As the World Turns Finale

A gathering of last press on the end of As the World Turns.

Rather than trying to get a few more episodes in, CBS has filler scheduled for a month after As the World Turns ends. Exact list of repeated Young and the Restless episodes is available here:

Eileen Fulton (Lisa Miller Hughes etc.) interview. Another quote from her on the last years.

Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan Steinbeck Munson Coleman) interview. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes) is interviewed in 3 parts.

Maura West (Carly Tenney Snyder) is going on to The Young and the Restless.

Michael Park (Jack Snyder) is interviewed.

Park will soon appear in a Broadway play about life in small town America.

A collection of ATWT cast photos through the years from TV Guide.

Share your memories of As the World Turns.

We Love Soaps cast photos montage video.

Behind the scenes of the cast photo shoot.

Press coverage of the end.

The end of As the World Turns even made the news internationally. With thanks to BlessTheDay
here is a story from the Dutch news (with English subtitles).

BlessTheDay “4 non-soap fans, it’s impossible 2 understand. In perspective, #ATWT ’s final ep will b its 13,858. Longest primetime? GUNSMOKE.. 635 eps”

Jennifer Worick published a couple of blog posts on the end.

Donna Pool blogs about going home to Oakdale and Springfield.

Live blogs taking you through the episodes.

Even though it’s been about 2 whole months since ATWT officially wrapped (over a month earlier than GL last year), those of the cast who could reunited to watch the finale together.

More photos from the viewing party.

Letters I received back from my thank you notes.

Maura West

Eileen Fulton

Lesli Kay and Ellen Dolan

Kathryn Hays

LAST UPDATED November 21, 2015: I didn’t check the links, but I thought it was worth remembering As the World Turns.

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