Manny Returns July 2-3, 2009

UPDATE: Here is a current, but sadly not totally complete version of links.

July 2, 2009 – This year was the best Bauer BBQ in recent years. It didn’t miss a tradition from the beginning of raising the flag to the egg toss to the 3-legged race; they were all there. Much of the episode focused on Philip which is fair because his death is to be symbolic with the cancellation of the show in these last few months and the Bauer BBQ was always very important to him. The writers remembered Rick always trying to get Danny to wear the chef’s hat and Danny hating it, Michelle making apple pie from Bert’s recipe, and even for the first time in years, except for a mention earlier this week, that Blake and Philip had once been married. I enjoyed it more on a second viewing when I knew what to expect. Danny and Michelle both looked really happy. Danny was in full father mode running around looking after young Hope. Robbie and Phillip’s daughter Emma were running around constantly and reminded me of Michelle and Bill Lewis back in the day. It must have reminded them too because Michelle and Bill talked several times. She congratulated him in his upcoming marriage and urged him to have children soon because as happy as Danny and her were together, it was even better once the children came. Manny was still the tactile twosome showing up in many random shots hugging, stroking, or caressing each other more so than anybody else.  Danny’s cousin Father Ray was overjoyed to have his family back in town having lamented earlier that the kids were growing so fast and he never got to see enough of them. Danny makes a comment that he’s afraid Robbie will be taller than him any day now. Philip, looking wistfully at how happy Manny’s family is, mentioned he had never seen this happiness coming when they first got married. Danny admitted that even he had his doubts how it would work out in the beginning, but when you really love each other you figure it out, make it work, and keep a connection with those you love. Before he can go on, he spots Hope getting into the sparklers and took off to catch her.

July 3, 2009 – The Bauer BBQ continues. Manny continues happily along. Marina and Mallet show up with their son Henry and a little awkwardness follows, but also genuine good wishes for all.  They are interrupted when Robbie comes running up reporting that Hope fell down and is crying. Michelle takes Robbie’s hand and follows him. Danny grins at the newer parents, “Welcome to the Club” and takes off at a loop following. Even the 3-legged race partners made sense, Philip and Rick were going to run, but Rick fakes an injury to get James to take his place. Danny and Ray ran together and so did Michelle and her ex-sister-in-law Mel. I was sorry Danny and Ray didn’t win, but everyone had a good time. After Michelle officially welcomed everyone on behalf of several generations of Bauers, she turned attention over to Rick for the annual speech. Rick gave a stirring tribute to his and Michelle’s grandmother Bert with whom he always had a special relationship. Bert was the heart of the show and long time viewers could hardly helped but be touched. This was a great Bauer BBQ and even though some things could have been improved on it was great to see Manny together as a family and happy. I hope we see Manny again, but even if we don’t it makes their fans happy to know they finally have the life they fought so hard and so long for. They are really, truly happy at last with no more black clouds hanging over them.


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One Response to “Manny Returns July 2-3, 2009”

  1. Gina D Says:

    I was not happy with the last Bauer BBQ, because Mallet was with Marina and Henry and he should have been with Dinah. Thankfully, they did reunite at the end of the show. Meanwhile, I would have loved to see an alive Lara come back, gunning for that whiny, sadsack, Marina and staking her claim on Shayne and Henry. So the last BBQ wasn’t a favorite of mine, I can tell you that.

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