Bauer BBQ 2006

Tonight’s commentary is a little snarkier than normal and I honestly don’t mean to offend anybody if we disagree, but the 2006 storylines bring it out in me.

It’s the year after Manny move to California to be near Ed. Bauer BBQ in a properly decorated Bauer house and yard for the last time. [Bitter, bitter SOB!] Mel and Rick are having tensions in their marriage because Phillip Spaulding’s meltdown and death/disappearance have really effected Rick in a way Mel can’t share and they increasingly grow more distant. (Frankly I never thought they had much heat to begin with, when my favorite scene with them involves them giggling over trying to get Danny & Michelle together when they’ve already reached that inevitable conclusion themselves, there’s not much to be said for them as couple. I thought he had more heat with Harley which was pathetically little at that. Mel certainly never had the same fire she later showed in the last couple of scenes with Cyrus and that was before they literally broke the bed.) In another tragic decision for longtime viewers, Leah (who in a Marah copycat move has her name from the combination of Rick and Mel’s mothers’s names, Leslie and Felicia) turned 16 instead of 2. So after having watched Rick pine after children for years, we don’t actually get to see him spend much time parenting either Jude or Leah. Leah is especially given the short shift. She is rarely seen and frequently recast in the last 3 years of the show. At least I think she was, we saw so little of her you kind of forget exactly what she looked like in between. The business with her and Rick and the hat during Bauer BBQ 2009 was cute, but would have meant a lot more if we had ever, you know, heard of the tradition before that.

Ava, who in a presto changeo move was suddenly the girl next door, not an ambitious flakey nut job for about 2 seconds until Coop dumps her and she reverts, had successfully lured Coop away from the closest he will ever know to a true love in Lizzie. They had a beautiful romance until the writers blew it up, I guess just because they wanted to give Ava story. It’s not like Ava and Coop had much connection that wasn’t forced either, unlike Cozzie or pre-surgery Cooplee in my never humble opinion. Also, the Coopers supporting Ava was ridiculous when they practically helped raised Lizzie, back when Marina was her friend and not a lying witch who stabbed more friends than Lizzie in the back. Anyway, so the Coopers are happy Coop is with Ava, but this is a recent development. Lizzie had gotten pregnant off of a one night stand with Jonathan Randall and originally claimed the baby was Coop’s. She took it all the way to the altar before Jonathan suddenly outed her. Alan, who is more than a little mentally ill at the moment and perhaps developing some early signs of the brain tumor that will almost kill him in a couple of years, is totally obsessed with getting control of Lizzie’s baby. So much so that she’s eventually frightened into letting Jonathan take the baby with no contact rather than see Alan get ahold of her.

Jammy people should be happy, this is sort of their highpoint, except for the wedding. I know I’m swimming against the current here, but I disliked what being with Jonathan did to Tammy. The almost alternative personality he brought out in her was simply unpleasant. She used to be so nice and act like a grown up and a strong woman, now she’s a I”m nothing without my man, self-centered hanger-oner, the type of person you avoid at parties. At this point she thinks she can have Jonathan AND a normal life. Good luck with that one, Tammy. Jonathan, who came to town specifically to make his mother pay for abandoning him (he got over it), plans to do the exact same thing to his kid with less excuse and Reva handed the perfect opportunity, doesn’t call him on it!

Reva was diagnosed with cancer and rather than tell Josh, she only confided in Billy and later Jonathan. She left town for treatment, didn’t give Josh a reasonable excuse for her absence and started pushing him towards Cassie. Which I may have bought back when they were working together over the clone, but Crash makes not sense at this point. So don’t even try to make it make sense.

Remy is Mel’s brother and therefore Leah’s uncle. Remy & Lizzie were always friendly if not really friends. Love it when Remy points out something usually goes wrong every year at BBQ. Remy had kind of crush on Tammy who died before they ever got around to exploring it. His next crush which will be more equally returned will be Ava.

Although Olivia is supposed to be with Frank, Buzz and Olivia have sparks when Frank isn’t around. Until Olivia started dating Frank, Buzz tried to get her to admit her feelings for him. Now he supports Frank. However, the sparks still fly and even Frank (I mean he’s a good guy, a great community officer, but did the guy ever crack a case? He didn’t even ID his mother’s body when it was pulled out of the lake in front of him) notices and has finally had enough. Glad TPTB remember that Buzz rides a motorcycle.

What’s wrong with Gus is that he is a drug addict. Rick was twice an active addict and beat it. Gus should listen to him.

Ross was killed 4 months earlier at the beginning of April this year. That’s why Blake is having issues.

Once again, Alan complains about coming to the Bauer BBQ and tends to other business and then BAM there he is! That’s true every year when Alan is in town. He complains. He pretends he isn’t going to come. He does something else. Then he comes and thinks it odd if anyone questions him being there. “I come every year,” he says if asked. 😉

‘This year the annual speech is made by Josh. Really it’s a nice speech. What Josh is talking about honoring veterans is that he is working at building a VA Hospital on the former site of Cross Creek. This is a never heard of lifelong dream of HB’s to build one there. Josh told Reva the night she was going to tell him about the cancer, so she didn’t so Josh didn’t put his life on hold for her again. (I know I’m just reporting, I didn’t write this dreck.) He gets Cassie to help him with it and thus Cash is born.

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