GL July 31, 2009 – Another Ed Episode

This summary and commentary was published immediately after watching the episode. The time count is based off the CBS streaming which ran 37 minutes without commercials. I was upset at the time so this has a bit more bitter sarcasm than I normally put into my commentary. Also, while I was waiting for Rick, Ed, Danny and Michelle, Vanessa and Billy, what I got daily was Mallet and Marina.- SSU

July 31, 2009 – Ed’s back again today. Now THIS is what I foolishly thought it meant when they announced they were going to be back, on for a number of days in a run. However, from here on in, if they aren’t having Ed lie to us repeatedly on screen (which I don’t discount as a possibility) we should see more of him. Ed had a scene with Olivia mostly to confirm he’d be around and for Ed to talk about Phillip’s daughter Emma. [Minute 5] He checked in with Phillip by phone. [Minute 7] Ed also got to attend Shayne’s bachelor party and talk to Rick some more. [Minute 17 and Minute 24]

Reva is acting more like her old self, though still upset under the brave front. She suggests that she and Josh give Dinah and Shayne Cross Creek to make it a happy Lewis home again which is really a nice thought. I don’t know how Jeffery could live with his “love” with Always Josh and Reva carved in the mantle.  Josh remembered that Reva and Vanessa didn’t always get along (my point from yesterday’s episode). [Minute 1] Reva then went and helped pick out flowers for the wedding. [Minute 19] (Really, Lilacs in AUGUST. – Maybe this was shot back in May-June dripping sarcasm?) Then Reva crashed Shayne’s bachelor party, drank heavily and acted out. This is the Reva we know and love and not one breaking sob tearfest all day. [Minute 17] Reva even won the drinking contest. [Minute 19]

Josh and Shayne had a conversation about the wedding. Josh said he’d been married and divorced 9 times so if Shayne needed any advice (maybe over what not to do, Josh? – karma’s rough isn’t it?) that he could always come to him. Oh, and Mr. I Almost Went Professional Baseball that was a pretty bad miss when Josh landed the ball square in the glove’s sweet spot. [Minute 13] There were two Vanessa-Matt scenes. I really thought that they were going to put Vanessa and Billy back together and I was glad, but now I’m beginning to think they are starting to revert to Vanessa-Matt. (I don’t know, maybe they are just going to have Josh-Reva-Jeffery and Billy-Vanessa-Matt move to Utah and join a Mormon splinter sect. ) [Minute 17 and Minute 30]

Dinah looks great today. I love her outfit and up from the 5 minutes it took her to put Bill and Lizzie’s wedding together, she’s planning to put most of the day in on planning hers. [Minute 3] Shayne hired a horse and carriage to take Dinah around wedding planning. It was really sweet and pretty. However, I wonder what they told the poor guy they had magically appear at each stop and hold the horse while people got in and out of the carriage. He seemed terrified to look at the camera and so he kept drawing my eye. Vanessa looked great too and it was so nice to see Vanessa and Dinah in such a good place.  [Minute 8] Dinah picks out her wedding dress and hat and both she and Vanessa miss Ross being there on her important day, but are sure he is there in spirit. Once again paging Ed, but no he doesn’t show. [Minute 24] (Since Ross and Ed were bet friends and Ross stepped in for Ed with Ed’s kids many, many times.)

In the continuing to act more like real people department, Olivia actually had a Dr.’s appointment with Rick because she had a heart transplant and they had to check her meds, etc.  Rick could also tell she’d been drinking and warned her as a heart recipient her actions had more consequences than they did before and she should cut it out. He also talked to her as a fellow recipient. Who slipped the memory refresher drug into the water in Springfield? [Minute 4 and 11]

Phillip is actually having fun on his road trip with Alan who is having more fun than I think he thought he would, but is sure Phillip is up to something, although he is thinking in entirely the wrong direction what the plan is. [Minute 7 and Minute 26, etc.]

And in a TOTAL and UNEXPECTED SHOCK who should be on today, but Mallet and Marina. The two wonder cops who apparently haven’t figured out that stopping your car, parking it, getting out, and talking to people would screw up your attempt to time a trip, especially if you don’t pause the stop watch.

UPDATED August 5, 2017: I added the explanation at the top and my current signature block. Sadly the link no longer works so I deleted it. A quick search doesn’t turn it up on YouTube, but if I find it I’ll add it later.

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