Guiding Light Finale Update – Mark Derwin

Mark Derwin played the original A.C. Mallet who had an important GL friendship with Frank Cooper and had a landmark romance with Harley Cooper during Derwin’s tenure. In fact, Beth Ehlers who played Harley, and he had a romance in real life and left the show together to take Hollywood by storm. They even appeared together in one of Reba McEntire’s hit music videos before breaking up. This ultimately resulted in a breakup of the Harlet marriage off screen as Beth’s Harley returned to Springfield and Mark’s Mallet didn’t.

(Mark appears throughout the video, Beth appears twice once in the restaurant and the best shot of both of them in the plane right at the end.)

Derwin was interviewed for the Dec. 21, 2009 CBS Soaps in Depth about his current primetime show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but he also commented on his days in Springfield. Some quotes below:

“Playing Mallet on GL was so much fun… [Harley and Mallet] argued a lot, but then our make-up time was fun. It’s hard to tell who’s gonna be popular, but I think if you keep it as real as possible, you have a good chance of being noticed….We just had good rhythms. They were two hardheaded characters who fought their feelings for each other, and it was noticeable on camera. Plus, we had this style of talking over each other, which made it real.”

Describing a particularly hard pressed week on his current primetime show as his co-star and 1980s icon Molly Ringwald prepared to go on maternity leave, Derwin thought it was going to be a heavy workload and then he realized, “What am I thinking? This less than an average day on a soap.”

Derwin also reported his reaction to the cancellation news. “When I heard [GL] had been canceled, I called up Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper). He’s still a good friend of mine.”

Read the rest of the interview in CBS Soaps in Depth article “Not Your Average Dad.”

UPDATE: I came across this link to another interview and since there has been quite a few hits on this post, I decided to add it here. I will warn you that the language is very adult. It does include one story of his life with Beth Ehlers, but doesn’t name her.


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4 Responses to “Guiding Light Finale Update – Mark Derwin”

  1. Su Says:

    I remember watching TV one day when I got home from school and saw something that I will never forget. It was Mark Derwin and Beth Ehlers. It was circa September-October 1991 and I was transfixed by them and the the entire cast of Guiding Light, back then. I could not wait to see another episode of GL especially Harley and Mallet. There was never overkill with this couple because I always said if Harley and Mallet were on once or twice a week it was a blessing. Three or more times a week, it was a miracle. Having said this I was sad to hear in June of 1993 that they were both leaving GL to try other things. Mark May not have become a household name but, had the ability to find work and is a working actor. Thank you for your follow-up on Mark D. It is always appreciated by this fan. Thank you again.

  2. soapfanccb Says:

    you really need to check out the new GL events if you’re a big fan @ !!

  3. Gina D Says:

    I never could stand Derwin, or his character, when he first appeared. When I read that Mallet was returning, I dreaded seeing what would happen. And then, lo and behold, the superstar who is Robert Bogue (who has been busy working since GL was cancelled, good to see him doing commercials, plays/theatre and teaching, and doing Indie flicks), took over the role and he and Gina Tognoni just lit up the screen together and I fell in love with the character of Mallet. Amazing supercouple, my fave and I was so happy they reunited at the end of GL. Oh happy day!

  4. glmanny Says:

    Reblogged this on Glmanny's Blog and commented:

    In general, I have a lot of pages in my highest rated hits, but some blog posts made the highest ranking too. This is one of them. For some reason people seem to find this website a lot when they are looking for Mark Derwin.

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