Commentary on Manny at the Bauer BBQ

With Guiding Light’s cancellation, 2009 marks the last annual Bauer BBQ, a touchstone of the show since the early 1980s. Fortunately, since it was the last, it was also one of the best in recent years. Most important for Manny fans was their return as a happy family mostly in the background. Most of the event focused on Philip, which is fitting since the show has decided to use his death as symbol for the show’s demise, and the Otalia storyline which has NOTHING to do with the Bauers, but is a very prominent storyline at the moment.

I want to go on record saying I appreciate them bringing Manny back and not undoing their happily ever after. The Powers That Be didn’t have to do that and certainly could have done to them what they did to Quint and Nola (a tragedy that I have endeavored ever since to convince myself was only one of Nola’s vivid fantasies – actually I think the cancellation is the only thing that saved Manny from this fate). So I really AM appreciative. They included a lot of memory points for fans and even confirmed that Rick really has remained an important part of Manny’s life off camera, as Robbie practically catapulted into his arms. Also, I understand that they would want the emphasis to be on people currently involved in stories. However, a few slight adjustments, even single lines could have made it soooo much better. Couldn’t they have had just had one less of the many scenes of Natalia moping around saying over and over again she couldn’t face Olivia or Frank and didn’t know what to do?

First, could somebody have wished Manny Happy Anniversary? It wasn’t all that long ago that they were married at the BBQ and many of the same people were there. It was also the anniversary of the time Ray married them at Laurel Falls that he should remember, even if no one else does.

Second, could Lizzie have  been especially glad to see Danny, after all he saved her life on the day they met and until the unfortunate Eden business, Danny and Bill had gotten very close and he might have talked about both Michelle and Danny to her a lot off camera.

Third, a while back Ashlee was trying to get Lizzie and Bill to agree to get married on the Fourth. They wanted to get out of it. Couldn’t have Bill used the excuse that his best friend Michelle had married her husband Danny twice on the Fourth and it was kind of their thing?

Fourth, could somebody warn Manny that Edmund was still alive and maybe back in town. The last time they were all there together he kidnapped Hope and tried to kill Michelle and Danny to cover it up. Sounds like a need to know to me.

Fifth, Ray had just told Natalia that he was going to the BBQ to see Manny and their kids when she dropped the bomb she was pregnant and didn’t know what to do. He urged her to go visit a retreat. Sounds like a perfect segue to tell her how Michelle had gone to New York,  after discovering she was pregnant with Robbie, and everything had seemed so much more clear when she came back and now look at how well it worked out. But he didn’t.

Sixth, couldn’t we have had just one more amazing kiss in close up? I know they are up for it.

Seventh, seeing Robbie and Emma running around really reminded me of Michelle and Bill back in the day which they could have mentioned when they talked.

Finally, couldn’t they have had an actual conversation with each other. Maybe when they first got there? Something like this:

Danny: “Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve been back, honey. Are you ready to face all those old memories?”

Michelle: “They were mostly good ones and I wouldn’t trade even a minute of the bad as long as it got us here.”

Danny: “Neither would I. Happy 3rd and 5th anniversary, Honey.”

Michelle: “Did you think I could forget?” (Rueful laugh turning happy.)

Amazing kiss. IN CLOSE UP!

Robbie: “Come on Dad. I want to see Uncle Rick.”

Danny: “Ok, Tiger. We’re coming.”

Quick kiss to finish off and follow him in hand in hand.

Would that really have been so difficult?


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One Response to “Commentary on Manny at the Bauer BBQ”

  1. Gina D Says:

    I know what you mean about Quola. That was tragic. We both definitely need to be thankful, though. Manny remained intact and happy. And while Mallet was with Marina (barf, ugh, barf, vomit)at the last BBQ, at least he reunited with his true love and soulmate, Dinah, for the last two episodes that he and Dinah were in—the fated meeting in Germany and the finale. So thanks be to TPTB, for that much. Otherwise, I didn’t enjoy the last BBQ. It was not a favorite of mine, at all.

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