Michelle remembers the Bauer BBQ

Bauer BBQ 2009

Bauer BBQ 2009

Welcome to Bauer BBQ Week here at GLManny! As we mourn the lack of a Bauer BBQ this year, revisit with me each day this week a different year’s Bauer BBQ. All of these celebrations have one thing in common, I could find them on YouTube. Some of these are iconic examples that were remembered decades later including Alan-Michael’s parachuting in and others are just a typical event. I hope you will enjoy looking back with me. We start today with a quote from Michelle Bauer reminiscing about the Bauer BBQs she knew growing up. Please post your own Bauer BBQ memories here, on the ClassicGLFans YouTube Group, on Guiding Light Central, and on Twitter.

I’m also unveiling my new Bauer BBQ photo scrapbook page where I make no claim to any of the images posted, I’ve just put them in one central spot. Please share more if you have any and I’ll add them.


Also, if you haven’t before, please look back at my family’s version of a Bauer BBQ theme meal at the link below.


“My mother [Maureen Reardon Bauer] would get up before dawn to make this special barbecue sauce. It was made up by my grandmother [Bert Bauer]. The house was full of all these wonderful smells. She [Bert] died when I was a baby, but I’ve heard stories about her all my life. Everybody loved her. Every year we made her recipes for the barbecue – potato salad, cole slaw, pies, cakes, and bread pudding. Daddy’s job was the hamburgers. Everybody had a job. When I was very little, my job was to keep my cat, Whiskers, out of the hamburgers…At the end, we all watched the fireworks… After a while we didn’t even send out invitations. People came to the Bauer Barbecue like they came to church on Easter Sunday. That one day a year, everyone got along. Nobody argued or fussed, and Mother [Maureen], she had this way of bringing out the best in everybody.”

This is from an episode, but I don’t know which one. It is quoted in the 1997 Guiding Light: The Complete Family Album. Michelle really meant the close feeling she has with her late grandmother, she named her oldest child Robert in her honor.

In this clip from 1996, Michelle, Rick and Abby discuss possibly giving up having the Bauer BBQ followed by an unrelated protest to prevent Alan from tearing down 5th Street for urban renewal.



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