Almost Wedding

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Almost Wedding – An almost wedding is also known as a nonwedding or an interrupted wedding. One of the ways that life in soap world is different from real life is that when you are invited to a wedding in the real world you are pretty much assured that the wedding will actually take place. In soap world you can’t have the same assurance. In soap world either the bride or groom might not show or someone might show up to stop the wedding or the bride or groom might change their mind. Below are an assortment of GL’s almost weddings over the years.

In 1989, Phillip and Blake’s wedding is interrupted when Alan accidentally shot his son Phillip.

In 1992, Mindy Lewis and Nick McHenry have an almost wedding when he’s late and his mother Alex convinces her, he will never forgive her for lying about his true parentage. Truth is Roger Thorpe has deliberately delayed him and he doesn’t even know she lied to him yet.

In 1997, Dinah’s surprise wedding for Hart turns into an almost wedding when Blake decides her brother Hart would be happier with Cassie and fakes a medical emergency to stop the wedding. (The Setup) (The Wedding Breaks Up – in between the clips are found on Heartbreaker’s channel)

In 1998, Alan leaves Annie at the altar when he learns she’s legally married to someone else and never told him that she had been married to this other man and faked her death to avoid jail time on a drug trafficking charge.

In 2004, GusH have an almost wedding when Harley changes her mind about marrying him after learning that Gus lied to her and the authorities to protect his Aunt Alexandra and his family’s company.

In 2005, Sandy and Tammy make it through the ceremony, but immediately afterward she finds out he never legally divorced his last wife Ava and so their marriage is invalid.

In 2009, Beth Raines Spaulding left Alan Spaulding at the altar which she learns her current lover Coop Cooper was in a serious car crash and that the love of her life Phillip Spaulding was back in town.

In 2009, Natalia Aitoro leaves Frank Cooper at the altar when she realizes she wants to be with Olivia Spencer instead.

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