Fallout from FBI Raid on Docks March 15-16 1999

Mon., March 15, 1999 – The Santos Home, Danny interrupts Michelle’s packing in their bedroom and suggests he doesn’t believe her eyes are messed up or why she claims she is going to stay with her brother. He questioned Michelle about the FBI raid. Saying that Carmen believes Michelle called them. She denies everything. Danny tells her that it was the first time he confided in her about business and this happens. Michelle tells him that she overheard him tell his grandmother he loved her and that it made her feel really good and she needs him to trust her and in his feelings for her. Danny tells Michelle that he will take care of her if she will just let him. Danny tells Michelle he will miss her. She says it will only be a few days. He asks her if she wants to reconsider anything. Clearly he is struggling with what to believe and what to do. Finally he lets her go to Rick’s. Michelle is going to call a cab, but Danny says he will drive her, sadly thinking it will the last time he will be with her as her husband.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HxSZlETqM4&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=35 (Continues with the 15th)

Tues., March 16, 1999 – Returning from having brought the car around to the front door of Casa Santos to drive Michelle to Rick’s, Danny overhears Dietz talking on the phone and discovers that his mother engineered the tip-off to the F.B.I. He finds his mother in their bedroom berating Michelle and he rushes in to confront her, calling her a liar and telling her she is not to be trusted. He is furious! Carmen’s usually icy visage turns to Jell-O and she stammers as she tries to explain herself. When Michelle comes in to discover what the yelling was about, Danny says his mother was just leaving, and that it will only take him a minute to pack. He is her husband and he isn’t about to let her be alone at her brother’s with this trouble (her failing eyesight – which he now believes since it was Dietz’s girlfriend who called the FBI) and they leave.


My Comments:

Michelle does seem nervous, but I don’t think she really sees Danny as a threat. She doesn’t know that he knows she betrayed him. She still thinks Carmen is the threat. However, many fans were disturbed by the image of Danny wrapping his hands around her throat. However, Michelle herself doesn’t seem to feel it as a threat. She doesn’t show a fear reaction and seems to move his hands more out of discomfort from the specific position rather than trying to remove his hands from her body or even her neck completely. In fact, she keeps touching, stroking him after she moves his hand.  I don’t think Michelle is really pleading with Danny for her life when she tells him to trust her. I think she’s trying to apologize and connect with him, without admitting what she did. In fact, when they talk about not saying goodbye, I really think she’s trying to comfort him. “Why do you look so sad?”

Danny isn’t thinking this through. Yes, the FBI were told, but from his prospective, not knowing everything we do, if Michelle betrayed him and wanted him in jail, then why lie about her eyes? He just isn’t getting it. She was scared all the time of Carmen. I wonder if she could have made Danny understand if she’d have told him right then. He’s trying desperately to get her to tell him the truth. I think he can feel that they’re not locked into the special place where they only tell each other the truth.

This gives a few points. First, she says Rick’s house is in the next town over. Going over all the evidence, I really think Casa Santos is in Springfield, just on the outskirts of town on the opposite side as the Bauer house and I think that’s what she meant. Also, he has to bring the car around to the front, so the garage is an outbuilding and far enough away that it’s worth bringing the car up.

Carmen sees Danny is upset and her sole concern is still on getting what she wants. She can’t resist, Carmen takes a little victory lap around Michelle, whether Michelle understands it or not. Carmen really thinks she’ll never see Michelle again. I wonder if that is supposed to be Carmen’s bedroom she came out of, that’s awfully close to the newly weds well within earshot. The steps comes out somewhere around the corner of the twisty hallway from Manny’s bedroom.

I’m not sure if Michelle is all bravado when she tells Carmen she might understand part of Danny better than Carmen does or not. On one hand, I think it’s actually true even at this point, Michelle has seen and understood the good in Danny’s soul better than Carmen ever could. Also, as I described in my Danny and Michelle Similarities post, they really had had many of the same life experiences, much more so than Danny and Carmen had. On the other hand, they really haven’t talked completely honestly with each other or reached a true understanding yet, so they are still wearing masks with each other. So Michelle might not understand just how true her statement was.


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One Response to “Fallout from FBI Raid on Docks March 15-16 1999”

  1. Ramie Says:

    If it had been anyone else I would have been worried. I normally don’t like hands anywhere near the neck but Danny’s the exception.
    I do feel so bad for him I know why Michelle called the FBI but he really gets it from both ends. First with his wife turning him in after all that he’s done for her. Then his mother, in order to get rid of his wife. I know Carmen’s horrible. But that’s really cold to set Danny up to kill Michelle.

    I don’t think Michelle had any idea what was going on. She was confused the whole time. She didn’t understand what Danny was saying or why he looked so sad.

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