Manny Play Detective May 27-June 3, 1999

Thurs., May 27, 1999 – Michelle worries when Danny hints that they’ll be able to be together soon now that he may have found out who wanted to kill his mother. She worries that he’ll take the deadly matter into his own hands and admits that she thinks his mother set up the entire event. While Danny waits for him, Ben stops the elevator with Blake on board and confronts her about her dislike for him. Blake admits that she can’t trust herself around him. When Danny finally confronts him with a threat, Ben realizes that Carmen framed him for the shooting

Thurs., June 3, 1999 – Michelle interrupts Bill’s date with Pilar in order to reconstruct the events of the shooting. She learns there was a time discrepancy that could point the finger towards Carmen. Ben teases Carmen, wondering why the story she used with Danny happened to include being in love with Ben. A phone call interrupts them, and Carmen rushes out, claiming that Danny’s taken a step that could put all their lives at risk. Michelle steals into the house to get the clock, which stopped as a result of the shooting, but is forced to hide when Ben and Carmen enter the room…followed by Danny, who vows to take a dangerous step to get back with the woman he loves. (Note Bill’s reaction to the kind of mess Michelle gets herself into all the time and there are actually think Michelle would be safer with Bill, go figure.)

My Comments:

The highlights are the same as the last post. That’s the problem with highlights, they don’t show everything. These whole sequence shows something distinctive and on-going in both Danny and Michelle’s characters. First, Danny is determined to protect Michelle by keeping her away from him and out of his world. This never works. Michelle and Danny are a part of each other now and they can’t fool most people by living apart. Whether it’s members of a jury or the thugs of the underworld, everyone knows they are one now and in the future, so there is no real safety in physical separation although Danny will try to seek refuge for her in separation time and time again. Second, Danny is once again at a point in his life where he is torn by the two facets of his personality. The son Carmen raised to be ruthless and protect his family no matter what wants to eliminate Ben Warren and get back to Michelle. The good part of his soul wants to do what’s right and could care less about revenge and ONLY wants Michelle. However, Danny cannot yet at this point chose to be only part of himself (eventually he will reach a psychological breaking point and be able to reject the dark part of his past and his training almost totally, but he is not there yet). So he must reconcile both halves and figure out a solution that addresses them both. He will face this conflict over and over again. Previously, he’s faced it over what to do when he finds out Michelle killed Mick and when Jesse refused to let their marriage alone and when he learned Michelle betrayed him to the FBI. He will face the same sort of dilemmas again and each time he will seek to do both what is right and what is necessary, but he will struggle to know what that is and if they are the same thing in the face of each new dilemma and sometimes he will even make the wrong decision and have to face the fallout from that. This is the journey of the Danny character, each step bringing him closer to happiness and freedom until he can break free, but it’s a long process with many slips backwards as it should be. It just can’t be as easy as Michelle hoped it would be in the park bench scenes that she could just reach out her hand and take Danny directly to paradise, he wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready for that; it’s a journey he must take and one Michelle must chose to take with him no matter how dark it gets.

Michelle’s character is also revealed in these scenes. No matter how much Danny wants Michelle to sit on the sidelines in these situations, she just can’t do that. She is always going to jump and try to figure things out and come up with a solution on her own. Sometimes that makes things better. Sometimes it makes things worse, but she is utterly incapable of doing nothing and she will always seek to protect and save Danny just as much as he will always seek to protect and save her. I know many people only follow the Stenz Manny, but many quotes that help you understand them better come from the Stalban years. This one sums up Michelle’s position better than I could. “That’s where you are now and I want to be with you and I WILL be with you….What makes you think I’m such a coward that I can’t face the same things you do? I would follow you into Hell and pull you right back out. I’m not giving up on you Danny!”

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One Response to “Manny Play Detective May 27-June 3, 1999”

  1. Ramie Says:

    Ah, Ben, Carmen framed you and you didn’t take it as a sign to get out while you could.

    I do love that Michelle doesn’t sit back, she figures things out. Danny hasn’t yet learned he can’t keep her away from his world and they are always best when their working together.

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