Angel of Mine Dance March 18-19 1999

Thurs., March 18, 1999 – Out at Millennium with Rick and Abby, Michelle and Danny dance to “Angel of Mine,” but Danny won’t be diverted off her eyesight problems for long. Michelle: “You know something. I love this song and I would love it if you would dance with me.”  She finds that while she was sleeping the night before Danny was trying to locate the best eye specialist in the country and getting her an appointment. Touched by what he had done and unable to have this lie between them anymore, Michelle finally confesses to Danny that she was in contact with the FBI about the raid but changed her mind. Michelle desperately tries to get him to understand that the important part was that she couldn’t go through with it and protected him at the cost of her own freedom, but he only hears the betrayal. Devastated and literally unable to look at her, Danny sends Michelle home with Rick and then starts drinking heavily with Drew who is just as shattered by the news she was adopted. Meanwhile, Carmen blasts Dietz for spoiling her scheme by allowing Danny to hear about her involvement with the FBI raid.

Fri., March 19, 1999 – Back home with a skeptical Rick and Abby, Michelle lies about why she now needs some time away from her husband. Rick and Abby refuse to believe her and finally force her to spill the beans about the mob family and her deceit. After they leave, Michelle finally confesses to a concerned Meta who guessed that Michelle has strong feelings for Danny. Drew continues to pour Danny round after round at Millennium as the two try to drown their sorrows in booze. After some mild drunken flirting, Drew takes Danny upstairs to her place where she reveals that she just learned she’s adopted. The new friends then have sex as they try not to jump off a tall building and dull their pain.

My Comments:

Rick is really being clever with the double meaning comments. Everything he says to Danny which Danny assumes is about Michelle’s eyes is actually about Michelle not answering Rick’s questions and he pairs them with such a big brother look at Michelle. Danny is totally convinced now her eye trouble is real and is doing everything in his power to “take care of her” in a much different way than he originally meant. This dance should show anyone with eyeballs that while it might be unconsummated, it’s definitely a real marriage. In fact it’s this combination of physical closeness and the worry Michelle sees in Danny’s eyes that make her tell the truth at the worst possible moment. Remember Danny has just disowned his mother for lying and setting Michelle up and been prepared to walk away from his family for her. He’s incredibly vulnerable right now and she dumps this on him.

A constant problem with Michelle is that she’s used to having the man love her just a little bit more so she takes for granted that whatever man she’s with will sacrifice for her. Danny isn’t wrong about that during his speech to push her away during the annulment separation. Michelle hasn’t yet learned that Danny just isn’t one of the pack. Michelle is totally shocked that Danny is as upset as he is and won’t listen to her. She still is reaching out to him pleading with him to respond as Rick leads her out the door and Danny still literally can’t look at her. It’s a wonder she didn’t run back when she stopped at the door. She sure looked like she wanted to.

Michelle knows Danny always runs when they fight. She should have gotten him somewhere he couldn’t run before she told him. In a way it’s a very ironic situation. Michelle tells him right there because all she can see is the important point that she couldn’t let him fall into the trap and all Danny can see is that she set him up in the first place. I know how much that betrayal hurts him, but really Michelle had to be pushed in that situation in order to realize what she was feeling. If she hadn’t tried to set him up, I don’t know how soon she would have realized exactly how she felt.

This is a really unusual situation between Danny and Drew. It’s one of the very few instances I can think of where a one night stand actually led to a man and woman becoming fairly close, but totally platonic friends. There isn’t even so much as whiff of sexual chemistry between them after this night.

I was so caught up in Danny’s pain and what the breakup meant for the Manny relationship the first time I saw this that I really didn’t think of a possible Danny-Drew pairing. I mean Danny was totally committed to Michelle, one-night stand or not. It never was even a question for me. However, reading old posts about the pairing, there was a major concern among online Mannyacs that they would actually be a couple for a while or worse yet that Drew would end up pregnant. Wouldn’t that have just screwed up everybody’s lives even worse? I’m very thankful that it didn’t happen. The fallout was bad enough as it was.

I will also point out that this is the first time Danny thinks he’s lost Michelle forever. Whenever that happens he goes totally insane and reaches out for anything that he thinks might keep him sane. He does this after each one of their breakups with Drew, May, and Marina respectively, but always regrets it. He just really can’t believe that no matter what the current problem is that he’s in Michelle’s blood as deeply as she’s in his and there’s no way he’s going to lose her forever. I don’t think they ever sold convincingly that he’d even lose her for awhile, but soap writers minds don’t run along what to do with happy couples.

This time with Drew was also important because it was Danny’s last attempt to try to get back his old life that he had before Mick died and he met Michelle. He was in total control of his feelings and his actions then  and never cared that much about anyone outside the family. His life was certainly a lot more clear cut and easy then, if empty, barren, and lonely.  One night was all it took that he learned he didn’t want that life back that he couldn’t live that life anymore.

Danny finally figures out the details about the foursome. “This is the first time I’ve actually been invited up here.” See how smart Danny is. He even figured out the Drew was in on it. Drew’s speech about if she cares about someone they hurt her and then they leave is a vital part of  her character and totally why she turns on Michelle when Ben Warren is murdered.

The actual betrayal of Michelle here was actually worse on Drew’s side. Danny honestly believes she was only using him this whole time and doesn’t understand the mess she is emotionally because of him. He thinks his marriage is over. Michelle now thinks of Drew as a friend and Drew is the only one who knows that Michelle really loves Danny. That she bedded him instead of explaining how confused Michelle has been and that Drew knows Michelle wants Danny is pretty low, but like Reva, Drew tends to be pretty self-centered and I don’t think she realizes exactly what she’s doing until she starts to sober up at the end. She still could have corrected it partially then, by trying to explain to Danny, but she doesn’t.


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3 Responses to “Angel of Mine Dance March 18-19 1999”

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    […] Find their conversation here: […]

  2. Ramie Says:

    I loved them dancing together. And your right Rick’s comments were really good. I hate how hurt Danny was when he learned Michelle called the FBI. And how confused Michelle was that Danny didn’t immediately forgive her. Even though I knew why he didn’t you could see her confusion and then desperation when she realized Danny wasn’t forgiving her.
    I hate that Danny slept with Drew. I like to pretend it never happened.

  3. Ramie Says:

    I do love that song. Every time I hear Angel of Mine playing I immediately think of Manny.

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