Bomb in the Church June 8-11 1999

Tues., June 8, 1999 – Danny announces that Carmen should tell all of the family at cousin Ray’s first mass about the changes in store for the Santos family. Carmen hesitates but agrees. Later, in secret, Carmen tells Ben that she has absolutely no intention of legitimizing the family business, regardless of what her children tell her. Danny tells Michelle that he has also asked Ray to marry them after the service on Friday, this time privately for the two of them to promise each other in front of God that they will love each other forever. Dietz eavesdrops on the Santos family and plans a hit on the family on Friday.

Thurs., June 10, 1999 – Showing Ben the last letter her husband wrote to her before he died, Carmen boasts that she intends to keep her promise to her husband to keep up the family business. She mentions her plan to talk with her associates after Ray’s mass today. Meanwhile, Dietz meets with a thug and arranges for him to take care of the Santos family after the mass. Michelle and Danny are walking on air as they wait for the appointed time to be secretly married. Danny: “Since we’ve been separated our feelings for each other have grown stronger….., but Michelle makes me want to be a better man, a man she can be proud of. I’ve been changed forever.” Sensing that they are up to something, Rick questions them but his only hint about the vow renewal is that Danny asks for permission to marry Michelle. Hearing that Danny is turning the family business legit, Rick reluctantly gives his approval. Testing her hearing in public for the first time, Abby is thrilled to hear her sister-in-law’s good news and asks if she and Rick can join them at the church. As the mass gets underway, everyone is unaware a bomb has been planted.

Danny: I can’t wait to take you home as my wife. I can’t believe I’m going to be able to wake up every morning for the rest of my life and see this beautiful face….Shshhh Don’t move. You hear that…I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life, the way you look right now, the happiness that I feel, the sound of the bells, how being with you makes me feel like I can do anything.

Michelle: You know I used to always imagine what my wedding day would be like. I used to dream what it would feel like to stand next to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Nothing I could have dreamed could possibly have turned out as wonderful as this….Why, Mr. Santos, I do believe someone might think we’re in love.

Danny: Who cares?

Fri., June 11, 1999 – Unaware a bomb is planted underneath one of the church pews, Carmen is surprised when Danny brings Michelle to Ray’s first mass but welcomes Rick, Abby, Bill and Pilar. Carmen: “This is a private family gathering to hear Ray’s first mass.” Danny: “Yeah, but THEY’RE family, remember?”  Danny and Michelle discuss their happiness and getting married and whether Michelle regrets not telling anyone else. She doesn’t. Ray begins the mass with a speech about how he became a priest. As he talks, Abby is bothered by a whirring sound that won’t quit, unaware that it’s from the ticking bomb. Ben notices that Dietz is no longer inside the church but Carmen is unconcerned. When the bomb is found, Danny defuses it. (Continues with the 14th, but big gap in middle about dealing with bomb)

My Comments:

Giddy is just the word. I love that Danny says “WE’RE really happy for you” like a real couple already and how Rick and Michelle tease each other about their singing. GL did siblings and friendship better than anybody else. Other soaps can think it’s all about the romance if they want, but it’s other relationships and community connections that make it a town.

This is great – “You [Danny] have a beautiful voice, doesn’t he have a beautiful voice?” And yes Abby he does, he’s someone who you would listen to read the phone book.

It looks like this is as good a place as any for a word about Abby’s deafness. Abby was played by Amy Cox Ecklund who was deaf in real life. When Abby first came on the show she could only communicate via a home developed set of signs, but both she, Rick, and Michelle soon learned American Sign Language that was featured heavily on the show. (Apparently Michael O’Leary has a really funny story about something he and Abby signed to each other early on when they wasn’t really familiar with it and the lines took an unintentionally vulgar turn.) Abby also learned to read lips and the show remembered and milked that in several situations where people had to be looking at Abby for her to read their lips. Anyway the Cochlear Implant operation was new at the time and there was actually some controversy about it because many deaf advocates saw having the opperation as confirming the hearing world’s prejudice that there was something wrong with them. This was a long and involved storyline on the show, that started in about the second scene after Michelle returns from hiding in the lighthouse to the Bauer House and gives Abby information about the surgery. Ecklund had already had the operation in real life. I’m not exactly sure when she had it, but I remember saying to my mother one day, “What happened to Abby? She’s speaking much more clearly.” Sure enough the next soap magazine brought word of her operation and the difference was she could hear herself now. Look at old, probably 1997 and before clips to see the difference in Abby’s speech. A very touching scene is missing from the highlights when Abby can first hear and she and Rick pull tissues out of a box and she is just amazed to be able to hear it. They are just so joyous pulling tissues.

Rick has an on-going problem with Manny because he doesn’t understand a forever love in his own life. In Rick’s life a Meredith is a Beth is an Annie is an Abby is a Mel is a Beth is a Mindy. But in Michelle’s life once there is a Danny, there is REALLY only a Danny. 😉 Rick really thought Michelle had a choice to move on to another relationship when that really was never a serious option for her. In Rick’s life his one forever relationship is with Phillip. I always wished someone would put it to him in terms of that relationship, that Michelle replacing Danny would be like him replacing Phillip, but no one ever did.

Michelle flubs a line here, saying Danny’s brother Ray when Ray is actually Danny’s cousin.

Danny’s first instinct again is to get revenge to protect them, but Michelle begs him to let it go. Again the two halves of Danny’s nature clash. Michelle isn’t going to put up with a physical separation anymore. Michelle will put up with a lot from Carmen, but the second she starts in on making Danny feel guilty. WHAMO! Michelle lets her have it.

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  1. Ramie Says:

    They really did sibling relationships really great.

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