Coming Home to You by Alisia – Chapter 6

Continuing to republish a classic Manny fanfic.

Coming Home to You by Alisia – Chapter 6

“I now pronounce you man and wife.”

Everyone in the church cheered as Tony leaned down to kiss his wife. For her part, Pilar looked absolutely joyful, and both Michelle and Danny were thrilled with how well the day had gone so far. Pilar was completely worry-free as she walked down the aisle with her husband.

Danny offered Michelle his arm, and they followed Tony and Pilar out of the church to the waiting limos. Leaning his head towards hers, Danny whispered, “Have I told you how breathtaking you look?”

“Thank you.”

“Let me know if you need help getting out of this dress later. I happen to be quite adept at untying the…”


He just smiled and kissed her cheek as they came to the door and stepped out into the sunshine.

Everyone made their way to the reception. As the small wedding party, it was just Michelle and Danny with the bride and groom, stood outside the main tent waiting to be announced, Tony’s eyes got very wide and he groaned.

“Danny, man, she’s here and she’s spotted you.”

Pilar just rolled her eyes, Michelle was confused, and Danny managed to turn and put himself between Michelle and the person walking towards him.

“Teresa,” he muttered, and Michelle quickly got the impression he wasn’t pleased, though she wasn’t sure if he didn’t want to see this girl or if he didn’t like the timing. Michelle was standing there after all.

“Danny!” the woman exclaimed as she approached the little group. “I was so sorry I couldn’t be here last night I was so excited when I heard you were coming in.”

She was standing so close to Danny, with her arms draped on his as if she belonged at his side, Michelle couldn’t decide whether she was more rude for grabbing him that way or for not even acknowledging the bride and groom.

“Teresa,” Tony began, “I think you should go sit down with Mom and Dad. You can catch up with everybody later.”

“OK, Tony.” Teresa, however, was not done yet. She leaned over and kissed Danny on the cheek. Well, to be precise, Michelle thought, on the side of his mouth, before walking away. She felt a little jealousy in the pit of her stomach.

Danny, completely unaware of Michelle’s reaction, just glared at Tony. “You said she was…”

“I was wrong.”

Danny was furious with Tony for telling him Teresa had changed, when it was obvious that she hadn’t. He was disgusted, but Michelle, who was unaware of Danny’s past with Tony’s sister, didn’t understand his reaction. Was he unhappy Teresa came or that Tony didn’t tell her she was coming? Did he regret having Michelle with him when Teresa arrived? Teresa was much more like all the girls Michelle remembered Danny dating then she would ever be. Michelle squeezed Danny’s hand, but he was busy listening to the wedding planner in the tent, who had just announced the best man and maid of honor, to notice. He smiled at Michelle, and motioned towards the tent. “That’s our cue.”

Michelle was all smiles during the reception, but she was worried about the whole situation.

After dinner and the first dance of the bride and groom, Michelle walked over to the bar to get a glass of wine. When she returned to the head table to set it down, she noticed Teresa and Danny standing with Mr. and Mrs. Sandoval. Teresa had her arm draped around Danny, and her head was resting on his shoulder. Danny was doing nothing to dissuade her. In fact, he was smiling and laughing. Michelle downed her wine in one gulp and headed back to the bar for a whiskey sour. Time for something stronger.

Danny stood with the Sandovals, trying to figure out a way to get far away from Teresa without offending her parents. He was going to start gagging soon if she didn’t let go of his arm. Pilar saw how miserable he looked, and walked over with Tony.

“Danny? Will you dance with me?”

“Of course I will, Peanut.”

Danny had never been so glad to see anyone coming his way. He took Pilar’s hand and led her to the dance floor. The photographer took some pictures, and he and Pilar began to waltz. As Danny and Pilar danced, Danny scanned the crowd to find Michelle, but he couldn’t see her. At the end of the song Mr. Santos came onto the dance floor. Danny kissed Pilar’s cheek and then placed her hand in their father’s.

Danny headed off the dance floor to find Michelle, when Teresa appeared again. As her parents were nowhere to be seen, however, Danny merely shrugged off her touch. “Teresa, there’s someone I need to find.”

“Really?” she pouted. “I was hoping you’d dance with me.”

Danny sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “No, I’m not going to dance with you. Teresa, please understand, I have no interest in you whatsoever. I never have. You need to move on.” Slightly cruel, he thought, but he needed to be very clear. “I’m with someone else.”

“Danny, we would be so perfect to…”



“I’m leaving, Teresa.”

Danny didn’t even look back at Teresa, who merely fumed for a minute and then headed over to where Danny’s cousin Ray was standing.

After her second whiskey sour, Michelle saw Danny finally heading towards her. He had a huge smile on his face. “Dance with me? I have been looking all over for you. They want the official wedding party dance.”

Well, that was a bit of a slap Michelle thought, though the whiskey was making the thinking process a little difficult. He didn’t even want to dance with her, it was just so the photographer could get the wedding party dance on film.

She took his hand, but hardly glanced at him. Danny looked down at the empty tumblers on the bar. “What have you been drinking?”

“Nothing much,” she responded.

The liquor, which Michelle rarely drank, was beginning to have an effect. She managed to get through the dance with Danny without incident. The photographers and the guests looked on and smiled, unaware of the distance Michelle maintained between her and Danny. As soon as the dance was over, though, Danny led her off the dance floor, intent on finding out what was wrong.

Michelle grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, but Danny put his hand on hers.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

“Nope. It’s a party, Danny.” She tried to free her arm from his grasp, but she got a little dizzy and sat down.

“Yeah. You’ve had enough.”

“You don’t get to decide Danny. You’re ruining my party.”

“What is the matter with you?”

“Why are you here anyway?” she continued. Shouldn’t you be with the girl who was hanging all over you earlier?

“Teresa?” Danny nearly choked.

“Whatever her name is. Maybe she would like to discuss her drinking habits with you, but I don’t.”

Danny couldn’t believe it. She was jealous of Teresa. Before he could register that thought, Michelle was headed towards the dance floor. He went after her, but Danny stopped when he saw her smiling and hugging a blond man who led her to the floor. Bill Lewis. Danny felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. Damn it. Michelle had talked about him the other night. Danny didn’t even know that Pilar had invited Bill. Danny knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, that Bill was one of Michelle’s oldest friends, but rational thinking doesn’t play a major role when you’re consumed by jealousy.

Danny stood still for a minute considering his options. The most attractive was explaining to Bill that Michelle belonged with Danny and then possibly hitting Bill. The only one that really had any merit though was getting Michelle, sobering her up, explaining that he detested Teresa, and then hopefully continuing the evening as planned. To do any of that, though, he had to get Michelle away from Bill.

“Bill, its good to see you.”

Bill turned and shook Danny’s hand. “You too, Danny. How’s Spain?”

“Just fine. Hey, you don’t mind if I steal Michelle away for a bit do you?”

Bill began to shake his head no, but Michelle piped up, “I’m fine here, Danny.”

Danny didn’t even look at her, completely aware he wouldn’t win an argument with her with all that liquor in her system.

“Bill,” he said again, “you understand. More pictures and all.”

“Of course, Danny. Go ahead, Michelle.”

Michelle was furious that Danny ignored her, but she followed along behind him. “Danny, let go of my arm!”

“Nope. Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“I thought we were taking pictures.”

“No pictures, just you and me.”


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