Bauer BBQ Fanfiction

Regular readers will know that I normally have in this second post position a chapter of Manny fanfic, either from a new story or restoring previously unavailable chapters. In honor of Bauer BBQ Week, I’m going to suspend those posts until the week is over. (Don’t worry I have the rest of Past, Present, and Future – it’s coming. Plus 2 brand new stories for after that, one by me and one by a guest columnist.)

Instead I’m going to offer up descriptions and links to fanfic that has at least one chapter set at a Bauer BBQ. Check back each night for another fictional BBQ and tonight I’m going to start with one of my favorite fictional BBQs. A fanfic version of Robbie Santos’s first Bauer BBQ (without all the stupid murder charges hanging over Danny).  Enjoy!

“Changes” – This is an incredibly cute version of Robbie’s first Bauer BBQ, with a threat looming from some annoying old friend of Michelle’s
named Joe. How dare he knock on the bedroom door right then? I hate him already. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)


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