Spauldingfield’s Danny Profile

It’s no secret how much I love Spauldingfield’s Profiler videos. Finally there’s one on Danny. Love the collection of Dannyisms in the music video portion at the end (though not as perfect as Drew clips to “Jesse’s Girl”). It’s hard fitting 7 years of very complicated plot into less than 10 minutes and I think Spauldingfield did a really good job.

If I could add just one scene it would been Michelle’s speech that I think sums Manny’s history in a couple sentences better than anything else. It’s in the clip below starting at 1:30, Marah asks a question and then Michelle continues. That whole sequence sums Manny for me.

To be a little bit critical, I think it has a little too much looking at the trees to see the forest. In other words, too much plot, too little analysis. Danny’s story is that he was a good man born and raised in a ruthless family and torn for most of his run on the show between doing what was right for his demanding mother, the memory of his dead father who he idolized, for Michelle and the kids, and for himself. He constantly struggled to do the right thing (and understand what the right thing and reality really was) and take care of his family. Ultimately, after trying to everything in the book to have things both ways – to preserve at least some connection with the family he was raised in & his new family with Michelle, he did break those ties and had to build a new world for himself that left behind everything he knew for his children and the woman he loved.

I think I might have skipped the May & Marina mentions (since they weren’t really important anyway) to put in his strong relationship with Ray, how he mentored Tony & eventually won over the Meta, Rick, and Ed as more crucial to Danny’s overall story. By breaking free, Danny managed to do in less than 7 years what Alan Spaulding tried and failed to do for the 30 years he was on the show. Also, it would have have been nice to comment on the parallel with Abby Bloom Bauer who when she fell in love with Rick, also had to leave her world behind, everything she’d ever known, and become a Bauer.

P.S. The word amnesia is also misspelled. [Just so you don’t think I missed it. 😉 ]

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