Love Scene

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Love Scene – Love scenes are one of the most important elements of a soap. Most fans are always wanting more love scenes for their favorite couple. A love scene is basically a sex scene, but must have a strong element of romance as well. How much nudity is involved depends on the exact set up. Actors and actresses are often given a few weeks warning, so they can put in extra time at the gym or on a diet to get in shape because they normally have to show quite a bit of skin.

While love scenes always were occasionally set in exotic locations (the backs of limos, in swimming pools, etc.), previously they were mostly set in the bedroom. For the set up of these scenes props would get two sets of matching sheets. One of the flat sheets is wrapped around the woman like a sort of toga. This keeps relevant parts covered up, especially if there is a pillow talk scene afterward. The second set is put normally on the bed so it’s hard to tell that such precautions were taken.

Now as the budget for sets has been reduced the only people who get to have sex in bed are those who live in lofts or hotel rooms whose beds are within line of sight of their door. If there is already a set for a house established as a living room or entryway, usually a second set for them including a bedroom is viewed as an unnecessary extravagance leading to an additional bedroom set being added in only the rarest of circumstances. This means that now couch sex is almost universally the rule. Sadly this is much harder to stage convincingly. Blankets and sheets sometimes appear out of thin air and sometimes the angles are so uncomfortable that even the fans at home squirm  watching (most notable in this category was the Sofia-Neil couch sex earlier this year on The Young and the Restless – I’ll refrain from linking to that if you missed it be glad – very glad).

The following is more of a pillow talk scene, but does a nice job of demonstrating the use of the wrapped sheets. Click on time marker in the comments for exact start.

Danny and Michelle have a love scene at their new house Orchid Manor

Danny and Michelle have a love scene while the votes come in

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