Goodbye My Friend – Maureen’s Death

For Manny fans watch these clips to: see Michelle cope with the worst tragedy in her life, see Ross and Ed be best friends instead of just hearing that they were, understand Michelle and Holly’s relationship, and see the connection between Michelle and A-M or why she should have gotten to talk to him at the last scene in the bar in Nov. 2005, even if it would have upset stupid Marina.

ClassicGL aka Kahlil Lowry was hit by a car and was killed 10/31/2008. His family made the decision to keep his Guiding Light Memory Project going. We thank him for his efforts. While his versions might not be the most complete available on YouTube, the range of stories he covers is unusually thorough. Today I’m sharing links to his version of the story of Maureen Reardon Bauer’s death. I’ve added one additional clip and if I find better copies or copies at all of crucial scenes currently not listed below, like the affair itself or Michelle asking Roger Thorpe to stay at the visitation because he was his mother’s friend (see I’m not just whistling Dixie about her attracting trouble) or Holly ripping  into Ed when she learns exactly what happened, I will revisit this critical aspect to the Manny story and really to all of Springfield history.

NOTE: There are many clips linked to below, but they are only a few minutes each (almost all less than 5 minutes). Scroll past the storyline and comments for links.

The Storyline:

In one of the worst mistakes in Guiding Light history, Michelle’s mother Maureen Reardon Bauer was killed. Lillian Raines was preforming a routine monthly check of her breasts and found a lump. Ed supported her during her fight against breast cancer. At the same time, Ed was resentful of the time and energy Maureen was putting into her new job at Spaulding Enterprises. One night Ed and Lillian slept together and that might have been the end of it, but Lillian wrote Ed (one of her friend’s husbands) a thank you letter completely spelling out the affair. Maureen found this letter and left Ed over his repeated infidelity. She probably would have forgiven him eventually, as she had for several previous affairs, but he just kept insisting that she had to forgive him now. Disgusted Maureen took off upset and in poor driving conditions and her car crashed. She makes it to the hospital, but dies soon after and they are unable to revive her. She was an organ donor and her heart was transplanted into Jesse Blue at Ed’s request (we learn this much later). The hole in the canvas resulting from Maureen’s death is never fully filled as TPTB throw away the perfect opportunity to move Manny in the central couple position of tying nearly everyone on the canvas together once held by Ed and Maureen, which would not have fixed the mistake, but would have filled an important and long empty spot on the canvas.

Scroll below the links for in-depth explanations of Eve Guthrie’s presence and Rick’s absence.

Running Comments:

The following is a running commentary from watching the clips. This took place in 1993. The furniture in the kitchen had changed slightly by 1998. Those awful, ugly vegetable prints were on the wall already though. I kind of wish when Danny was shot he would have gotten blood on them instead of the floor so they’d had to get rid of them.

Although Ed and Eve were later married, at this point they are only friends. It was Lillian that Ed’s most recent affair had been with. Vanessa was Maureen’s best friend that’s why Ed checked with her to see if Maureen had called her. Vanessa and Maureen were one of the truly great GL friendships. When Jenna’s ghost visits Vanessa, Vanessa tells her she feels like she only ever had two true friends (Jenna and Maureen) and now they were both gone. Even while Ed’s calling looking for her, it’s already too late, Maureen will never step foot in the Bauer house again. Ed calls Blake, his former step-daughter who was currently living in the apartment above the garage to check if she’s heard from Maureen.

Vanessa understands why Maureen died, which is why she’d never  would have shared her wedding with Lillian. Sorry Lillibuzz fans, it rang false. Oh, if only Maureen had gone with Vanessa. “Write her another letter.”  – Maureen found out because Lillian wrote Ed a thank-you letter for the affair. (I mean a THANK YOU letter! And Tina Sloan wonders why people never got over it?!)

Ed changed his name from his childhood name of Billy to Ed to distance himself from his father because of his drinking and womanizing. However, he copied both in all of his marriages. Michelle plays an important part in this story. She sees Ed and Lillian together (though not during the act itself). Michelle heard Maureen crying when she left. Maureen tells Ed she can’t put up with his infidelity and lies for Michelle. “That’s not good enough for my daughter.” I think Maureen would have eventually forgiven Ed because she loved him warts and all and as she says this wasn’t a surprise. I don’t think she could break away. She just needed time and space, but Ed was so self-absorbed , he insisted she had to forgive him right then.

Maureen only got pregnant that we know of once. It was a year or two before Michelle was born. Maureen considered Michelle her daughter, but never gave up on having another child with Ed. That’s what she was doing with the book about getting pregnant that Ed finds in the car.

The worst part of the whole thing about Ed’s affair with Lillian was that it wasn’t even the direct cause of Maureen’s accident, it was that he kept pushing her to forgive him right now. If Ed could only have trusted in their love and given her some space, she’d have come back to him. She always did, but unfortunately that’s Ed.

This is important to the Manny story because this is all Michelle can think about when Carmen tells her Danny slept with Drew. In fact the very line Maureen tells Ed she fears Michelle will learn from his behavior is what Danny says right before he sleeps with Drew, thinking Michelle doesn’t love him.

For all his skill as a doctor, Ed can’t save everybody. Rick’s mother Leslie (then Ed’s ex-wife) also died in a car accident (although that was a hit and run). Here Ed tries to put Maureen’s purse back together instead because that is something he can fix.

I’m still not sure where the Nick and Eve relationship is at this point, but that must be what Nick is doing there. Vanessa is Maureen’s best friend (again why there is NO WAY under heaven she would have shared her wedding with Lillibuzz). Alan-Michael is Ed’s great-nephew (which is kind of funny because after SORAS-ing, A-M is much older than Michelle, but an entire generation younger, it’s his mother Hope that is Michelle’s first cousin).  Ed does pay his penance, how would you like to work everyday where your spouse died when it was your fault?

Eve was a good doctor, a total whackadoodle, but a good doctor. That must have really hurt Vanessa to say Nadine was very nice and it was out of character. Lillian on the other hand is still totally self-centered and if she did live with guilt, she didn’t show it too often, and she certainly deserved it. Ed also is putting the whole thing in terms of his needs and desires even as Maureen is on her deathbed. It’s just soooo Ed.

Bridget is in the attic because she is pregnant with Hart’s baby off a one-night stand (yep, Prince Charming did that twice) and when she realized he still wouldn’t marry her she made a deal to basically sell her baby to Nadine so Nadine could keep up the pretense that she was pregnant with Billy’s child which was really the only thing holding their marriage together since she had to get Billy drunk to get him to marry her in the first place. They came up with a lie that Bridget was going on a sort of service learning trip to Appalachia to explain why they never saw her and why she wasn’t in contact with them. That’s the class trip they keep talking about and why they would be trying to contact Bridget through Springfield University.

UPDATE: Lillian writes Ed that thank you letter. (Maureen finds Lillian’s letter- pixilated but crucial) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Part 6 of Goodbye My Friend has the sound disabled, so I didn’t link to it. (Part 7 – Ed finds Maureen at the Bauer Cabin) (Part 8-Ed tries to use Michelle and its effect on her which you can see play out in her future relationships, including her relationship with Danny, to convince Maureen to forgive him and come back. Maureen’s last words. Ed finds the crash site.) Quotes Below

“What is she [Michelle] supposed to believe? Certainly not in words that people say to each other that they call vows because they don’t mean anything.”

“The Hell with it.” – Ironically enough the very line Danny says right before he sleeps with Drew which is what Maureen is afraid here will be what Michelle learns about love from her father.

“That’s not good enough for my daughter and its certainly not good enough for me. God Ed, what were you thinking? How could you have let this happen? You have broken my heart.” – Maureen’s last words (Part 9 – Ed is helpless to save Maureen, Maureen arrives at Cedars in ambulance) (Part 10 –Vanessa confronts Lillian in the chapel – Ed begs Maureen not to leave him alone) (Part 11 – Maureen dies, Ed has to sign a donor permission form and specifically mentions her heart. Later it is revealed that Ed actually designated Jesse Blue to get her heart because he felt some guilt that his drinking had led him not to be on duty the night that Jesse’s mother died and she was one of his patients.) (Part 12 – Maureen Tribute over closing credits)
Pictures of Maureen are shown with many of the important people in her life. Maureen and Ed’s vow renewal (after their separation over, among other things, his affair with Holly). Ed with Blake, Blake was Ed’s former step-daughter and great-nephew A-M’s former wife. Couple of romantic shots with Ed. Maureen and her best friend Vanessa talk. Maureen, Vanessa, and Holly play with seltzer bottles. Maureen with Fletcher, a good friend who she once kissed in a fit of despondency over Ed.  Maureen and Ed watch Michelle play softball – another photo of the 3 of them this same day is frequently used later when Michelle talks about her childhood. Maureen with her niece Bridget (Matt’s sister) who eventually comes to see Maureen as a mentor when she straightens her life up before marrying true love Dylan and moving out of town. Maureen with Roger Thorpe, she didn’t excuse his bad behavior, but was his friend regardless. Another shot with Michelle and one with Ed. (Part 13) (Part 14 – Ed talks about Rick. Ed is still focused on himself, as a father I would have thought his first reaction would have been it would hurt Rick because it was close to how his own mother’s died. Leslie, remember her Ed?) (Part 15 – Everyone is already wearing black [subtle guys] and our little Nancy Drew should have had an inkling from that. Michelle learns Maureen is dead.) (Part 16 – Stops about 1 minute in) (Part 17) (Part 18 – Maureen’s funeral. Michelle preps for people coming over.) (Part 19 – Glad they described the funeral, but I wish they would have shown it. Ed talks to Maureen.) (Part 20) (Part 21 – Michelle withdraws to her room.) (Part 22 – No Lillian, I haven’t forgiven you yet. Vanessa tears into her.) (Part 23 – Ben, Little Billy, and Michelle bond. Bill and Ben are just the 1st two of the many people in Michelle’s life that she feels drawn to through the early loss of a parent. She shares this same bond with Jesse, Drew, Marah, and most importantly Danny.) (Part 24 – Ross helps Ed. Why Michelle should have gotten to talk to A-M in the last bar scene even if it upset Marina.) (Part 25 – Michelle-Lillian smackdown. Ross helps Ed.) (Part 26) (Part 27 – Holly creates a bond with Michelle) (Part 28 – More Holly and Michelle) (Part 29 – Holly explains Michelle’s reaction. Ross tells Ed he loves him. Michelle goes to clean up after people have left, but “it’s all done.”) (Part 30 – Michelle wakes up after she dreams about Maureen.)

Why Eve is there:

Eve Guthrie had previously dated Nick McHenry in Europe. She came to town and stalked him for awhile and then they dated for awhile as her behavior became more and more outrageous. Ed helped determine that an incident from her past had caused a psychotic break and miraculously was able to quickly overcome it. Eve and Ed became close friends. Most people in town continued to treat her with kid gloves because while she was no longer violent she still leaned heavily toward the whackadoodle in her behavior. Ed and her quickly grew closer, partly because they both felt like outcasts. Less than a year after Maureen’s death they became engaged. It was then Eve was diagnosed with a quickly developing cancer and while both Rick and Ed tried to find a cure in time, eventually Ed agreed to turn off the life support on a comatose Eve. This second “widowing” within two years, as well as his continued guilt over Maureen’s death, is what pushed Ed to leave Springfield to go off and atone by helping to “save the world.” Unfortunately, it also meant that Ed once again abandoned his children when they needed him most.

Why Rick isn’t there:

Rick, as he later tells Michelle repeatedly, was very close to his step-mother Maureen. If it was real life, undoubtedly both Rick and his best friend Phillip, would have been at the funeral right along with all those Reardons TPTB didn’t actually want to pay to come back so attended “off screen.” However, at this point both Rick and Phillip have “moved out of town” (see my soap opera jargon page).  Previously, Beth had returned from the dead in the company of an odd architect named Neil. She was suffering amnesia about her past and was mute due to a psychosomatic reaction to the event (she thought she killed a man who was trying to rape her) that triggered her disappearance and amnesia. Things were working out, she was talking again, she had regained her memory, and was back with Phillip when Neil, angry that he’d lost her to Phillip, committed suicide in such a way as to frame Phillip for his death. As the 4 Musketeers strove to prove Phillip’s innocence, Rick had married a pregnant with Lizzie Beth to convince people Phillip was really gone and Rick had stolen a corpse from hospital that they set up to be identified as Phillip. Eventually Phillip was cleared, but the crimes they committed while trying to prove it came back to haunt them and both Phillip and Rick were forced to leave Springfield, basically as part of their probation. Phillip and Beth moved to Arizona where they happily raised Lizzie until Phillip learned that it was a family member that insured he be exiled to Arizona and he returned to find out who it was and seek revenge. Rick went to Chicago where the temporary revocation of his medical license helped push him to a pill addiction for the second time in his life and toward marriage with a, pre-driven crazy by Jeva, nurse named Annie Dutton who later followed Rick to Springfield.

UPDATE: Showing just how much impact and how many shockwaves this story set off, the March 2, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Digest has two articles about soap opera deaths and both feature a prominent mention of Maureen’s death, 17 years after it happened and 11 months after the cancellation of GL was announced.

UPDATE: Aftermath for Ed

UPDATE: Just found this clip of Nola laying into Ed and Lillian about causing Maureen’s death. This is great. (They are all in hospital gowns because they all got food poisoning at Matt and Vanessa’s wedding.) (Starting at 1:00)

UPDATE: Footage of Ed and Lillian dancing way too closely at Mindy & Nick’s almost wedding reception before the blackout.
(Starting at 3:30)

Ed and Lillian heat up while trapped in the parking garage. (Starting at 0:50)
(Starting at 0:28) (Ed and Lillian kiss) (Ed and Lillian kiss some more starting at 2:58)

UPDATE: Lillian is diagnosed with Breast Cancer – The scene is labeled wrongly on YouTube

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