Car Crash April 30 – May 3, 1999

Fri., April 30, 1999 – Danny says goodbye to his mother as he prepares to leave for California and finds it amusing that she can’t tell him that she loves him. When he makes a snide remark about his father, she quickly defends Miguel and the life he left her with after he was killed. When she touches his face tenderly and reminds him that he is her only son, Danny announces that he no longer has a mother and demands that she forget him. Carmen: “I am your mother first.” Danny: “(Laughs) First after what?” Rick rushes to embrace his sister when Michelle reveals that Danny is leaving town. When she remarks about his show of concern, he confesses that he’s been worried that he’d wake up someday to find her in the morgue as long as she was involved with Danny. He then congratulates her on making a commitment to go to med school and urges her to believe that she will one day find the man of her dreams. [Of course Rick thinks this, in Rick’s life a Beth is a Mindy is a Meredith is an Annie is a Abby is a Mel is Beth is a Mindy, but for Michelle there is only really ever Danny.] Over the car phone Danny overhears Carmen orders Dietz to kill Michelle. While rushing back to save her, Danny gets into a car accident before he can stop his mother.

Mon., May 3, 1999 – Danny wrecked his car. He stayed alert long enough to call the police and tell them to get over to the Santos house in a hurry. Danny gives the address as 10 High Ridge.  He tried opening the car door, still trying to get to Michelle, but passes out, falling from the vehicle. An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, at the Casa Santos, Carmen tricks Michelle into coming to the Santos home as she puts into motion her plan to have her killed. Michelle blasts Carmen for ruining Danny’s life but Carmen counters her by mentioning Ed’s affairs and his role in her mother’s death. Michelle has total faith in Danny’s protection of her, but I think if the alternative is a life without Danny she doesn’t even care if Carmen does have her killed too much at this point and shows absolutely no fear. Michelle: “You’re right he is a (brilliant and) dynamic man and he is decent and God knows where he got that from….Danny left because he couldn’t stand what you turned him into.” Michelle (to Carmen): “I suppose you should be thanking God that I came into your life because before I did, you had nobody to blame your problems on.” Carmen’s plan to have Michelle killed is foiled when David Grant arrives and tells them about Danny’s crash. Both women rush to the hospital. At the Hospital, both go into the examination room and Rick tells Michelle they will probably have to operate. Rick needs a signature on the forms and Michelle grabbed the forms as Carmen is spitting out how she wants specialists from New York and the very best, Michelle signs the forms and notifies Carmen that as his wife Michelle is Danny’s next of kin and will take responsibility for his medical care. She then orders Carmen out of the room saying that she wants to be alone with her husband. Carmen (to Michelle): “Where are you going?” (as she leaves Casa Santos after the accident report.) Michelle (to Carmen): “Where do you think I’m going?” Carmen (to Rick): “What kind of a ridiculous doctor are you?”

My Comments:

Some fans had trouble with this part of the story. As I understand it, they had two big complaints. First, the car crash itself is kind of fakey and why Danny would be driving himself to the airport if he was leaving town long term is suspect. Second, that after this it seems to easy for Danny to walk away from the mob. I agree the car takes a little suspension of disbelief, but then again Danny cares nothing about anything else right now. Why would abandoning a car or leaving Carmen to figure out how to retrieve one of the fleet bother him? He isn’t really operating in the workaday world right now. As for the ease of Danny walking away, I don’t think it really is. He’s trying to some extent, but until he goes to the FBI himself, I really don’t think he’s totally out. He’s willing to try something else here because clearly the current situation isn’t working for either him or Michelle, so they have to try something else. This is the same sort of action as when he released Michelle from their marriage. He follows through until things hit a critical point and then he moves to Plan B. Danny always has a Plan B. As to why Danny’s attitude does a 180, I think it makes sense because he gains 2 pieces of information he didn’t have before. 1. That Michelle’s life is going to continue to be in danger whether he’s with her or not. The safety he thought he’d bought her didn’t exist. 2. That Michelle wasn’t able to go back to her old life anymore than he was and was as miserable without him as he was without her. I think those facts change the situation. His plan was that he’d get out of Michelle’s life and she could be happy and live her dreams without him, thinking that after awhile she’d forget all about him. Now he sees that is never going to happen. If the choice is her being miserable with him or without, he chooses with him and he’ll protect as much as he can.

Carmen doesn’t understand what’s going on with Danny at all. I will give Carmen credit for understand that if the situation doesn’t change soon, Danny is going to destroy himself. She does love Danny. It’s just that she’s basically a selfish and self-centered woman and doesn’t understand Danny at all. The situation she tries to put him in acting out of her “love” would kill him.

Notice that once again, even though she knows an annulment in on the way and it wouldn’t be long to wait to technically live up to the terms of the code, Carmen is intent on killing Michelle. She’d prefer to make Danny say it was OK, but now she’ll take presenting him with a fait accompli and betting that he won’t really turn in the family. I think she’d have lost that bet.

I love that the thing that makes Michelle the most angry isn’t that Carmen tried to kill Michelle, but that she hurt Danny and that makes Michelle see red more than anything else before in her life. She just tears into Carmen and gives no quarter. Carmen trying to kill Michelle seems inconsequential to Michelle compared to Danny being hurt. Carmen’s cruel about Ed, but she’s accurate. The Bauers really don’t have any right to look down their noses at the Santos family.

Now, stay with me here about David Grant. It’s easy to get lost, heaven knows the writers did and completely lost his throughline. David is supposed to have known Michelle most of his life. His father, Dr. Charles Grant, is good friends with both Ed and Rick. Michelle here talks to David familiarly and clearly thinks of David as a friend. However, David develops an almost psychotic obsession with the Santos family and even says at one point that he’s glad Michelle is in jail because she’s one of them (a Santos). At other times, he remembers his friendship for Michelle. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which he’s doing when. (See his description in Supporting Characters)

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2 Responses to “Car Crash April 30 – May 3, 1999”

  1. Ramie Says:

    I love Danny’s 180 Carmen drives me crazy, she loves her son but can never let go of her want to kill Michelle. Danny’s spiraling out of control and she still can’t just let it go and be happy Michelle’s out of her life.

    The only part I always liked Carmen bringing up Ed. First by asking where he’s been during all of this. A good question and one I remember asking. Michelle murders Mick in self-defense ends up marrying into the mob and no sign of her dad. He couldn’t stop helping people in Africa or Europe to show up and help his daughter?

    And the second part Carmen commenting on the Bauers. It always bugged me how they looked down on the Santoes family. And apparently forgot their own histories. I kept waiting for someone to point out or remind the Bauers of some things their own family members did.

    • glmanny Says:

      I never had much use for Ed, but you would have thought her Uncle Mike would have come back (of course they’d had to recast and didn’t want to). They later excuse Ed saying he was being held hostage, but at time Ed even called once and said he wasn’t coming. Really Ed was a doofus. How he managed to sire 2 such incredible children I’ll never know.

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