San Cristobel Honeymoon Part 2 July 14-19, 1999

Wed., July 14, 1999 – At San Cristobel: Michelle and Danny come in and Michelle is terribly sunburned. Danny: “What have learned from this, a valuable lesson?…That your handsome husband is always right.” Danny tells her that he will rub her down with aloe and all will be fine. Danny asks what she thought about the beach where they had spent the morning and she is too distracted by the sensations his hands are creating to talk very coherently.  Soon after the president of the bank shows up. They all chat awhile and Michelle gives him the chocolates for his wife that Carmen had sent. He has a strange expression after looking in the box, but Manny is too anxious to be rid of him and the chocolates to notice and he recovers. After the banker leaves he calls Carmen and tells her that he received the chocolates but no bearer bonds were inside. She told him that she was just gaining Michelle’s confidence but that next time there would be a lot more than candy in the box. The banker asked her why she would want to put her daughter-in-law at risk and Carmen said that Michelle looks so innocent that Customs would never check her.

Fri., July 16, 1999 – Danny and Michelle end up at the jewelry store. Michelle tries to collect the ring for Reva, but the jeweler plays dumb. He claims he’s no nothing about any ring and that the receipt is for a cheap bracelet. (The cheap-skate he could easily have gotten reimbursed for the most similar ring he had and bought some royal favor.) Michelle can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Danny takes her to the palace where Edmund promises that Reva and Josh have gone back to the states, that he, himself, put them on a plane. He then offered the newlyweds a tour of the palace. While walking the halls, Reva overheard Michelle and tried to call out to her. Richard grabbed Reva and muffled her mouth (no easy task).

Mon., July 19, 1999 – In San Cristobel: Danny and Michelle finish up the palace tour and come in to Edmund’s surveillance room just after Edmund muted the TV. They thank him for his help and the tour and leave. Edmund leaves. Manny comes back because Michelle has a broken the heel off her shoe and hurt her ankle. They kiss awhile, Danny suggests Michelle would like to play princess. She starts to tell him about her childhood fantasy of playing princess and somehow he makes it incredibly sexual and suggests that maybe she would like to make love in the palace. Michelle: “Your service to my royal needs, never ceases to amaze me.” He leads her over to couch and asks how about right here, she asks what would Edmund think if he came back and found them making love and Danny assures her that Edmund was cool. Michelle says she’d prefer to return to their own palace for that and they leave having been so engrossed with each other that they never noticed the TV with Reva and Prince Richard on it. Reva is still talking to Richard, saying that she could never hurt a child so she knows she could never have took his son away from his mother. Richard tells her that he will help her remember everything, all the pain she caused him, the hell he has been through for the past 6 years. Olivia walks in and tells Richard not to get so worked up. They go into the hall and he she asked about their engagement announcement, he tells her they need to put that off for a short while. Olivia is heartbroken and reminds him that she has always stood beside him. Olivia leaves. Richard goes back to Reva, who pulls a letter opener on him. He gets it away from her and listens to her story about her dream and hypnosis sessions about the baby and the ring and the mysterious door in the hall. She tells him that she knows she would remember if she knew what was behind that door. Richard then surprises Reva by yanking her out of the room and dragging her down the hall and opening the door. On the other side is a portrait of Princess Catherine and it’s really Reva!

My Comments:

Classic Comments about the palace tour scene:

Love the sunburn scene, it’s just so normal and they are just so happy. Love that he feels comfortable enough now that he can joke about “dirty mobster work” and she’s comfortable enough so that she can join him in the laugh. Manny fans can be so grateful that we got to go along on this trip, when they take their second honeymoon, they do it off camera, but this time we’re given a full payoff of seeing them so happy. Love it when Danny locks the door. I would have thought he would have earlier, but maybe he’s so used to having servants around in that house that he doesn’t.

Danny would have known where Michelle was leading him before they got to the jewelry store, so he’s decided once again that this is a control issue with her and that he has to let her have her head (to use a horse riding term, Danny wouldn’t ever use). I like the visit and how Danny tries subtly to pry Michelle away before she stirs up a hornet’s nest. Complete capitulation, Danny you might as well learn to embrace it because Michelle will eventually get you do just about anything. I wish he had bought her the pearls, it would have been a nice reminder of their honeymoon and I don’t think I’ve ever seen in her pearls. and I really like the Manny fanfic “Honeymoon Engagement” when this visit reminds Danny he never bought Michelle an engagement ring and on the better late than never principle, buys her one. Love the hurried, “thank you darling” when he helps her off the pearls.

A return to the theme of Danny making Michelle’s childhood dreams come true. Again she tells him about a fantasy and does his best to make it come true. Edmund is covering well, but he should have known that Josh was free and that Danny would learn the truth. What does he think he’ll say to Danny on his next visit? We had to spend weeks staring at that stupid gold door, 1st in Reva’s fantasies then while she was there.

Michelle’s fake English accent returns to the story later. It was a game that Michelle played with Rick, I think probably stemming from when Jenna dubbed her Lady Michelle. She uses it with Rick and as part of a cover when on the run with Danny. Love it when he gives her another tummy rub as they walk out the door. I always see that as his “I just can’t help it, I just have to touch you” move. He uses it several times.


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One Response to “San Cristobel Honeymoon Part 2 July 14-19, 1999”

  1. Ramie Says:

    The sunburn scene was a great scene. The whole honeymoon
    as so great. It almost made up for not getting to see the consumation.
    I also loved the scene in the palace between Michelle and Danny,
    her telling him her fantasy it was really great.
    I was confused as to Edmund’s story too. He had to know Danny would run into Josh and know Edmund was lying. What was he going to say the next time Danny visit?

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