Defending Drew

A lot of fans of the early Manny story didn’t like Drew at all. They didn’t want Drew anywhere near Michelle especially after the night Danny and Drew slept together. I, however, thought they actually made an interesting set of friends, especially after things settled down and Manny and Dresse were couple friends. As I’ve said before couple friends is an interesting dynamic and one rarely used on soaps. My mother, while sick of my Manny obsession, has remarked “I liked it when those two couples were friends.”

That said I freely admit Drew was a pretty lousy friend. As late as the annulment separation, her advice while good was based mostly on her wanting to get with Jesse rather than much genuine concern for Michelle’s welfare and later she stupidly believed Michelle killed Ben far too easily.

However, I’d like to say a few things in her defense and more specifically in defense of her friendship with Michelle.

1.       Who else was on canvas or could easily be brought on camera with an independent story to be Michelle’s friend? No one comes to mind.

2.       Re-watching early Drew footage, after her father disowned her, Drew was jealous of Michelle and tried to embarrass her and steal Jesse, but there are also softer moments where she looks like she really would like to be Michelle’s friend well before the whole Mick mess.

3.      As much as everybody criticizes Michelle for sending mixed signals at the end of the fake part of the Manny marriage, Jesse is doing that times three between Michelle and Drew for the year previously.  Nothing Jesse did said back off to Drew, almost all of it said you’ve got a real shot with me.

4.       When Michelle came to Drew’s defense when Mick attacked her, Drew could have taken off and left Michelle to her fate, but she didn’t. She risked her life to help Michelle.

5.       I truly believe that Drew, by the time the four of them were living in the loft, Drew wanted to be a good friend to Michelle, she just truly didn’t know how. Drew had pretty much an absentee father who assuaged guilt with material possessions. She’d been surrounded primarily by people paid to take care of her and people who saw her as an in to her father ( the head of a music label). She really hadn’t had anyone want to be nice to her a support her for her – not for what she could do, for them, give them and give access to until Jesse helped her after her father disowned her. I think that’s why she clung to him so tightly. She hired Mick because she was used to having to hire help, she didn’t have friends to turn to.

6.       From Drew’s viewpoint everyone she ever loved betrayed her one way or another and she honestly expected Michelle to let her down and thought she had with Ben’s murder. She should have believed Michelle wouldn’t but I don’t think she knows how and learns to be a friend though her relationships with Jesse and Michelle and Danny.

So even though clearly Drew was pretty slutty and not a very good friend, in the end I think that was really down to issues and inexperience, not anything truly malicious. Except when her way too developed sense of self-preservation kicked in from the second half of the Mick mess on her intentions were at least good most of the time and there were many times when Drew actually was a good friend and was definitely the best Michelle could do on the canvas right then.

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