Manny Wedding and Wedding Night Feb 16-19 1999

Tues., Feb. 16, 1999 – Michelle and Drew are talking, when Michelle tells her that she doubts that she will be able to go through with the wedding, much less the wedding night. Drew pushes her to re-marry Danny as planned for all of their sakes. Danny is busy greeting his guests, as his cousin Ray arrives. Ray is Danny’s best man and the two catch up a little. Ray tells his Aunt Carmen “My cousin is a man in love.” Danny asks his mother about Abuela who has been ill since Mick’s death. Carmen and Danny talk and she tells him that she will not stand in his way if Michelle is what he really wants. Meta, Rick and Abby show up looking upset and out of place. They are totally unable to understand Michelle’s recent behavior. Meta reflects on a conversation she once had with Michelle about what kind of wedding Michelle wanted, it was nothing like this. As Rick prepares to walk Michelle down the aisle, he tells her he would do anything for her and that he loves her, and hints if she wants to leave Danny he’ll help her. She tells him its time to give her away. He gives her away to Danny and the priest begins. Just then Jesse walks in and stays at the back of the room, hidden. Drew (Michelle’s maid of honor) spots him, but doesn’t say anything. At the moment, when the priest asks, “speak now or forever hold your peace”, Jesse daydreams about saying something and Michelle running to him and out of the house. He comes to, however and the wedding was continuing. As they begin their vows, Michelle nervously drops the note cards with her vows, and Danny after reassuring her to just look in his eyes and she’ll be fine, touching her chin, he offers to go first and says, “You know sometimes people meet each other under very unusual circumstances. We did. Who knows why God puts a particular person into your life. I certainly didn’t expect to meet someone like you and I know you didn’t plan on meeting a guy like me, but by divine providence or fate or just plain luck, we were thrown together and I knew, I knew that you were a treasure to be cherished and to be revered. Michelle, I — I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe and to make you happy. And what we have between us will grow with you as my wife and I as your husband.” With her vows still tucked in Danny’s pocket, she says simply that she puts her life in his hands. When the minister directs, they kiss, a passionate and very mutual kiss. After the ceremony, Danny can’t quit smiling and Michelle is nearly as bad as they go through all the wedding traditions. Michelle: You know, you can stop smiling now. (To photographer) We’re on a break. We’re on a break. (overlapping) Danny: Sorry, I just can’t stop smiling. Michelle: Hey listen, I want to thank you for kind of saving my vows, that stuff you said about being so devoted and giving of yourself was really good. Thank you. Danny: You’re welcome. I meant every word.” They enjoy the reception and even Rick realizes Michelle is truly happy. After the ceremony, they take photos as Jesse left the house. Drew thanks Michelle for saving her life and marrying Danny and not saying anything about her part in Mick’s death, she also promises to be her go between with the FBI. She says she will help her any way she can.

Check other videos. These are the most complete of the wedding, but there are some audio problems.

Wed., Feb. 17, 1999 – As Danny dances with his new bride, Rick admits to Abby that seeing Michelle so happy he now thinks this marriage is for real. He makes a toast, “May my sister’s smile light up her husband’s life, the way it lit up this room today.” Hearing Danny announce their upcoming honeymoon plans, Michelle realizes that she has to go to bed with Danny. Her face shows array of emotions from nervousness to a genuine smile.

Thurs., Feb. 18, 1999 – They newlyweds return to their bedroom and are nervous and awkward together. When Danny asks if there’s anything special Michelle wants to do, she says there is and drops her wedding dress to the floor and steps toward Danny in her underskirt and bodice. Michelle starts to offer herself to Danny, but pulls back once from nerves and guilt. He tells her it’s OK and then leads her to the bed where he gently lets down her hair and starts to massage her back. He talks about his feelings and their relationship. “I won’t do anything to rush you, okay? We’ve all the time in the world, this is just the beginning for us as husband and wife. Hey, remember that … that day when we had to go meet with Father Tomas, for our Pre-Cana, to talk about all the things we want in marriage….You looked so miserable. You practically had your fingers crossed and your toes…. You know, you thought that you hated me, I know. And then you realized that we want the same things, that our dreams are pretty much the same….  You know, I thought, I was starting to think that we were not gonna make it — that together there was no way we were gonna have the kind of marriage we both wanted with us at each other’s throats all the time. I figured we were just doomed, you know, doomed to go through the motions for the rest of our lives. But today — today something changed. We said our vows. I don’t know, I saw something different in you. I felt it, I think you did, too. And when we kissed, you kissed me back and it was real and I thought, you know, maybe we’re gonna be okay. You know, maybe things are gonna work out and maybe our dreams can really come true.” As he slowly massages her and kisses her back, she feels herself responding for real and pulls back with a start. When Michelle stops Danny is confused and hurt, but assures her of his feelings for her but then doesn’t press her to consummate their marriage. Thanks to a call from Drew, the FBI raids the Santos home in an effort to give Michelle the distraction she needs.

Fri., Feb. 19, 1999 – When the FBI interrupts her wedding night, Michelle privately agrees to work with them to bring down the Santos family. Agent Conklin warns her that Carmen already suspects her which could spell even more danger for her. He also warns that if they take out Carmen, they are going to arrest Danny too. Michelle resists, insisting Danny isn’t like his mother, but then decides it’s a case of him or me and she has to save herself.

My Comments:

The whole sequence showed the current administration’s devotion to Manny. A 3 day wedding with all those extras was a big commitment.

Everyone else is wearing white and bright colors and Carmen’s wearing this honking huge black mantilla, showing what she really feels about the marriage. Danny seems so happy. He’s especially thrilled that Ray is there for his wedding. They really seem to have a cousin connection. It kind of makes you wonder what Danny’s life was like before Mick died and Danny fell in love with Michelle. I think pretty empty, but full of activity, trying to show himself that it wasn’t. It’s ironic that Ray thinks it’s Carmen pushing for the marriage at first.  This Abuela is very much in favor of Michelle and understands just how much Danny loves Michelle. I wish she had kept being Abuela. The other Abuela could have been Carmen’s mother if they wanted a more deceitful character. What stands out here is everybody that is missing from Michelle’s side on this wedding, but as I pointed out in my Manny isolation post, they are all involved in their own troubles just now. I guess it balances out because almost no one from Danny’s side attends weddings 4-6.

Drew and Ray really hit it off. I think it’s too bad he was soooo firm in his commitment to God. It would have been nice to see him tempted with Drew. I think he definitely respected her more than Jesse ever does. The flower girl is cute, but it would be nice to have sort of a clue who at least some of these people were supposed to be. Are they distant family? business associates? people from St. Michael’s? Is that uncle who runs the restaurant in California there with his 4 daughters?

Michelle later brings up this up this moment she has with Rick when Rick’s heart is failing and Danny is trying to show her that whether or not he made it, he would still be an important part of her life. It’s funny they play “Here Comes the Bride.” My grandfather’s family was Catholic, so my grandparents were married in the church and 63 years later, my grandmother is still furious that “The Church” wouldn’t let her have “Here Comes the Bride” because it wasn’t done in the Catholic Church.

Jesse’s fantasy is lame. Legally, the service didn’t matter, Danny and Michelle were already married and running off with Jesse wouldn’t make it untrue. It isn’t like this was legally a wedding. Legally it was a vow renewal. I love Jesse’s answer to Drew why he didn’t really try to stop the marriage. I don’t have the clip, but he says something like, “She was happy and in love.” If Jesse thought she was happy at the wedding, if Rick thought she was happy at the wedding, if Drew thought it was getting too real, I think it’s pretty plain that Michelle was happy about the wedding.  Where Michelle was kind of shell shocked before, when they actually face each other to say their vows, I think Michelle is really there in the moment with Danny and nothing else matters. The kiss is terrific, but then what happens? Danny and Michelle should have walked together up the aisle. Did the director think her skirt was taking up too much room?

Why aren’t Meta, Rick, and Abby in any of the wedding photos? I wish they would have released some taken on set. The ones you saw were against a plain colored background and featured Michelle, Danny, and Carmen. The line about “Smile your secret smile” was a hit with fans and appears in a lot of posts and fanfics.

It’s really too bad Ray wasn’t more conflicted about his vows, Drew and Ray could have been an interesting spoiler and I think Ray treats Drew with more respect than Jesse ever does. “I’ll have you know this is my mysterious look.”

Michelle and Danny look so happy during Rick’s toast and Carmen looks so green. “We’re feeling a little tired….and we’re going to spend some time alone together before we head off to our honeymoon in Marojca.” This is a resort area in Spain, popular with both Spaniards and retreating from their sunless homelands, people from Great Britain and the Nordic countries.

Ray really should have explained his job, but the writers were great at putting lines that make sense from a priest or a gangster. Drew really is quicker on the uptake here about Danny and Michelle than Michelle herself and I love her lines. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think this whole thing was real….You’re laughing and smiling all over the place…. [Did you have to kiss him] like that?”
Did Michelle really expect Drew to call the FBI from the Santos house? Drew said she’d do it once, why keep asking? They sure hang around a long time after Danny says they are going to leave. I’m a little disappointed Danny didn’t get them a hotel room for the night anyway. You usually don’t spend your wedding night in the house with your family, especially with the party continuing downstairs. Notice Michelle’s dress is already unfastened when they enter the bedroom. I don’t think she could really unfasten it herself and they needed it pre-done so she could drop it smoothly. They should have watched the camera angles a little bit though, or put a scene cut in, it’s kind of obvious.

I always thought their first night home from the San Cristobel honeymoon, they should have re-enacted this night with the right ending. What Danny doesn’t get here isn’t that she’s pulling away because she doesn’t feel anything and she doesn’t want him, she pulls away because she DOES feel something for him and she DOES want him and it scares her to death. She has no idea how to handle it. Danny lets his fears take over, he won’t listen to what she’s saying.

So much for repulsion, Michelle is hanging all over Danny. Carmen breaks one of the rules of the family when she shows division within the family to the Feds. I guess Gus hadn’t been assigned to the case yet. They don’t really ever mention her offer to the Feds or that she gave them a tip was in the  file. You’d have thought Gus would have thrown it up in her face. Danny feels so guilty about this intrusion with the FBI, it must make Michelle feel awful. I can’t believe they did an actual bust off her first tip. I mean is this team in the business of burning their sources? The FBI should have watched and photographed from a distance at most this first time, unless they genuinely didn’t believe she’d go through with it and figured this information was a one shot deal.

I wonder if this warning about Danny “not being like the rest of the family…yet” plays in Michelle’s head and later feeds into some of her bad decisions and fears. Maybe that’s why her reaction to seeing Danny hit Tony and to knowing he permitted (didn’t even order, but permitted) a hit to take place on the person he was told killed Carmen. I really don’t see what good they think taking Danny out would do. Tony was waiting in the wings to take over and he wasn’t currently connected with the family’s dealings, so there is no way anything Michelle told them could take him out.

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7 Responses to “Manny Wedding and Wedding Night Feb 16-19 1999”

  1. StreetPalace Says:

    Thanks a lot for you summary and your comment about the scene, I find your opinion about it very interesting and it make me appreaciate the scene more everytime I watch them again!
    Thanks you!

  2. Danny and Michelle Valentine Wedding « Glmanny's Blog Says:

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  3. Ramie Says:

    I loved the wedding. I really liked how happy Danny and Michelle were. Danny’s vows and how he offered to go first. He really helped with her nerves. And of course the kiss. I always thought the flower girl was suppose to be Marina since Danny saved her life but I guess not. I liked how Rick seemed to finally realize Michelle has feelings for Danny.

    I agree about Ray and Drew, I really thought from this scene they were setting them up to be a couple. Ray was a really cool guy and I liked how close he and Danny were. They seemed to have a really great relationship.

    I didn’t like how Michelle kept hounding Drew about the FBI and was that really the time and place to do that? Surrounded by all of the “Family”? Those are so not the letters to use around those people.

    I’m surprised by how fast the FBI responded to the tip. You right that’s something they’d want to be more careful about. Carmen really shouldn’t have shown there were issues in the Family, that’s usually something the FBI tend to notice and use. I can’t decide if the FBI guy was right in his comment about Danny learning to kill like Carmen, not that Danny would be like that. But being in the FBI he’s probably heard that many times and usually its wrong. I do like Michelle’s horror when she realizes Danny would go down too.

  4. glmanny Says:

    Marina would have been a good choice or even Lizzie, so there would be somebody involved from Michelle side. They really should have planned out who was who in the Santos family before they did this because frankly who ARE these people? They don’t fit into the family tree as we know it or even members of “la familia” we know.

  5. Ramie Says:

    I always wondered what Michelle wrote for her vows. The ones Danny put in his pocket.

  6. Ramie Says:

    No they really didn’t plan the “family” out to well.

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