Abby Blume Bauer featured on Character Profiler

Below is my description of Abby from the Supporting Characters page.

Rick and Abby at NYE Ball 1995

Rick and Abby at NYE Ball 1995

Abby (Abigail) Blume Bauer ~ Abby’s introduction to Springfield came via Reva’s return as an amnesiac. Somehow Reva had lost memories of both her previous lives as Reva Shayne and Princess Catherine and started life over again as an Amish woman in the town of Goshen, Indiana in 1995. She took the name Rebecca and she stood out in the community, as they would say, like a button hook in the well water. She quickly befriended young Abigail who was even more isolated than most people in the community because she was deaf. Rick came into the community with a medical chopper and young Abby was immediately star struck by the handsome young doctor. She eventually followed Reva to Springfield. Her feeling for Rick deepened to a more adult love and after she was befriended and encouraged by Michelle, Rick eventually realized he’d fallen in love with Abby. They got engaged, but then tragedy struck. One night Abby went to Jesse’s motorcycle garage/apartment looking for Michelle, when instead she found Roy Meecham, a poker buddy of Jesse’s who apparently had a thing for deaf women (he kept trying to make her read his lips). Roy attacked and attempted to rape her. The sexual violence of the attack traumatized Abby and she withdrew away from Rick. Slowly she took her life back prosecuting Ray with legal charges. Unfortunately for Abby, Ross’ half-brother Ben Warren had just come to town with the express purpose of getting revenge on Ross who was prosecuting so Ben took on Roy’s case. When Roy was cleared, thanks to Ben’s help, pandemonium broke out in court, only Abby saw him mouth “You’re dead.”  She believed Roy and grabbed a gun from a courthouse guard and shot and killed him. Ross Marler resigned as DA and defended Abby. Unfortunately for Abby, Ben Warren had just replaced Ross in the DA ‘s office. He went after Abby with the full force of the law and even some dirty tricks, like hiding a video of the shooting that clearly showed Roy’s threat. Abby was actually convicted and sent to jail, an experience which would color and add to Michelle’s fears when she was prosecuted for Ben’s murder. After a complicated series of attempts to find and expose the tape, it was recovered, leading to Abby being cleared and released. She is eventually followed to Springfield by Selena Davis who she had befriended in jail.

Abby and Rick were married. Abby was Rick’s 4th wife and this was his best marriage. Abby threw herself into being a Bauer and was great. She was an early and vocal Manny supporter, even going against Rick and helping Danny pretend to kidnap her to get Rick to let Michelle go from the Psych Eval he wrongly had her committed to. Abby also supported Danny’s investigation of Claire when he thought she was involved in Carmen’s murder (actually Claire was involved with Carmen faking her death) when Michelle refused to consider it and Rick was still knuckling under to Claire.

Eventually Abby got a cochlear implant which restored her hearing. It was her newly turned on device’s hypersensitivity that led to the discovery of the bomb in the church the day of Ray’s first mass. Abby soon developed what she felt was a true calling as a motivational speaker and advocate for the deaf. Unfortunately she felt this role was incompatible with Rick’s lifelong dream of having children and raising them in Springfield. These incompatible dreams led to their divorce and Abby leaving Springfield.

Claire Ramsey had plotted to get rid of Abby. While she was instrumental in Abby being offered the job in Washington, D.C. that was the catalyst of the break in the marriage and arranged for Abby to discover Rick and Claire in Bed (Rick was dead drunk and nothing happened), both Rick and Abby said on screen that neither believed anything happened and that Claire’s efforts were inconsequential to the breakup of the marriage which happened because of the deeper, and they felt irresolvable, conflicts.

Abby was like a sister to Michelle and both Michelle and Rick became fluent at sign language.  Early on in the first Manny marriage, Michelle uses that ability to talk to Abby to get back at Carmen who was deliberately speaking Spanish to exclude her. One of the few mis-steps  in the beautifully written early Manny story was they didn’t have Danny teach Michelle Spanish and Michelle teach Danny sign language. Not only would both of these mutual skills have opened up story possibilities later, it’s easy to imagine what sexual tension they could have developed as Michelle was sitting close to Danny on the bed helping to correct his hands into the right shape. Many fans hoped that they might find a way to unite Rick with Abby for the Guiding Light finale, especially since he now has the kids and ignores them, but it was not to be.

Looking back it makes sense that Abby would befriend and defend Danny. While it’s all too easy to see Abby as a Bauer, with apologies to  L.M. Montgomery, “Bauer in name and Bauer in spirit”, Abby was actually a Blume. When she fell in love with Rick, her family forced her into making a choice between him or them. She had to give up all connection with her family and even the world she grew up in to marry Rick and it was not an easy choice. In essence, while the details are different, this is the same choice Danny had to make to love Michelle, and while their worlds were VERY different, in a way Abby understands the position Danny is in better than anybody else. The absolute loyalty that both worlds  required and the being shut off from everything you knew were the same. (See Rick Bauer, Ben Warren, Claire Ramsey, Reva Shayne Lewis, Ross Marler)

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