Michelle is Jealous of Pilar April 2-5 1999

Fri., April 2, 1999 – Jesse tries to calm Michelle when he finds her nervously preparing for their evening together. She apologizes when she accidentally calls him “Danny.” Things get worse when Jesse realizes she’s still wearing her wedding ring. She apologizes and makes up for her errors by kissing him. Danny blasts Juan when his “associate” questions making a delivery without Carmen’s permission. When Danny’s sister Pilar arrives in Springfield at Millennium, he allows a jealous Michelle to think that she is an old girlfriend he’s reconnected with.


Mon., April 5, 1999 – Danny and Pilar reunite. Michelle and Jesse walk in and immediately Michelle started questioning Danny. She was visibly jealous. Pilar told Michelle that she was much more to Danny than a friend, but Danny cuts her off before she can explain or introduce herself. Michelle and Jesse leave. Danny and Pilar try to catch up. Pilar questions Danny about Michelle and their relationship. He tells her about the marriage and says that it was because she was in trouble and they married to keep her safe but the marriage was over. Meanwhile, in Drew’s apartment Michelle kissed Jesse, but couldn’t stop remembering kissing Danny while doing so. Jesse questioned her about Danny and she said that he moved on and so has she. Michelle: “What I want is for things to go back the way they were before Mick, before we got involved with the Santos family….Can you please just try to remember how we were, how much we loved each other.” (Note the past tense.) Drew walked in, Michelle quickly left and Drew told Jesse he has to move out. Pilar urges Danny to go after Michelle if he wants her. Pilar: “Yeah, you are an idiot if you let your pride stop you. If you love Michelle tell her, don’t let her go.” When Michelle was leaving she saw Danny kiss Pilar and she ran out of the club.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ErAtx-jVg&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=45 (Clips has some from later days)

My Comments:

The clip actually runs over the course of a lot of April. I’ve copied it in the next few times looking forward to when I can have the actual episodes pasted in here, but in the meantime, please realize that the descriptions and comments for this highlight clip will run over the next few posts.

Michelle is wearing Danny’s wedding ring because as Bill later says, “You’re still married to Danny Santos and I think you want to be.”

The writers deliberately set up kind of strange vibe here with Danny and Pilar that is never there again after this scene, just so Michelle could mistake Pilar’s identity. Watch Danny’s face, he’s so relieved that Pilar is back to help him through his terrible pain of losing Michelle. He almost seems to be ready to cry at sight of his sister. Michelle looks pretty green at the display, but pushes herself forward to find out what’s going on anyway. Michelle gives Danny a little bit of hope with her obviously jealous reaction. He’s encouraged enough that he doesn’t correct Michelle.

These are some of Pilar’s funniest lines ever, “You got married and you kept it from me!….Pilar I’m getting married how long would that take, like 5 seconds!…I got straight A’s last semester try me.”

Michelle’s tone of voice gives away her jealousy and the depth of her reaction. She’s trying to press on with sleeping with Jesse to stop thinking about Danny and it doesn’t work. Michelle had already decided it wasn’t working and changed her mind about sleeping with Jesse. Drew showing up just gave her an excuse to get out of it.

Danny just goes all to pieces without Michelle. The scene in the alley always makes me think that he was starting to work his way up to a nasty case of suicide by cop, if he hadn’t gotten her back. I think Carmen was at Millennium because Danny was, not by coincidence. Pilar so wants Danny to be happy that she’s willing to quickly forgive Michelle for killing her brother Mick.

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One Response to “Michelle is Jealous of Pilar April 2-5 1999”

  1. Ramie Says:

    Yeah, Michelle sure was jealous. I liked Pilar’s arrival how support of she was of her brother and Michelle. It did surprise me by how much when she learned Michelle killed her other brother. Yeah, we know it was self-defense but it was kind of amazing how many of Mick’s relatives immediately believed it was self-defense. Pilar, Grandma Santos, Ray and Danny, that really doesn’t say much for Mick.

    I agreed about the suicide by cop, I really do think that’s what Danny was doing. I remembered being scared he was going to end up being shot.

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