Interfaith Couple – Jesse and Drew


No New Stories

Soaps often complain that there aren’t any new stories to be told on soaps. That’s how we get things like clones and aliens, but there are often $50 bills of stories out there (as the old economics maxim holds) that if they haven’t gone untold, they are at least underused. One particular area that particularly lends itself to the continuing drama format are various things that can cause pressures in a marriage other than a third person. If they are going to break couples apart anyway, they could get some social relevance out of the story.

Problems Other Than a Triangle

They did this a little bit with Messe in how Michelle and Jesse reacted differently to money, but it could be taken much farther. Although the story was truncated, recently Young and Restless had Amber and Daniel Romalotti break up because she wanted to take on raising a child she was distantly related to and he didn’t. However, the most dramatic and long term version of one of these types of stories was the problems between Drew Jacobs and Jesse Blue because of her re-dedication to the Jewish faith taught her by her adoptive parents.

Trouble of Faith

Paulette Cohn discusses out how Jesse and Drew portrayed problems in interfaith relationship.

UPDATED May 17 2017: I added my current signature block, linked to a photo of Drew and Jesse, double checked the link and added the headings.

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