Bauer BBQ Theme Meal

Michelle's version of Michelle' apple pie

Bert’s Apple Pie

When my extended family gets together for a big meal, we like to try to come up with a theme for the food to make it a little more interesting. That can be something as simple as the red meal where everything was red to a more complicated theme like Cowboys (we had fried zucchini slices cut in half as horses’ hooves) or Baby Meal (baby spinach, baby carrots, baby chicken sandwiches made of chicken nuggets on a biscuit, etc.). My cousin and I finally convinced the group to take Guiding Light as its theme.

Here’s the result:

Bauer Burgers (Original Recipe Available from Soap Central – cooked by Rick and Ed Bauer. Rick learned during the Bauer BBQ 2001 to never let Danny near the grill.

Making Bauer Burgers

Making Bauer Burgers

Buzz’s Chili – Mentioned often on the show
Harley’s Mac & Cheese – Alan loved Harley’s Macaroni and Cheese when he was living with Gus and Harley
Cedar Hospital Jell-O
Country Club Green Beans – A top of the line version with real onion rings and mushrooms like you’d expect at a posh place like the Country Club

Eleni’s Baklava

Eleni’s Baklava – A Cooper family tradition, it was also a money maker for Alan-Michael and Harley when they were trying to make money at the 5th St. Diner. Eleni serves a chocolate version to Drew and Michelle when they meet at the diner.
Bert’s Apple Pie – Bert was famous for her apple pie and Michelle made one from her recipe every year for the Bauer BBQ, including this last one where it was the center of a scene between Michelle and Rick and their kids.
Cassie’s  Corn Casserole – The type of cooking you could expect from Cassie.
Bea Reardon’s Potato Salad – This we bought from a restaurant and figured it was a level with Bea’s.

Cedar Hospital Jell-o

Cedar Hospital Jell-o

Papa Bauer’s Sliced Brussels Sprouts – As a good German, Papa Bauer would love his root vegetables.
Len’s Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce – Michelle always liked to buy her fudge ripple ice cream at Len’s and Len provided a false alibi for Michelle (he only heard someone knock, he never saw her) when she was on trial for Ben Warren’s murder
Miniature Marler’s Potato Chips and French Onion Dip – I recently heard Ross call the twins the Miniature Marlers and I thought it was sooo cute I borrowed it. I figured the twins could handle chips.

Buzz's Chili

Buzz’s Chili

Justin Marler’s Chicken Nuggets – Family pun based on a family member named Justin’s devotion to nuggets.
Jessie Blue’s Guacamole Chips – Jesse brought guacamole to the 1998 Bauer BBQ and made a big fuss about it.
Lillian Raines’s Broccoli and Noodles – We just thought this recipe sounded like something Lillian would make.

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4 Responses to “Bauer BBQ Theme Meal”

  1. Cat (BenWarrenFan) Says:

    Oh my gosh, what a delight to see Bauer BBQ recipes online! I had no idea these existed!!! How cute!!! That is so cool that your family embraced the idea of a GL themed meal!!! I wish I had some GL fans living near me so that I could do the same and it would make sense!!! That’s awesome, though – every GL fan knows the importance of the Bauer BBQ!!! Thanks for sharing; this is cute!

  2. Cat (BenWarrenFan) Says:

    P.S., I love the “Cedar Hospital Jello” inclusion there, too! lol

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