5th Street Diner aka Cooper Diner aka Wheels and Meals Diner

The Fifth Street Diner aka Cooper Diner aka Wheels and Meals Diner has always been a Cooper family business. It was started by Buzz’s father and continued on by the family, mainly by Uncle Stavros and the kids, even after Buzz and later Nadine left. No matter what other jobs members of the Cooper family had, they could be pressed into service in the diner at any time (and that goes for significant others as well, even being a Spaulding didn’t get you off the hook if they needed extra hands). We originally find the diner after Harley is introduced to the show. During her marriage to Alan-Michael Spaulding they try several different schemes to get it to turn more of a profit, even turning it into an antique store, but eventually they give up. A subsistence profit level seems to be the best this place can do, but the food is good and the neighborhood views it as a community center. After having abandoned it for years, Buzz risked his life to save the building during the Great 5th Street fire.

Personally, I love the set used for the diner during the late 1990s, which more seamlessly connects the inside and outside than any other set. I love to watch scenes move from inside to outside, or vice versa. Notice that they can still afford to have principal characters randomly eating in the background occasionally even when they don’t have story dictated purpose to be there. Even when the scene is outside you can normally see people continuing to eat and talk inside the diner I love it. Sentimental connections also remain because it is the scene of Manny’s first kiss and several of their early meaningful conversations. Michelle also frequently eats there with Drew from the time of Mick’s death, even after her marriage.

However, the diner’s reprieve from fire proved to be temporary. It hadn’t yet met Buzz’s granddaughter Susan/Daisy Cooper LeMay, who with her then boyfriend Max Nickerson (Max version 1.0, the dangerous boyfriend version 1.o – much better than the Grady version later) burn down the diner. They didn’t have enough insurance to rebuild, but after Buzz found a winning lottery ticket that Jenna bought, they got enough to start again. At that point the Cooper family bought Company and you can read all about that in the Company description.

In a few years, when Danny starts his urban renewal efforts, to both make legitimate money and to pay the community back for what his mother took from it, he is told over and over again the two events that the residents of 5th Street blame for the downfall of the neighborhood 1) the arrival of the Santos family’s protection rackets, etc. 2) the loss of the neighborhood restaurant, the 5th Street diner.

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