Helen Wagner’s Last Interview – Working with Irna Phillips Described

This was the final interview with Helen Wagner. Wagner played Trudy Bauer (Meta’s little sister – the one she was visiting in Nova Scotia when Meta was last heard from on air) on Guiding Light before taking on what the Guinness Book of World Records cited role as Nancy Hughes (longest time playing a single role by any actor).

Nancy Hughes was the matriarch of the show and had the very first line on the show. “Good morning, Chris.” She is also known in the non-soap world for being in the scene just before they cut away to press coverage of the Kennedy assassination. Nancy was the wife of one of two patriarchs on the show lawyer Chris Hughes. She had edges in the beginning, but smoothed out over the years. Her final big storyline was when her second husband suffered through dementia. After that she became everyone’s grandma and always a source of an understanding ear and a shoulder to cry on.

In this wide ranging interview, Wagner focuses on many behind the scenes stories, including when Irna Phillips almost fired her from As The World Turns for pouring coffee wrong and insight into Douglas Marland.


UPDATED May 20 2016: I added another paragraph explaining more about Wagner’s role as Nancy Hughes.

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