Pulling a Josh

Although Manny fans had to put up with a lot over the years, we never really had to put up with a either party pulling a full blown Josh, kind of close during the dark times of the amnesia storyline and its fallout, but they never actually did and for that we can be eternally gratefully. Jeva fans had to put up with a near constant stream of them.

What I mean by pulling a Josh is this:
Step 1: You have some conflict with your true love (Reva). This leads to nasty arguments and harsh words you can’t take back and usually to you leaving her.
Step 2: You meet some new woman. With Josh for some reason this normally happens when he is out of the country, but that is not a requirement. (Just for variety’s sake he can meet them in Springfield, like Annie, or know them already, like Cassie, but normally foreign travel works for him.)
Step 3: You find something about your true love (Reva) now so absolutely intolerable that you must rush through a divorce.
Step 4: All of us, the poor viewers, plus your friends, family, and children, have to put up with you saying horrible things about your true love (Reva) and declaring that new woman X is the one and only true love of your life. (Hold on viewers once this starts it usually goes on for MONTHS.)
Step 5: You marry said new woman X. This can overlap with Step 4.
Step 6: All is happiness and light for a couple of months, maybe.
Step 7: A switch is thrown and you now have reason to believe said new woman X is evil or crazy or both and you want nothing more to do with her.
Step 8: You reconnect with your true love (Reva) and she helps you prove new woman is evil or crazy or both. You must keep your relationship secret at this point and it’s during Step 8 that Josh actually treats Reva like he should all of the time.
Step 9: You divorce new woman. Optional, but common: she is arrested and/or sued and/or committed.
Step 10: You re-marry true love (Reva) in a big splashy ceremony.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

I counted up more than half a dozen times Josh has pulled this stunt. Attention all women who meet Josh Lewis or similar men in real life: YOU will NOT be the one woman who can change him and break the cycle. RUN A MILE!

Thank you Danny and Michelle and the TPTB for at least sparing us Manny fans this.

UPDATED September 6 2015: I added the signature block and bolded the steps.

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