Picture Perfect by LNJ – Chapter 1

Republisher’s Note: This is another of my favorite fanfics. Sadly there is a lot of this fanfic that I don’t have. If any has any more, please share. This is a well known fanfic, but sadly hard to find more than the first 5 chapters. In this fanfic Michelle and Danny are the same age roughly mid-30s each with a 13 year old daughter and a broken marriage. Taylor is Michelle’s daughter with Bill Lewis and Lauren is Danny’s daughter with Teresa Sandoval.
Author’s Note: Hi. I thought I would share this fic. Some of you may already be familiar with this. Hope you all enjoy.

Picture Perfect by LNJ – Chapter 1

“Mommy, there’s a man staring at you.”

“Where? Oh my. I guess he is.”

Michelle looked up to see the most gorgeous male specimen looking at her. And when he smiled, Michelle thought she would die. He worked his way over to the display she and Taylor where perusing.

“Hi.” No need to pretend she hadn’t seen him watching her which is why Michelle spoke first.

“Hi. I didn’t mean to stare, but you’re really beautiful, but not as beautiful as this young lady is. I’m Danny Santos.”

Taylor grinned and shook the hand extended to her. She looked at her mother for approval and then answered, “I’m Taylor Lewis. This is my mom, Michelle.”

Danny turned his attention back to Michelle. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Lewis.”

“Ms. Lewis. Oh my!” Michelle exclaimed as she watched a girl of Taylor’s age punch Danny in his thigh.

“Dad! You promised no flirting!”

“I’m not flirting, sweetie. I was just enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman and her equally beautiful daughter. This is Ms. Michelle Lewis and her daughter Taylor.”

Danny gave his daughter a warning look. She heeded the warning, but had already made up her mind that this was no bimbo and her daughter had on a really cool outfit.

“Hello. My name is Lauren. Um Taylor, would you like to check out the shoe section? My dad doesn’t like what I like, but maybe if you looked at them, he would change his mind.”

Taylor smiled and said, “Sure. Mom?”

“Okay, but don’t leave this store you two.”

“We won’t,” was the reply in unison.

Danny and Michelle watched their girls walk away. They returned their attention back to one another. Michelle noticed he didn’t have on a wedding band. She also noticed just how devastatingly dark and handsome he was.

Danny appreciated Michelle’s glorious honey blond curly mane. He wanted to wrap a tendril around a finger and then kiss that perfect mouth.

“My daughter may have given a bad impression. I don’t flirt. She didn’t get along with my last acquaintance and thinks no woman is good enough for her dad. Tough thirteen year old I tell you.”

Michelle smiled and said, “Taylor’s also thirteen and I have the opposite problem. She says I don’t flirt enough and is always looking for my next date for me. So is this your first time visiting Disney World?”

“Yes. We love it. We’ve been here three days with seven more to go. Is it your first time here, too?”

“Oh no. We come every two years. There are always attractions added or changed. And I love coming in January. The weather’s beautiful; the crowd light. There’s always so much to do and I love spending this special time with Taylor. You picked a great time to come.”

His timing was certainly perfect this time. He subtly backed away from Michelle. The other alternative was to kiss her. Her face lit up when she discussed something she enjoyed, he discovered. She looked like an angel.

“I know this may seem out of the ordinary, but would you like to have dinner with me?” He saw shock cross her face and hurriedly added, “And the girls of course.”

Before she could answer, Taylor and Lauren had returned. Thank God, Michelle thought. But then she wanted to take that thank you back when the girls told their respective parents that the four of them would be have dinner in Mexico tomorrow evening.

Apparently while the girls where supposedly looking at shoes, they were actually scheming to hook their parents up.

Michelle was appalled that her daughter had even thought of such a thing. An innocent flirtation was one thing, dinner another. “Taylor, I didn’t come here to date. Besides, when we leave in two days, they’ll still be here. We’ll be back in Springfield, and Danny and Lauren will go back to…?”

“Los Angeles,” Danny supplied.

“So that settles it. It was nice meeting you both, but…”

“Mom, Lauren told me she and her dad where moving to Springfield. So you see, we will see each other again. Pleeeeaaaasssseee?”

The look on Michelle’s face thoroughly amused Danny. She wanted help out of this, but all he was willing to do was make sure he got to know this woman.

“Michelle, it’s true. I just took a job as CFO of Spaulding Enterprises. I’ll be starting in three weeks.”

This couldn’t be happening. Was it fate? Before she could get a response out, Taylor had chimed in again.

“Hey! My Uncle Phillip is the boss at Spaulding Enterprises. See mom. It’s okay. We can start to get to know them now, and when they come to Springfield, they’ll already have friends.”

Michelle knew this was an impossible battle. And when she looked at the three of them, even Lauren, with the sad faces, she gave in.

“Oh hell, alright.”


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