cottage was one of my favorite places in Springfield ever. They are talking about that as their new house. Sadly Carrie Piper, real estate agent, was also a psychotic killer and became an infamous Guiding Light villan. The actress sadly returned years latter in the I can’t tell you how AWFUL Carrie Carruthers storyline. I didn’t know Mike Bauer was in the naval reserve. I’m with Josh though, Josh’s accident was a pretty much H.B.’s and Reva’s fault. True, he was the one who got drunk and drove into a tree, but they HAD to know he was going to take it that badly and should have had someone like Billy there to take care of him when they told him. I loved Trish – except for her affair with Alan. ūüė¶ Sadly she will disappear without even a mention all too soon, but the early Josh-Billy-Trish stuff like this rocked. Both Billy and Josh had Daddy issues. (Part 4)

A nice example of everyday life with Quola. (Part 5)

I don’t want Lillian and Mike Bauer together. That seems like a terrible fit. Although, as Lillian says, we like him very much. Mike dating Alexandra? That’s something. He was giving her flying lessons? That’s totally awesome. (Part 6)

Reva’s Oklahoma accent was a lot stronger in these early days. Love Reva’s yellow satin top. I loved it when Ross got all unclely with Phillip especially when he was a teenager when they found out. Here’s a hint Hillary, hugging another man ISN’T going to cheer Jim up. Louie asks Katie to marry him. It’s out of the blue and she’s taken aback, but I think he’s serious. (Part 7)

End Credits (Part 8)

July 5, 1984 episode

More happy Ed and Maureen. Ed says it’s his favorite holiday. Maureen’s reference to Valentine’s Day is because that’s their wedding anniversary. I guess Ed is right in the mid-2000s when he says the Bauer BBQ started out small. Almost no one is there. In later years, everybody comes. Phillip and Beth have broken up and she’s with his cousin Lujack now. As you can see Phillip didn’t take it well. (Part 1)

No wonder Phillip could be so much help to Annie when he helped her get sober. He went down pretty far, pretty quickly. “Hey, Beth, I need you.” If Phillip had remembered that in later life, his life would be much smoother. Hillary was really the only one I liked with Jim. I still hate that they killed her, especially in such a dumb way that also took out one of my favorite places in Springfield. Jim’s a better bet than Fletcher anyway. When Fletcher is in a relationship eventually you make one mistake and he walks out. More foreshadowing. As much as I love the cottage Tony and Annabelle, give it up. It isn’t worth your leaving town and Hillary’s life. Lillian you should remember that gratitude. More Bert right at the end (Part 2)

More Bert right at the beginning. That group was Lujack’s gang, in their “hangout.” This time the cops are just shaking them down without much reason, but normally they are pretty thuggy criminals. The girl who throws the firework later wrote a book about her life and some interesting antics on set at Guiding Light among other things¬†(read about it). (Part 3)

More of Lujack’s gang the Galahads, Company, and Phillip’s problems. (Part 4)

Beth did have some medical knowledge. She ran a clinic in Clayton. Actually Beth, that it was just like New York City was my first thought when I saw you take money for sketching. I hate Pheth apart. Too bad it happened so often. I’m sorry tug of war didn’t stay on the Bauer BBQ schedule, it sounds fun. We get to see a tiny bit of the cottage. (Part 5)

The inspector is talking to someone who built Company out of lumber that fell of a truck (seriously read about it in my Places of Springfield section). I don’t think this is going to bother him. Tug of WAR! Love a good Nola fantasy. The mustached villain isn’t too much of a stretch when she first came on she unmasked a disguised Roger Thorpe who was living at the Reardon Boarding House. (Part 6)

If Lujack hadn’t died, I think Beth would have eventually gone back to Phillip anyway. Trouble is brewing with the Galahads (aka the worst named gang, like ever). (Part 7)

See that wasn’t an immediate “Yes, I know it.” Lujack you were on the way to being toast. The guy helping get Phillip home is Floyd Parker.¬† Floyd eventually became a successful singer and was a general good guy around town until a terrible send off. He is the biological father of Nola’s daughter Kelly/Anastasia. (Part 8)

The losers of the Tug of War pay up on their bet. This is wonderful WATCH THIS! (Part 9)

Credits (Part 10)

UPDATED July 9 2017: I rewatched as part of my prep for the real Bauer BBQ 2017 and added a few notes and comments on things I’ve found out since I originally wrote it.

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