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Frank Beaty Interview

October 29, 2014

In honor of our Halloween week, we look back on one of the scariest people ever to live in Springfield, Brent Lawrence aka Marian Cramer. If you haven’t heard the story, after Alan-Michael Spaulding shot Lawrence as he attacked A-M and his love Lucy Cooper everyone in town thought Lawrence was dead, despite the fact his body had disappeared. Actually his sister had discovered him and took him away, nursing him back to health. When he returned to town he knew he needed a disguise to get close to his targets for revenge, A-M and Lucy. His disguise was incredible. He turned himself into the female Marian Cramer. Frank Beaty did an amazing job portraying this complicated role.

Watch a summary of his storyline through the Character Profile in this post:

The mainstream press was also taken with the storyline which brought in lots of press for the show. Besides the interview above, which shows what Beaty went through to transform into Marian he was interviewed by multiple sources.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Lucy Cooper

August 18, 2014

The early to mid-1990s were a great time for TPTB at Guiding Light overall. They were very aware of using the show’s history and long term relationships to create new story. They were also very aware of the scope of the canvas, looking proactively for gaps and holes and worked at actively filling them. It was the fact the real life Harlett (Harley Cooper – A.C. Mallet) couple decided to leave the show to try their luck in LA that made TPTB decide they needed a new ingenue and invented a new Cooper, a long lost daughter that Buzz had never mentioned before. Casting right then tended to either be brilliant, amazing, and spot on or terrible, bad, milquetoast.  Sonia Satra who played Lucy was a great example of the Spot On category who not only seamlessly filled the hole Harley left behind, but provided a much more social vibe, quickly establishing connections all over the canvas. Lucy is one of the soap roles I really can’t imagine anyone else playing as well.

Lucy Cooper - Buzz Cooper had felt trapped in Springfield with the constant demands of the family diner and his early marriage to his high school sweetheart and quick arrival of his two kids. Buzz felt a little relieved when he was drafted to go to Viet Nam. While there Buzz won a purple heart for saving his unit by shooting an American solider who had gone nuts under battle field strain and starting shooting his own unit. Buzz felt a huge amount of guilt over this so when he was mustered out he went to talk to the man’s widow. The whole experience caused her to miscarry. Instead of returning to his own family he stayed with this woman and ultimately they had Lucy. The Widow died and Buzz raised Lucy on the road moving from town to town and being sort of borderline cons always with a get rich quick scheme. Lucy had been on her own waitressing for over a year when we meet her, but Buzz had set up an emergency fund for her which they called her trustfund. After Lucy was fired for standing up fro herself when she was sexually harassed by a customer at her job she planned to take the emergency fund and start on a new life, but instead discovered Buzz (who had reunited with his first family) had emptied the account (he used it to pay for Harley’s wedding).

The first Springfielder Lucy met was Alan-Michael Spaudling and they quickly bonded. Lucy very early on declared her intention to marry A-M. While their romance hit roadblocks, they started working together right away forming a strong and deep friendship and business partnership. Although she really hadn’t done any professional business work before she seemed to naturally excel at being an administrative assistant. Lucy always say the best in people, but sadly people consistently let her down. Her most memorial story was her being date raped by Spaulding executive Brent Lawrence. Lawrence who had MAJOR psychological issues due to his mother’s abuse when he was growing up and blamed Lucy for ultimately pressing charges. Brent physically attacked Lucy and A-M and was ultimately severely wounded and assumed dead. Instead his sister nursed him back to health and he returned in drag as Marian Crane getting a job at Spaulding as  a woman and befriending Lucy. Brent began a career of psychological torture. He killed Nadine Cooper and longtime SFPD detective Patrick Cutter and a random guy on the dock as colloatoral damage. He ended up kidnapping Lucy and A-M and held them at the lighthouse. It was partially destroyed in the process requiring the restoration and repair that climaxed as part of the 1997 anniversary storyline. Buzz and Alan first forged their love-hate relathionship as they worked together to save their children.

Lucy and A-M had their happily ever after wedding at the Universal theme park in Florida. Sadly most of the end of their run on the show wasn’t really about them. The actors had decided to leave and Harley was brought back to fill the gap. Phillip also came back first showing his face at their wedding and erased all the progress the brother had made in the early 1990s as they once again assumed very adversarial roles. Another LAM storyline about then had them starting and thankfully aborting a blatant rip-off of The Preacher’s Wife which was a minor movie hit about then which wouldn’t have fit with their characters at all. (The angel in this case being Zachary Smith.) LAM left town together to take Spaulding Europe to new heights. When a new and much less astute group of TPTB brought A-M back in 2005 they had de-SORASed him and had LAM divorce off screen. As this was clearly a plot, not character driven story that did it’s best to destroy A-M hopefully it can just be mercifully erased from memory and we can assume A-M had just had a bad reaction to meds or something and they had reunited off screen.

I have always believed that Harley and A-M were truly soulmates, but I believe that A-M was the only true love of Lucy’s life and that they belonged together. I think A-M would have had a better life with Lucy as they were much more of a team since Harley refused to act as a team player and Lucy excelled at it.

Lucy had left town before Danny came to town and unfortunately she had little contact with Michelle. This was a mistake though because she’d have been a good influence and since they were even tied together as both being one of angel Zachary Smith’s “cases” and there would have been lots of opportunities. A-M and Michelle were also cousins and some of the most close Bauer cousins when they were younger although they allowed them to drift about after Maureen’s death and Michelle’s SORASing. So there should have been a strong connection.

The Spauldingfield character profile had a few errors. First, for she remains convinced that Eleni’s name is spelled Elani. Second, Lucy actually met Harley the first day she came to town although they didn’t really realize who the other one was, they did meet and it was suggested that they talked regularly off screen during Lucy’s time there. It also has a lot of early Matt so Mattessa fans should enjoy it.

The Beginning of LAM

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Spauldingfield Character Profile Roundup

November 8, 2012

Normally I list the Character Profile videos Spauldingfield makes as posts only if they are in some way related to Manny OR are characters I really like. This time I’m going to do two characters that don’t fit either category.

Nick McHenry – Not a big Lujack fan or Nick McHenry Spaulding fan I’m afraid. Oh, he started out pretty good. While Mindy was being played by Kimberly Simms they were pretty magical and some of the later Eve is a psycho breaking them up stuff was kind of fun, but two bad Mindy recasts in a row were more than the pairing could stand. Once it was revealed Nick was really a Spaulding (Lujack’s twin than Alex didn’t know she had because his father sold him) the character went downhill fast. This video does a good job of summarizing Nick’s life, with the one exception that after Nick and Susan’s last on screen appearance they are mentioned again several times as living happily in Europe. No children, but Susan hadn’t yet developed full blown AIDS either.

Brent Lawerence-Marian Crane – Although there were more evil characters who just didn’t care, like Susan Piper, and more damaged people you liked anyway, like Roger Thorpe, probably the most genuinely psycho character ever on Guiding Light was Brent Lawrence who after raping Lucy Cooper and just generally being violent and awful, came back as a woman and was even more out of her mind. She killed two long term, if supporting, and well liked characters Nadine Cooper (Harley and Frank’s mom) and Patrick Cutter (a detective on the SFPD that was actually good at his job).  The world of Springfield was a poorer place for the time Brent-Marian spent there, but everyone has to admire way actor Frank Beaty who played the role did it. He was interviewed for this short article in Entertainment Weekly among others garnering lots of press for the show.,,298929,00.html
Sadly he doesn’t seem to have done a lot since then.

Brent Lawrence/Marian Cramer

April 26, 2012

One of the most famous villains in Guiding Light history was Brent Lawrence. He raped show sweetheart Lucy Cooper (Sonya Satra, part of the excellent LAM pairing).  He faked his death and after his memory haunted both Lucy and her boyfriend Alan-Michael Spaulding, he returned in drag. He pretended to be a woman and fellow rape victim named Marian Cramer who sought to befriend Lucy. When Lucy’s father’s ex-wife Nadine Cooper discovered his/her secret, she was killed and dumped into the lake. Several people involved with Guiding Light have said that the actor, Frank Beaty got so into the role that he had a breakdown.

The popular press was quite taken with the storyline and did at least two stories on it.

“Boys Will Be Girls.” People 44.17. 23 October 1995: 14.

To prep, actor Frank Beaty enrolled in Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want To Be Girls, an actual school for transvestites in New York City, Beaty also requires pads, a corset, and (to hide his Adam’s apple) a rubber neckpiece. Made up as Marian, Beaty is at ease- except in his scenes with Satra. “She is literally half my size,” he sighs. “But what can you do? I’m just a big woman.”

Fretts, Bruce. “The Week.”  Entertainment Weekly 294. 29 September 1995: 48.

Being told about how his character was going to return:

“I about died!” says Beaty, 27.  “I thought, a woman? How am I going to carry that off?” The answer: charm school, ballet class, and some pretty amazing prosthetics. Now this Wong move has turned into a complex, risk-taking storyline that is upstaging the Atlanta native’s non-drag work. “Even I’m jealous,” Beaty laughs  of his Tootsie role. “Marian is on a screen more than Brent is.” But even after three hours of makeup, the hunk is no babe. “I make a horribly ugly woman,” Beaty admits. “But I have a great figure and nice legs. I’ve gotten compliments.”

CBS Soaps’ 50 Naughtiest Bad Guys

April 12, 2010

Danny Santos

No. 40 Danny Santos

CBS Soaps in Depth just finished counting down the “50 Naughtiest Bad Guys” on CBS Soaps (defined here as their current soaps, plus Guiding Light). Here are the ones from Guiding Light. Check out CBS Soaps in Depth for the entire list, 10 an issue complete with full color photos for each bad guy. The current issue April 26, 2010 has small photos of the entire count down.

3. Roger Thorpe

5. Alan Spaulding

8. Edmund Winslow

12. Brent Lawrence (The psycho who tortured LAM and killed Nadine Cooper.)

14. Grady Foley (I don’t agree with this one. Grady was a punk. He was evil, but with no ability other than picking locks, he was a punk. I mean he even screwed up a deliberate hit and run, killed the wrong person, left the target alive, and took along a witness. A PUNK!)

21. Ben Warren – “We could’ve put a lot of guys that Blake cheated on Ross with on this list. But his own brother? That’s the standout, don’t you think?”

30. Will Jefferys (The crazy psychiatrist involved with Sonni/Solita – Josh’s crazy wife, I mean one of them.)

32. Phillip Spaulding – “When Alan’s prodigal son returned to Springfield, he was a new man, sure. But he’s still on the list because of the jerkface he was before he came back.”

35. Alan-Michael Spaulding

40. Danny Santos – “When you run a criminal empire it’s lonely at the top, eh? Want some company?”

41. Cyrus Foley – This one is too funny not to quote. “This Aussie criminal boinked his way through town so fast, Reva darn near had to relinquish her Slut of Springfield title.”

44. A.C. Mallet – Mostly because of his secret hitman past.

47. Romeo Jones – An evil little punk, only Tony’s endorsement kept Danny from tossing him out his ear Day 1. CBS Soaps in Depth also criticized his bad habit of leaving his shirt on.

48. Tony Santos – “OK, granted, as dirty rotten scoundrels go, this JV mobster was pretty squeaky-clean. But admit it – you wanted to see this picture again as much as we wanted to run it again.” – The photo is of Tony #1 with his shirt off. OK,  I admit it. I wanted to see it. Jordi looks GOOD.


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