Bauers Find Out about Marriage, Country Club Luncheon

Thurs., Jan. 14, 1999 – Jesse ruins the breakfast at the Bauer house with the news that Michelle has married Danny Santos, son of mobster Carmen Santos. As he explains, Dietz arrives and invites the family to the country club so that the two families can celebrate the happy nuptials. Drew and Selena arrive and learn from Jesse the latest about Michelle. Drew tries to convince Jesse to stay away from Danny and Michelle but he vows to ruin today’s luncheon. Now on Drew’s side, since she discovered she’s her daughter, Selena offers to help Drew win Jesse’s love. Danny: “I’m not going to let you take her away from me. Michelle is here because I want her here. She belongs with me.” Michelle: “Thanks for the kind wishes, Mama.”

Fri., Jan. 15, 1999 – Both the Santos and Bauer families show up for the nuptial luncheon. Unconvinced by the suddenness of the marriage, Danny produces the marriage license showing they are really wed. They try to put a good face on it, but Rick tries to force Michelle to tell him what’s really going on, she tells him to support her or leave. After a few more rude remarks in Carmen’s direction, Rick collects Abby and Meta and storms out. After Rick ruins the luncheon, Jesse surprises Michelle in the hallway outside the dining room with a kiss but she pulls back and insists that she doesn’t want to leave her husband. Carmen saw the clinch and sends Danny out to discover it. Michelle has pushed Jesse away, but he is still after her. Danny interrupts and starts throwing punches when Jesse refuses to leave. Seeing blood flowing from Danny’s nose, Dietz grabs Jesse and physically tosses him out. Terrified they will now kill Jesse she goes running after them begging them to leave Jesse alone. While Danny warns Michelle about her actions, Carmen decides to approach Jesse for help in breaking up the newlyweds. Danny: “You’re worried about hurting Jesse’s feelings? It’s a lot better than wondering what kind of flowers to put on his grave.”

My Comments:

Carmen is pushing on with her agenda to try to get Michelle to crack and admit the marriage isn’t real in front of her family. She doesn’t understand who she’s dealing with – yet. Michelle really does keep up a pretty good front until Jesse gets there. Danny is still in the family mindset and thinking that he can gain Michelle as a possession. One of first things he has to learn is that he can’t control her, but he learns it quickly.

Where does Father Tomas go? He has a short talk with Michelle and then disappears. Didn’t he want to eat?

I love Michelle’s facial expression when she says “Drew.”

In the comments under these scenes someone replied to my comment with the thought that Michelle was acting like a brat here to somebody who is continuing to save her life. As much as I hate to, I have to agree that the characterization was correct. However, thinking about it made me think of another point. Michelle must be feel an incredible trust for Danny at this point, no matter what she says. “I won’t pretend for you.” If she was still feeling the threat from him, like she was on the docks, she’d be putting on a good show for him too, instead of feeling safe enough TO act like a brat. That’s already going a long way from where she was.

Rick is just unpleasant here. I wish I could have attended this luncheon. It would have been fun.

I think that it’s funny that the set up is supposed to be what a big bad mobster Danny is, but when I was thinking what they all had in common as a subject for discussion what I came up with is that everyone other than Danny has killed somebody. Meta killed her ex-husband Ted White. Abby killed Roy Meecham. Carmen killed Miguel. Rick’s patient body count is probably somewhere in the 30s about now. Michelle killed Mick. Danny hasn’t killed anybody.

Danny must really have been upset for Jesse to get in that punch. Normally he’s a much better fighter than that. They must have still been trying to make Jesse look like the hero. I can’t believe it when she says “I was kissing him goodbye, OK?” what was she thinking his response was going to be “Oh, OK”?

“It’s bedtime isn’t it.” Carmen already knows what’s waiting for them back at home.

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2 Responses to “Bauers Find Out about Marriage, Country Club Luncheon”

  1. Ramie Says:

    Rick was really unpleasant. You mentioned how each of the Bauers murdered someone and Danny never did. I always wanted someone to point that out to Rick. Not that it would have made any difference but it bugged me how no one reminded him that the Bauers weren’t exactly innocent either.

    What exactly are Rick’s and Jesse’s plan here? Does Rick expect Michelle to tell him what he thinks the truth is then what? Does he think the “terrible” people will just let them leave? Same with Jesse. Does he think if Michelle tells him, she loves him. What? They’ll be able to walk out the door and no one’s going to stop them? How does Jesse not understand that he’s putting Michelle in danger?

    I love how Carmen switches from sweet threatening Michelle. And her attempts to get one of them to crack.

    Michelle does come off as bratty but she seemed pretty happy when Danny had his arms around her and was rubbing her belly.

  2. glmanny Says:

    Part of the problem of watching highlight clips is that you don’t really get the full view. Part of Rick’s problem is he is dealing with first he thought Ross was raising Rick’s child because Blake wouldn’t agree to telling Ross “the truth” about paternity and then he found out that Annie had doctored the results and he really wasn’t the father after all. He really felt like he’d lost the child that he’d wanted (not specifically with Blake but A child) for so long. So Rick was generally in a stressed out and unpleasant mood for months which is at least slightly understandable, so part of his problem had nothing to do with Manny at all.

    Also, Michelle was really still coming off being blind and Rick had felt terrible he’d been unable to protect her from that like he hadn’t been to protect Abby from Roy Meecham and then jail so he was generally being protective and sour which is at least some excuse for his attitude and actions here.

    I was especially irritated though that Jesse didn’t seem to remember that Michelle was MARRIED. Her leaving with him would do NOTHING to straighten out the situation unless they were on the run forever which Danny already understood that Michelle really couldn’t do. I don’t think either Rick or Jesse actually have a plan.

    Carmen’s switches are great and really why I regret they ever took the relationship to physical threats and setting up Michelle for murder. This constant back and forth innuendo would have kept me entertained for years.

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