David Grant

David Grant – During David Grant’s initial run from 1992-1996, he was the black sheep of the Grant family, determined to clear his name and make his father proud of him. His sister was TV reporter Gilly Grant. His father was Dr. Charles Grant who eventually became chief administrator at Cedars. His mother was social climber Vivian Grant. During his first residency in Springfield, he’d served time for a crime he committed and was tried for a murder he did not commit. He was well liked in the community and was especially close to Bridget Reardon, Lucy Cooper Spaulding, and Buzz Cooper. His best known storyline during this time was his star crossed romance with Kat Speakes which brought him in conflict with her father Hampton Speakes, Billy Lewis’s best friend during his football heyday, who also married David’s sister Gilly.

David returned in 1998, but never really found a throughline during this second run. He’d already made a good name for himself and proven himself with his father. Mission accomplished, but the character never seemed to find another ongoing goal and didn’t seem to connect with people he had been close to his first time on the canvas (many of them Gilly, Bridget, Lucy, Kat, and Hampton had also left town).

Originally brought back to take Jenna’s place at Harley’s detective agency, David eventually becomes Frank’s partner at the SFPD. They tried a brief romantic pairing with Dehlia, Michelle’s best female friend, before she left town. When that fell through they paired him with Vicki Spaulding, which was the most memorable part of his second run in Springfield. The writers had several obstacles involving their different social status and her concern over the danger his job put him in, but the romance flamed out and another effort at romance with Reva’s latest protege, Ruth Lockhart, fell through and he left the show.

Most inexplicable during this second run was his attitude toward Michelle. While David had known Michelle for a good portion of her life and their fathers and her older brother were all good friends and he’d always been friendly with Michelle, once Michelle married Danny, David came to view her as a Santos and therefore an enemy. David had a personal grudge against the Santos family feeling that Mick’s threats to get Dr. Grant to buy supplies and equipment for Cedars through a Santos backed source had caused his father’s stroke. Which was pretty weak considering he’d already had health indicators before that and maybe having to continually deal with the Griffin Williams, now a judge and community leader who traveled in the same social circle, who’d had an affair with his wife and unbeknownst to him for many years, fathered Gilly who Charles had thought was his daughter, just might have contributed as well. This grudge against the Santos family caused David to blow hot and cold for years sometimes going after Manny with a vengeance, sometimes actually helping them. Eventually David not only got both Danny and Michelle in trouble with the law, but he even went after Frank because he helped Manny spend Christmas eve together when Michelle was in jail.

David was last heard from in 2003 when Harley contacted him to help get her some information when he was working as a private detective in Paris, France. She didn’t say whether he and Vicki had reunited or not. (However, in real life the actor and actress who played David and Vicki met on the show and are happily married. David’s last portrayer has said on record that prejudice led the GL writers not to write story for him, but this was not an issue during David’s 1st run. David had simply lost his throughline and never got another, as a result there wasn’t any story for him. The same thing happened to the white character Rob Layne about the same time and he flamed out even earlier.)


LAST UPDATED July 23 2016: I added my signature block and broke it into more paragraphs. I also made a few slight edits including adding Ruth Lockhart’s name, etc.

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  2. glmanny Says:

    Reblogged this on Glmanny's Blog and commented:

    Revisiting David Grant.

  3. Ramie Says:

    David drove me crazy because he had such a weak excuse to hate the Santos and his quick turn on Michelle. The constant flip flop didn’t help either.

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