As the World Turns Meal

As we approach the end of As the World Turns, our family did a theme meal. We previously did one for Guiding Light. See that report here:


ATWT Food Table

We found some Blue Willow Pattern Paper Plates because Nancy Hughes always served food on Blue Willow dishes.


Blue Willow Paper Plates

Al’s Hamburgers – Al’s Diner, currently owned by Henry Coleman, has been a major part of the series for years, with many characters having either worked there when they were young or when they were down on their luck. The menu has changed a lot (Carly brought in a line of more healthy foods, Janet brought in some Italian influence, Vienna brought in Scandinavian).
Henry’s Special Root Beer Floats
– OK, it should be martinis, but we’re a mixed group.
Snyder Farm Hubbard Squash
– It wasn’t hubbard squash, but we had a saw next to the squash, just like the Snyders used every Thanksgiving.


Emma’s Tomatoes– This is a classic 19th century recipe that we thought Emma Snyder might bake on her farm.
Memorial Hospital Jell-O
– What would an Oakdale meal be without something from Memorial.
Quad’s Pizza
– One of the Stewart family is Annie Stewart Ward, with her husband Jeff Ward, had Quads. I was always sorry they didn’t come back. We had a four in one pizza in their honor.
Snyder Farm Special
(fried zucchini) – A Midwestern summer favorite and a big hit.
Rosa’s Appetizers
(guacamole & chips) – When Lily found out she was adopted and no one told her, she ran away to Montana. First she was with Dusty and then when Holden showed up and told her Dusty had known too (helpfully leaving out that he himself had also known), so she threw Dusty out and took up with Holden. Rosa was the cook at the cafe where she worked and Rosa followed Lily back to Oakdale where she worked for years as Lucinda’s cook (until the producers forgot she had a house).


Janet’s Italian Bread – Juicy Janet Ciccone followed in Lily’s long lost (and adopted by Italian-Americans twin) Rose’s footsteps and brought Italian cooking to Oakdale.
Clotted Cream
– A popular tea favorite from Great Britain, this was sent by Penny Hughes who long ago moved there.
Johnny’s Chicken Nuggets
– When little Johnny Montgomery goes to Al’s he just loves to get the chicken nuggets.
Mona Lisa’s Creamy Walnut Peanne
– Although we don’t see it much any more, Lisa used to have a lot of restaurants in her business empire. One that she decorated with a self-portrait was Mona Lisa. This was the sort of high class dish they served.


Luther Corner’s Watermelon – Another summer favorite and one that Jack and Holden probably stole many a watermelon back in the day.
Em’s Corn
– Back when Emily Stewart was married to Hal Munson (before Barbara started to drug her and broke up the marriage), Em was pretty domestic for awhile, if not a natural at it, she might have come up with a casserole like this.


Birthday cake for Jewelsam featuring a globe in icing

UPDATED June 24 2017: I enlarged the photos and centered them.

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One Response to “As the World Turns Meal”

  1. Julie Kessler Says:

    Video brought tears to my eyes as the globe spun…
    Wonderful tribute.
    Thank you!

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