Springfield Mall

Presumably on the outskirts of Springfield, probably closer to the Bauer House than the nouveau riche area that houses Casa Santos. However, drive times to the mall are never given from anywhere. We usually only see the mall at Christmas time and I don’t think they ever give it a name, it’s just “the mall.” Most action takes place in a large intersection of several branches of mall hallways. You can see a couple of these typical wide mall hallways. It’s a great set with forced perspective. Economic downturns and the move away from old fashioned malls don’t seem to effect this lucky showplace. There are never any empty storefronts and there are lavish holiday decorations. Manny has a classic confrontation scene here the first year they know each other. A couple of Christmases later Danny is doing last minute shopping with Rick when a sudden snowstorm traps them there and Gus Aitoro gives them a Christmas miracle in Ross’ annual Christmas story.

UPDATE: This clip from 1996 shows a nice long cut through the mall set full of extras and a couple of under 5s when J Chamberlain futilely tries to capture Brent Lawrence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpJDjunpRR8


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