Bauer BBQ 2008

Rick and Jude Bauer, BBQ 2008

If it wasn’t the intention of TPTB to zero out the central Bauer family, they did a pretty dang smash up job of doing exactly that anyway. This was the second year in a row where the Bauer BBQ wasn’t even held at the Bauer House. Maybe that’s why Rick seems so out of it in his planning in 2009? Maybe he was out of practice?

Anyway during the Bauer BBQ in 2007, Beth (who thought she was pregnant with Rick’s child via their pretty hot affair while he was married to Mel – wish they hadn’t rushed through so much of it in one “Inside the Light” episode) impulsively married Rick. Their marriage fell apart over two big problems. 1. Rick had found out that Beth’s daughter, the future Peyton Spaulding, wasn’t his (Cassie changed the paternity results to keep the child away from Alan, partly from revenge for Tammy and partly because she believed Alan was a danger to it) and didn’t tell Beth. 2. Beth really never got over Phillip. Rick was never enough. Beth wanted Phillip & the closest she could get was adding Rick & Alan (which when you think about it would be pretty darn close to Phillip) so she waffles back and forth trying to have both for quite awhile. Her next attempt at romance would be with a young writer who made her feel secure, Coop Cooper (anybody else still sensing the not really over Phillip yet pattern in that?).

Lizzie’s comment to Alan about Gus is because while Gus is dead Alan thinks he’s been getting messages from him. He uses his “powers” for good and to raise capital. However, it is later revealed that it was really a medical issue that almost killed him. Alan falling down the basement steps is a further symptom of this illness.

Cash are tiptoeing around each other as they try to get over serious arguments about life decisions Cassie has been making. However, what she really needs is serious counseling over Tammy’s death and what she allowed to happen to Will and how her decisions impacted her sister. Lacking that their marriage never stood a chance. Ironically the true love of Cassie’s life, Richard, denied this very help to his brother Edmund which is why Edmund spent the last 10 years tormenting Springfield.

They threw us a Bauer bone though. I appreciate the call at the beginning from Ed and Rick sending his love to Danny, Michelle, and the kids. They really did do a good job implying Rick spent a lot of his time off camera in California spoiling Robbie and Hope rotten, teaching Robbie magic tricks, and using Hope as an excuse to still do childish things.

Dinah had arranged to take over Spaulding Enterprises and the Spaulding Mansion as part of an elaborate plan to get revenge on Alan and to prove that she wasn’t somebody to be pitied after she recovered from the brain damage she received taking a bullet to save Mallet’s life. She turned it all over to Bill who kicked the Spauldings out even though he was strongly drawn to Lizzie. He was ambitiously trying to run for Governor with his “perfect” family. The day before was Bava’s wedding. Lizzie told him right before the ceremony that the child Ava was carrying wasn’t his. Ava slept with Bill, Remy one time, and visited a fertility clinic. Once the baby is born it is clearly Remy’s.

I don’t remember why the Spauldings are living in Harley’s house, except they were kicked out of the Spaulding Mansion by Dinah Marler and TPTB didn’t want to have to build another set. I don’t remember what the official excuse was. Harley was on the run with Rafe (Gus’s long lost son) after Rafe, in what can only be described as a fit, shot Jeffery O’Neill for blackening his father’s name (which he wasn’t doing). They are currently hiding in Greece.

Watch for a few scenes of Rick actually parenting Jude. Blink and you might miss them. After the years we spent watching Rick yearn for a child to carry on his special relationship with Bert. Did these writers ever, you know, ever actually watch the show? (Shakes head.)

Why would Gus want the Spauldings at the BAUER BBQ? Gus’s relationship with the Bauers was love-hate at best. Danny he eventually settled down to a prickly friendly-ish relationship, but Michelle didn’t like him, Rick hated him, and Meta isn’t there. Phillip would have wanted his family at the BBQ, but I think Gus would have been happier to have them at a Cubs game.

Also, listen to Mallet’s speech which is a good one although I don’t know why he’s the one who’s making it. They really thought Mallet was the person to make that annual speech. Mallet? Really? Even Josh made more sense and Rick was freaking standing RIGHT THERE!

I didn’t catch that the first time. Cassie and Marina both made cherry pies (nobody made Bert’s apple pie this year?) and Mallet totally dissed Marina saying how great Cassie’s was. That was worth watching right there! I got so sick of them trying to push Mallet and his GODDAUGHTER/WIFE Marina down our throats. Next comes Bizzie-Bava tension, Rick and Beth starting to make up, and some pretty darn explicit Lillibuzz.

The complete episode link below is much clearer and has some additional scenes (and includes the phone call from Ed, with a Manny reference), but I left the multi-part version I found first in case the shorter clumps were easier for anyone to watch. (Complete Episode – Digital copy) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


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