Bauer House

The Bauer House is a large home, but definitely not a mansion. The exterior is alternately shown as stucco (for the longest time), brick, and board (these last 2 are mostly during the post-set era). The house Ed lived in with Holly in the 1970s was considerably smaller than this with a fireplace in the living room and a single set of patio doors on one side. I first remember the version we see the most back when Ed and Maureen were first getting together. The house has a large open floor plan and we see many of its rooms.

We enter through the front door into an open, almost southwestern style hallway with simple Doric-like columns to define the space. Straight ahead is the living room/great room which is open with a practically cathedral ceiling. A cozy discussion area with several couches and chairs centers around a coffee table and a fireplace occupies most of the wall opposite the door. There is a small room mostly they just stand in the entry way of right beside the fireplace and goes behind it. Almost the entire length of the living room is an open staircase. It goes straight up, but there is a small landing that creates a sort of balcony looking back down on the living room. Between the stairs and the pillar set off hallway is a smaller room with a normal height ceiling that is the dining room. This room is totally open and visible to the living room. It gets very little use.

From the front door, if you turn to the right down the hallway, and then turn right again it takes you into their kitchen. Again it’s a large open area, although the ceiling isn’t as high as the living room’s. The cooking area is on the right of this room as we see it, centered around an island. (My top two island counter top scenes is the celebration after Danny is cleared from murder charges and when Danny moves the block of knives, thinks for a second, and then moves the “vase” that holds assorted kitchen implements away from Carmen when she breaks into the Bauer House after her second rising from the dead.) A large table where the family often eats is next to the island and then a sort of sitting area with soft furniture fills out the final corner of the room and stretches out to an almost sunroom looking vestibule. There are four doors into the kitchen. The exterior door that is often used by people arriving at the house is in the center of the room in that sunroom/vestibule. There is a door right behind the refrigerator that leads to a set of backstairs. The next door, on the opposite end of the cooking area, leads into a hallway that must be a small hallway between the pillared hallway and the kitchen because it looks different (see the scene when Manny returns from their 2nd honeymoon and discovers a very unwelcome welcome home party). Somewhere behind us where we never see is a door out into the patio area.

There is a large patio area, highly landscaped and features levels, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. This is partially fenced, but you can get directly into the yard through a gate. It doesn’t seem to be fenced to the rear.

The second floor has a master bedroom used first by Ed and Maureen and later by Rick and Abby (and presumably his later wives) after Ed leaves. There is also Michelle’s childhood bedroom which has an exterior balcony and an attached bathroom, with a stall type shower. There are also rooms for Meta, Ed, and a nursery at the same time. If you are standing in Michelle’s doorway, the nursery is somewhere to your right, but all you see is a series of closed doors on both sides of the hallway which bends slightly through the house. You normally turn to the right or come from that direction if you are coming from or going downstairs, so maybe it is at one end of a hallway. We don’t see people going further down the hallway past Michelle’s door to the left.

Across a driveway/parking area is the garage. It’s a larger building and has an apartment above it. Besides the Reardon boarding house, this Garage Apartment is widely used by newcomers to town. Claire Ramsey lived there twice, Abby Bloom lived there before she and Rick married, and the newlyweds continued to stay there until Ed left and they moved into the main house. Selena Davis stayed there until she moved in with Buzz and it really never made sense while Manny didn’t move there next instead of staying in her childhood bedroom, but they never did.

The side with this kitchen door near the parking area is surrounded by what Michelle calls Maureen’s garden which is full of perennial flowers and ornamental plants, a few benches, etc.

The Bauer front door/living room/fireplace room entryway are shown in the clip below.

Danny walks from kitchen up the pillared hallway and over to the dining room table, Then Michelle and Danny in Maureen’s garden outside the front door

The Bauer kitchen is shown in this clip.

More Bauer kitchen starting at 2:00, Terraced yard starting at 5:25

Master Bedroom when occupied by Rabby starting at 4:51

Michelle’s bedroom while the bed is single, it later becomes a double with the same style headboard, also includes her attached bathroom

Michelle’s bedroom after Danny moves in with her and the bed stretches into a double, note the Manny sex candles

This is Ed Bauer’s house in the 1970s before the house changed, starting at 4:28


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