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Danny Defeats the Mob April 11 2001

September 2, 2014

Wed., April 11, 2001 - At some point, I”m not sure if it before or after  the exchanges with Ross and Marah below, but Josh shows up and threatens Tony in an effort to break up Marony from the other sides. Josh singularly fails to note the similarities between Tony and himself when he was younger (which are substantial) and insists that Tony will be only hurt Marah because he’s taken her away from kid things, like being excited about her prom dress (which she wasn’t because of the hamfisted way Josh foisted his relationship with Olivia on his kids, but he doesn’t mention that or seem to remember that prom was almost 6 months ago). Back in Tony’s hospital room, Ross tells Marah that Gus was just trying to upset her to get more information. He is on a fishing expedition and can’t touch her because of the Good Samaritan laws. He tells her not to worry about it. He goes to make some calls and leaves Marah and Tony alone. Marah asks Tony how he feels. He tells her he is upset that Gus was leaning on her. She says she stood up to him and called him a bully. Tony laughs. She tells him that he was calling her ‘the girlfriend’. Tony asks what she would call him but she just grins and doesn’t say anything. He tells her she knows she is crazy for him, head over heels. She smiles and doesn’t deny it. He tells her to come closer. She does and he leans up and kisses her.

At the Bauers: Michelle is on the phone with Ross asking for help for Tony. She tells him all she could without letting him know that Danny was still at the house. She tells him that Tony is at the hospital but under arrest with the FBI. Ross asks more about the feds and Michelle tells him about May. Ross is surprised that May is anything but the flaky cigarette girl she pretended to be. Michelle asks Ross if he thinks she will be able to bail Tony out of jail. He tells her when the feds are involved there is no telling but he will do his best. Michelle hangs up and goes back to her conversation with Marah. Marah wonders why everyone thinks the worst of Tony but Michelle says Ross will help. Marah thanks Michelle and leaves to go to the hospital to see Tony. Danny comes downstairs to sit. Michelle doesn’t think he should be out of bed but he is going stir crazy. She tells him what had happened about Tony and the Lewis House and the feds. He is upset but she tells him she already has Ross over there with Tony. Danny thanked her and kisses her. He asks her to sit with him and they talk about their future. He says that Michelle’s family seems to be coming around to him, they all pitched in and helped him out and Tony and Ray are on their side as well. Michelle kisses him. Danny says it would be funny if he was run over by a bus or killed by mad cow disease now after all of this. Michelle says they had enough bad luck for both of their lifetimes and they should live happily ever after. She kisses him again. The cop that is stationed outside the Bauer house comes to the door and knocks. He tells Michelle that a woman is there who claims to be a relative. Michelle sees it is Maria. Maria tells Michelle that she really needs to talk to her on a matter of life and death. Michelle tells the police officer it is okay and lets Maria in the house. Maria tells Michelle that having the cop’s there makes her safe for now. Maria tells Michelle that David Grant came to see her. Michelle tells her that she knew he would. She asks Michelle what she told the cops and Michelle tells her that they know everything, the truth. Maria wonders how Danny is and tries to act like she was trying to save his life. Michelle says Tony, Rick and Claire saved Danny from her. Maria says Danny should have listened to her and none of this would have happened. Michelle says Maria is an old evil woman who never loved Danny. Maria tells her that she will destroy Danny. Danny comes out and defends Michelle. He tells her that he is there in front of her; she should take her best shot. Maria sees Danny and he tells her he knows the whole story. Danny tells her the FBI knows everything and May has been taping him for months. Maria gets frightened and asks for Danny’s loyalty but Danny reminds her how she was loyal to him. He tells her to call Carlos and ask him to come over there now but not to tell him why. Maria goes to make the call while Michelle asks Danny if he is sure. He tells her he is. Carlos arrives and acts like he has no idea why the cops are outside. Maria tells him that Michelle knows everything and so does Danny. Carlos is confused until Danny walks out of the kitchen. He is surprised. Danny tells Carlos that the FBI is moving in and they will take him first but the one they really want is Carlos. Danny assures him that he will be a firewall for all the other families but only in return for his family’s safety and his own safety whether he is in prison or out. He tells Carlos if anything happens to him or his family they are cooked. He goes on to tell them how he wrote duplicate letters with enough information in them to put every member of every family away for the rest of their lives. If something happens to any of his family they will be sent to the FBI. He tells them that on top of that the FBI has tape recordings of Maria and Carlos plotting the hit on him. He suggest they both leave town. Maria and Carlos agree. They start to leave. Maria stops and asks if she can have a photo of her great grandson to take with her. Michelle goes and grabs one. She hands it to Maria and tells her she is thankful her son will never know her. Maria leaves. Danny holds Michelle and tells her they won. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) 4) (Part 5)

These two links basically repeat what’s above, but the sound is a little clearer.

My Comments:
Josh just can’t get around his head that Tony is SO much like he was. He acts likes Tony is evil and doesn’t take good advice the ONE time Noah Chase gives it that he should back off and try something else because trying to push Tony and Marah apart.

Maria is absolutely wrong, it did have to end this way because while Danny is a serious guy he really doesn’t have the stomach for hurting people for money if they aren’t directly threatening someone. He never could have been the man Maria wanted. Even if he had killed Michelle and become soul-killed he still wouldn’t be the man she wanted because if he ever did get that hard, Maria would be first on his target list. A Danny who would be ruthless, but follow all Maria’s orders would never have happened.

Bethany Joy Lenz Was a Find

August 31, 2014

December 22, 1998 issue of Soap Opera Weekly gives two separate squares to Bethany Joy Lenz (then credited as Joie Lenz). Honestly Lenz blew everyone away with her clone turn. See it here:

Personally, I did an actual dance of joy when I discovered my beloved Michelle was going to get someone spirited and spunky to play her.

Best Recycling of an Actress

We had joked in “Summer Previews and Predictions” that GL could bring back Lenz by having Dolly [GLManny note: Also known as Cleva, the Reva clone who Lenz played before Zimmer assumed the role] revert to her teen years, but the show had other ideas: When Rebecca Budig decided to leave in November, executive producer Paul Rauch brought in Lenz to play Michelle. It was quite a creative transition, and seamless, too. Lenz seems just as at home in Michelle’s skin as she was in clone Reva’s. She’s a might fine actress and a consummate professional. 

Lenz also had top billing in Finds of the Year, the other two listed were Patrika Darbo, Days of Our Lives and Erika Page, One Life to Live.

Finds of the Year

Joie Lenz, GL, Lenz made quite an impression in just nine episodes as trampy teen clone Reva (so much so that the powers that be, months later, gave her the role of Michelle when Rebecca Budig left).  As the clone, Lenz took an unbelievable and extremely complicated role and made it work. In fact, she made it sing. She instantly got us invested in the clone storyline, despite its rough spots. 

Check out Before and After Michelle to see her in both roles.

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Tony is Arrested April 9-10 2001

August 22, 2014

NOTE: Tony is hilarious in all of this. He can’t fight back with his fists so he’s using his tongue. Normally Tony might let somethings, like no one asking how he is slide by him. Not today. He’s ON!

Monday April 9, 2001 - At the Lewis House Marah hears the window break and knows someone is in the house. She goes to peer downstairs and hears more movement. She goes back in and tries to wake Tony. Apparently, all the pain medication she gave him has totally knocked him out. She hears her mom calling out for her and going down the steps and starts to worry about her. She goes down quietly vowing to protect Tony. Meanwhile, Reva thinks Marah or Shayne made the noise and she is calling out for them. She goes by the door and feels the wind coming in the broken glass and realizes that someone had broken in the house. She walks around calling out to the stranger, asking what they want. The guy pounces on Reva and demands to know where “the kid” is. Reva thinks he wants Marah or Shayne and she refuses to tell him anything. She struggles with him and gets her hands on the gun but the guy soon after gets it back. She tries to hit him with Shayne’s Lacrosse stick but that also doesn’t work. As soon as the guy backs up into the foyer, Marah comes out with an iron skillet and slams it over his head, knocking him out cold. Reva hugs Marah and tells her how worried she was. Marah tells her that she called the police and they are on their way. Reva asks her to get some rope and help her tie the bad guy up until they arrive. Marah does and they wrap his wrists and ankles. The police show up and ask them what happened. David is in charge and he doesn’t seem to like any of the answers that Marah was giving them. Harley and Frank come in. They tell Reva about the break in and shooting at the Bauer’s and that there was a dead body there that they presume is the partner of the man lying in their foyer. Harley asks Marah what the guy was doing there and she told them finally that they were after Tony. She tells them about finding Tony and how he was shot. She brought him home and doctored him. Reva is furious. Shayne has by come down and overhears that Tony is upstairs. He asks if he is dead. Marah tells them that he is asleep because she gave him some of her mom’s painkillers. Reva tells her that she is very angry with her. Marah yells that she had to do something to help him. David tells Marah that she is now implicated in a homicide.

Tuesday April 10, 2001 – At the Lewis House Reva tells Josh what happened the night before as the police come down with Tony and ask him what happened. He and Marah go on to tell them how they accidentally met up at the lighthouse and she helped him. Josh asks Marah why she didn’t just call 911 like any normal person. Marah tells him that she couldn’t lead anyone to Tony. Harley asks Tony about Danny and what happened at the Bauer’s. He tells her that he dropped Danny off at the bus depot and he left for Cincinnati. David yanks Tony around to talk to him and Marah tells David to back off. Harley tells Tony that there is a dead body at the Bauer’s and she wonders if he knows anything about it. He tells her that one of the hit men must have turned on their partner. They ask why he didn’t go to his grandmother or brother. Tony tells them he didn’t want to lead the killers to his family. Josh is ticked that Tony didn’t think of the Lewis family before he came into their home. Marah tells them that they happened upon each other and she made Tony come with her so she could help him. David is being a jerk again and grabs Tony telling him to fess up and tell them who the shooters were. Tony told him he had never seen them. David asked him who hired them but Tony wouldn’t say. David tells him he was going down to the station to finish answering questions then. Tony tells them he wants to go make sure Michelle and his Godson are all right first and they agree to take him by. He tells Marah he will see her later but Josh yells out to him that he will not be seeing Marah.

That leaves just the family and Josh is fuming. Shane leaves to go upstairs and Marah calls him a coward. Josh says he wants to talk first. He lays into Marah about the situation and she tells him that she knows his point of view and she understands. He tells her that trouble follows Tony and he doesn’t know how to make her understand. She tells him that she does understand and explains why she went to the lighthouse in the first place. She said she went to the lighthouse to say goodbye and Tony showed up. Then she brought Tony there and, just as her dad said, trouble followed him. She understands but she loves Tony and she refuses to stop seeing him. He tells her that she had been hurt because he broke it off with her but now she knows he was just doing it to keep her safe and she loves him. Josh starts to protest again but Marah asks him what he wanted her to do, leave him at the lighthouse to die. She tells him there is nothing more to say. She knows they might not be able to respect him for keeping her and his family safe but she can. She leaves. Josh yells after her asking her where she is going. She tells him he doesn’t want to know and slams the door behind her. Reva calls after Josh. She tells him that Marah has a point. Reva tells Josh that they need to cut Marah some slack with Tony. She will be 18 soon and will be able to do whatever she wants. If they keep after her, she may leave them to live with Tony and they would never get to see her again. She doesn’t want her daughter leaving the house. Reva goes on to tell Josh that Marah did what she thought was right and she understands it all.

Noah has a fight with Josh. Although Noah normally is pretty stupid, for instance he thinks he actually has a shot at making Reva forget about Josh (and why would anybody bother to try anymore?), he makes some great points here about what Reva and Josh are doing wrong. Josh should try something else in dealing with Tony and has Noah says there is no way a girl who has inherited pig-headed stubbornness from both Josh AND Reva is going to listen to reason.

At the Bauers: Tony comes in with the cops and Michelle asks Tony where Danny is. He tells her that he put him on a bus to Cincinnati. She is glad he got away. May and Gus show up and the local cops are stunned. Gus starts talking to Michelle and Frank, Harley and David keep asking who they are and finally everyone shows their badges. Harley calls to check them out and tells everyone that they are real. Frank is ticked off and asks Michelle how long she has known. She tells him that she has known for a few weeks. Tony yells at Mary and tells her that she set Danny up. She tells him they were only trying to help Danny. Frank is ticked that they didn’t let the locals in on it. Gus tells them that they told the commissioner and that was the only person they thought needed to know. Gus goes on to tell the locals that they are relieved of their duties of this case. All mob activity is now under Federal jurisdiction. The locals are mad. They tell him that this is their case. Gus tells them it is his case and they can report to him. Michelle keeps eyeing the stairs and tells them she wants to go check on the baby. Gus tells her to stay there. He makes Tony get up and starts questioning him. Tony tells him he wants a lawyer. Gus tells him that he will need one because he is under arrest. He charges him with racketeering, firearm charges and conspiracy to commit murder. Michelle tells them that Tony protected Danny. Gus asks if that is Tony’s story and Tony tells him it is the only story. Gus handcuffs Tony and Tony cries out from the pain. Frank comes over and tells them that Tony needs a doctor and he will go to the hospital before anything else. Gus says he will take him to the hospital. Frank and Harley said they would follow him to make sure he is okay. Michelle tells Tony that she will get Ross to meet him at Cedars. Marah walks in and asks them what is going on. Tony tells her he has been arrested by the feds. 1) 2) (Part 3)

Another version from a Gush channel, mostly repeat but I think a little clearer then some GusH scenes between 10th and the 16th:

My Comments: Actually Josh I don’t think calling 911 has ever been the first move of either Josh or Reva either. David is continuing to be a jerk. Tony told the cover story of taking Danny to the bus. I’m not sure though tony clearly says Cincinnati more than once. Was this another layer to the cover? Rick bought a bus ticket for Chicago. Or was it a line flub?

Although Noah has a point about Reva calling Josh and not him, he really needs to either accept it or back out of Reva’s life because that’s what it’s going to be. I think though he was wrong there was nothing romantic right then, Josh was only being supportive. But point again to Noah, Josh does normally somehow manage to make things worse.

This is another day where Nancy is just gorgeous and kicking it as Michelle.

The whole sequence with Gus and Harley meeting for the first time in the Bauer living is just hilarious. I just love Tony’s running commentary and reactions too. Like Rick, Frank had romantically pursued May and so is pretty ticked off to find out that she’s really Mary. I also love that Tony is the only one who when he comes into a piece of information immediately feels a need to pass it on.

Honestly this is my favorite Ross period ever. Ross is stepping up again taking care of Ed’s kids and even though this is not his world, Ross seems to take it all without blinking and dives in and seems to enjoy taking care of Michelle, Rick, Danny, and Tony.

Claire Ramsey Profile

August 20, 2014

Claire Ramsey, Michelle’s biological mother, is the subject of a Spauldingfield Character Profile. The profile does a great job showing early, great Claire. While Claire always had issues, it was only after Fletcher left her and broke her heart that she seriously cracked and this profile shows that as well. To explain some of the clips, when Josh was temporarily wheelchair bound after crashing his car into a tree after finding out HB and Reva had gotten married Claire was his doctor. Claire did a marvelous job as she usually did and both Reva and Josh usually appreciated her work and gave her credit for helping restore his ability to walk. Claire attended many parties throughout her time in Springfield almost always appearing at the Bauer BBQ and attending the Founders Day picnic that saw everyone wearing clothes from various decades of the 19th century.  The Claire and Fletcher in the pool in Barbados where she strips off the towel was a very famous scene across soaps. I’m sorry they abandoned Claire and Alan in favor of Alan-Olivia-Phillip. Claire and Alan really got along well without pretending it’s a great romance and bonded over problems with their kids and enjoying the finer things of life which both had in common.  Claire was always a great doctor, but she always had a lot more problems in her personal life.

Claire Ramsey - Once Claire was a young and ambitious doctor at Cedars Hospital who had a promising, if challenging relationship with journalist Fletcher Reade. (This was before Fletcher had proved himself totally unfit for romance – the words judgmental and self-centered spring to mind, one mistake and he was out the door for good.) A set of unusual circumstances led to Claire conceiving Michelle with Ed. (See the Michelle description.) Claire was very focused on her career and was overwhelmed by motherhood. Once pushed past the breaking point, Claire attempted to smother Michelle in her crib with a pillow, but Ed came in and saved her. Rick had previously caught Claire leaving Michelle unattended, alone in the garage apartment. These incidents and basically Claire’s general behavior led to Ed and Maureen  being granted sole custody. Eventually Claire left Springfield to pursue her career to greater heights in Chicago. Even Claire’s detractors have to admit she is an excellent, if clinically detached, doctor.

Harley Cooper was responsible for Claire’s re-introduction to Springfield and into the Manny story. (Just another helpful thing we can lay at Harley’s door.) Harley was looking for information on Rick and Claire caught her red-handed having broken into Claire’s files. Claire returned to town to talk to Rick who felt pressure to keep her happy because she had told him that she’d changed his med board exam results and therefore Rick wasn’t legitimately a licensed doctor (which would explain the high body count, huh Rick?). In reality, Claire had lied, Rick had passed on his own, but Claire rode this out for over a year getting him to dance to her tune as she insinuated herself into Michelle’s life and Springfield.

Michelle was hesitant about letting Claire back in her life and Danny was very protective of her. Claire saw Danny as a threat to her relationship with Michelle and consistently worked to undermine their marriage. Claire went so far as to help Carmen fake her death, to “protect” Michelle. Danny’s belief that Claire was involved in Carmen’s death caused further tensions, helping lead to the first Manny divorce. After Claire’s involvement with Carmen faking her death was revealed, Michelle tended to keep Claire at arms length, especially after Claire agreed to wear a wire against Danny. However, when desperate, Michelle was willing to turn to Claire, like when Danny was shot, when  Michelle was in labor with Robbie, and when Michelle was investigating Carmen’s second fake death. However, Michelle remained distant in day to day life and Claire, disheartened, eventually returned to Chicago.

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Aftermath April 5-6 2001

August 19, 2014

Tues., April 3, 2001 – This clip doesn’t have anything Manny, but if you are going to watch the full episode below, this helps set up the Rassie stuff.

Wed., April 4, 2001 – At the Bauers: Danny is starting to lose his comprehension of what’s going on as blood loss and fever kick in. Michelle recaps telling Danny the bullet went straight through him and assures him that he will be okay. She tells him that Tony and Rick left to get the bad guys to follow them and that she and the baby are fine. She is applying pressure to the bleeding but wants to call an ambulance. He tells her they can’t call anyone, the cops will screw it all up. She promises not to call them but apparently one of the neighbors heard the shots and called it in did because they hear a cop car siren outside. Michelle tells him they have to get him upstairs right away so they won’t see him. She helps him out of the chair and up the steps to their room.
Outside, Harley and Frank are looking around. Someone called with reports of gunfire. They find the one hit man in the bushes dead. Frank goes to the door of the house. Michelle is inside cleaning up and covering the blood on the chair with a quilt. Frank and Harley come in and ask what is going on. She tells them that the hit man came and Danny ran. She doesn’t know where he is. They aren’t convinced and ask her to trust them. They tell her they can help her. Michelle tells them that Danny left with Tony in Rick’s car. She goes over what happened with Abuela and the hit men coming in. They tell her that the guy outside has a broken neck. Harley goes to put out an APB on Danny and Tony so they can find them and protect them. Harley and Frank talk about the situation. Michelle says she wants to check on the baby. Frank tells her to get some sleep if she can. Michelle goes into her room and tries to get Danny to wake up. She is worried about his blood loss and tries to check his wound again. Michelle calls Claire and asks her to help her. She tells her that it is Danny and she wouldn’t have called if it weren’t an emergency. She asks Claire if she can trust her and begs her to help her. Claire tells her she doesn’t have a great track record with trust but she will do anything for her. Michelle thanks her for being honest and tells her that Danny has been shot. She tells her not to let on to Alan what is going on and there are also cops downstairs she will have to dodge but she needs her to help them. Claire tells her she can handle it and will be over there as soon as she can. Claire comes in with a gym bag. She tells the cops she was driving by and saw the cars. She wants to see Michelle and the baby. They tell her to leave but she doesn’t. She barges in and Michelle asks what she is doing there. She yells at Michelle asking why the mob was in the same house as her grandson and then demands she see him right away. Michelle takes her up telling Harley and Frank that is the only way to get rid of her. Harley tells Frank she is going to go up and help Michelle with Claire. Michelle thanks Claire for everything while Claire looks at Danny. She tells Michelle that he is lucky, nothing major was hit. She tells her that he has to have antibiotics and fluids as well as a transfusion. The bullet had bounced off a lower rib, but bullets leave dirty wounds and need to be cleaned. Michelle tells her to take her blood because she and Danny were a almost perfect match when the cross-typed them at the hospital, both are O+ with near matching antigens. Michelle: “You said we were almost a perfect match.” Claire: “So you always told me.” Danny had banked blood for her when she had had her miscarriage. Claire says she could get in so much trouble for this and Michelle says she won’t say anything. She tells her to roll up her sleeve and lay down beside him. Claire: “I won’t lie to you, Michelle, we’re racing death.” Michelle: “We’ve beat death before, honey, haven’t we?” In the Car: Rick and Tony have pulled over. They are outside the bus depot. Tony tells him to go get a bus ticket and maybe the bad guys will think he is Danny and leaving town. Rick agrees. He goes inside the bus depot and acts like a crazy guy. He is over exaggerating his mob lingo and accent being very loud. He buys a ticket to Chicago and is very rude to the guy. Then he goes to grab a paper and beats up the paper machine until he gets a paper out. Everyone is staring out him like he has some disease. Later, Rick goes back out to the car and tells Tony that he made sure the guy would remember him and he is going to make sure he also sees him get on the bus and then Danny should be okay. Tony asks him where he should ditch his car. Rick tells him not to worry about it just to help himself. He thanks Tony and tells him how great he was getting them out of the house. He is glad Tony was on the right side and tells him he trusts him. Rick gets out and Tony tries to fight off his lethargy. He rubs his shoulder and is shocked when he pulls his hands out to find it covered in blood. He presses a towel against the wound and when he looks again the towel was drenched in blood. Tony turns on the radio and hears that the police are looking for the car he is in as well as he and Danny. The police describe Rick’s car as a silver four door sedan with license plate G33 AB7.  He decides he has to get out of the car and starts walking.

Elsewhere in Springfield, Edmund and Richard are continuing their power struggle. San Cristobel has been doing its best to imitate turn of the century Revolutionary Russia falling victim to a series of revolutions, usually changing things for the worse. When Richard found out he was actually illegitimate (the true heir died and his father substituted Richard, the product of an affair, in the legitimate heir’s place), he feared what Edmund would do as ruler so he tried to turn San Cristobel into a democracy and ran for its Presidency. Edmund has sprung a coup d’é·tat and is currently in control of the government and the palace. Edmund has ordered Dax to arrest Richard and Cassie. Edmund announces he’s going to keep Richard in the palace prison and that he’s shipping Cassie back to America. Phillip shows up to help rescue Richard and Cassie. Edmund and Beth try on the crown jewels.  Josh and Reva are divorced. Josh is married to Olivia and not living in the family home. Reva is engaged to Noah of the great named, but poorly done Nova coupling. Reva has been temporarily blinded and Marah is trying to understand what she’s going through. Marah said she’s graduating high school in 6 weeks. Marah and Josh have a really great father-daughter talk, their first real one in a long time.

Full episode:
Manny Highlights 1) 2)

Thurs., April 5, 2001 - At the Bauer House: Claire and Michelle have just finished with the transfusion and Michelle is weak. Claire still wants Danny to go to the hospital; she is scared he may die otherwise. Michelle is panicking, begging her not to make him go. She tells her that if he goes to the hospital he will die anyway. Michelle thinks Danny is weaker and Claire checks him BP. It is lower and she is worried, telling Michelle there must be a bleeder she didn’t see. Michelle begs her to help him and Claire tells her she isn’t sure she will be able to see the bleeder. Michelle goes and gets Meta’s magnifying glass and a lamp. Claire doesn’t want to operate; she thinks it may kill him. Michelle begs her telling her that she trusts her and would like her to do the same; she knows Danny will die if he goes to the hospital. Claire reluctantly agrees and tells Michelle to get her gloves on and help her. Michelle is finishing up with the operation, having clamped off the bleeder, when Harley knocks on the bedroom door. Claire tells Michelle she has it under control and Michelle goes out to see Harley. They head downstairs. Frank tells Harley that there is blood on the kitchen floor and asks her if she knows where it came from. Michelle cries and tells him that Danny or Tony must have been shot. She is worried that one of them may be bleeding to death. Harley and Frank tell her they will find them. Harley sees blood on Michelle as well but she stays with her story that she doesn’t know where it came from. Harley believes Michelle knows more than she is saying. Just then there is a noise upstairs. Frank wants to go investigate but Michelle stops him. She tells him it is probably Claire. David comes in and starts questioning Michelle as well upsetting her more. Meta walks in and asks what is going on. The cops tell her what they know and by the time they get it out Claire comes down. Michelle asks Claire how he is and she tells her that her “little guy” is just fine. Meta goes over to Michelle to see what really happened but is interrupted by David who is still pressing Michelle. Michelle starts yelling, telling the cops to get out and find her husband. She tells them she is upset and worried and they should be out looking instead of there doing nothing. David starts in again and she tells him that he is there because he doesn’t care if Danny dies, since he is a Santos. He tells her that isn’t true and tells her that he is worried about her and her baby. She tells him she would never put her baby in danger and tells him to get out. Frank and Harley are shocked by her anger and how upset she is. Harley tells David to go on back to the station. She is sure he won’t get any more info out of Michelle, even if she knows something. Frank and Harley ask how she is and they head out as well. After they are gone, Meta asks Michelle where Danny is. She figures it out that he is in the house. Michelle tells her that he was shot and Claire saved him. Meta is shocked. She tells Michelle to go hold her husband’s hand and rest. Michelle leaves. Meta offers Claire some coffee but she declines and tells her that she needs to check on Danny again. Meta thanks her for helping them. Claire leaves. Michelle is with Danny holding onto him when he wakes up. He tells her how bad he feels, like he was run over with a lawn mower. Michelle tells him what she and Claire had to do and that Claire saved him. He can’t believe it either. Claire comes in to check on him again. She checks his vitals and thinks things are going well. Danny tells her it must have been tempting for her to see him like that. He wonders if she wouldn’t have rather just let him die. Claire tells him that her daughter loves him and that’s all that matters to her. She tells him that she is glad he is okay and she leaves. Michelle makes Danny promise he will never to leave her.

At the Lewis House: Marah is thinking of Tony and marking out where she wrote his name on her notebooks. She tells herself that she has to get over him. Sam comes over and tells her he was out on the beach with his telescope and saw her light on so he stopped by. She tells him she was working on some homework. He gets her to admit she was thinking about Tony and that she wants to move on. She thanks him for being her friend and not taking advantage of her vulnerability. He tells her that he would never do that to her. He tells her that maybe she should take all her mementos and build a pyre. He tells her she would have to do it in a special place though. Marah thanks him and he heads out.

At the Lighthouse Marah has a lot of the things that remind her of Tony as well as her St. Anthony’s medal. She places them on the floor at the lighthouse. She thanks Tony for everything, all the good and all the bad. She tells him she loves him but she has to leave him there. She says goodbye and starts to stand just as Tony stumbles in. He collapses on the floor. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Fri., April 6, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Danny and Michelle both are waking up. He asks her why it is so quiet. She tells him that Meta has the baby and they are both asleep and Rick is still not back yet. He says he is hungry and she starts to go fix them something but he is scared it still may not be safe. She tells him the cops still have a car outside and she is sure it will be okay. Danny asks her if Tony had called. She tells him she hadn’t heard from him or Rick. Danny seems worried about them. The phone rings and Michelle goes to answer. She is happy to hear from Rick. He tells her that everything worked like they had planned. He tells her that he left Tony at the bus depot but he is sure he got away. Michelle tells everything to Danny and she thinks they are in the clear. He tells her that it is far from over. He tells her that he has an idea but he has to think it out a little more. He tries to get out of bed but she stops him. He tells her that he needs a pen and paper to work things out. She asks him about the plan but he doesn’t want to tell her just yet. He is worried about her safety and that of their baby. He is sure that Carlos and Maria won’t just give up.

At the Lighthouse Marah goes over to where Tony collapsed and tries to get him to stir. She pulls her hand back and notices the blood and freaks out. She starts going over the first aide she had learned and remembers to apply pressure to the wound. Tony starts coming to and asks her what she was doing there. He thought she was an angel. She smiles at him and asks him who did this to him. Tony tells Marah everything about the hit and what his grandmother had promised him but that he couldn’t do it to Danny in the end. Marah swears not to tell anyone and tells Tony that the respect he was seeking he should have because what he did was to protect the ones he loves. He doesn’t get it. She tells him that he loves Danny and he saved him and now she realizes that he broke things off with her because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe. Tony tells her that they have to leave the lighthouse soon, he is sure the hitmen will think of it eventually. He tells her to leave now so she won’t be caught with him. She tells him that he isn’t a mobster and she is going to take him home with her and help him. He tells her that he can’t let her do that; it will put him between her and her family. Marah tells him she is taking him home and helps him get up.

At the Lewis House Marah comes in and sneaks Tony into the house. She hears Shayne in the kitchen and gets Tony to a corner to sit him down until she can misdirect Shayne’s attention. She goes to her brother, who has his arms full of junk food. She tells him that she hid a piece of carrot cake in the fridge that he can have if he wants it. He is suspicious of her but doesn’t want to risk losing the cake so he goes to get it. As soon as Shayne was out of the room, Marah runs to Tony and helps him up to her bedroom. She gets him comfortable on the bed and starts tending to his wound. Tony doesn’t want to stay. He is scared he will get her in more trouble. He thinks he should go find out how Danny is. Marah tells him they will find out in the morning because he isn’t leaving, he is going to get some rest. She patches him up and wipes him with a damp towel and cuddles up beside him. He tells her that wasn’t exactly how he wanted their first night together to be but he does like it there. She tells him she likes him being there to. He isn’t sure he can get to sleep so Marah starts singing him a lullaby. Tony is just starting to snooze when Marah hears something break downstairs. Someone had broken the glass out of the door trying to get in.

My Comments: I love how strong Michelle meets this challenge, but they make trusting Frank and Harley appealing enough that you think she just might break. Also, Danny isn’t saying you can’t trust Frank and Harley just that they’d mess up his plan for getting out of this long term. Also this is one of the few times in Claire’s return that we see the positive version of Claire. This is the Claire that loved Fletcher and went on adventures righting wrongs. Harley is right not to trust Claire, but in this case Claire is in the right. She does have the right to see the baby. It sure takes Harley a long time to go upstairs.

I’m sorry they abandoned Claire and Alan in favor of Alan-Olivia-Phillip. Claire and Alan really got along well without pretending it’s a great romance and bonded over problems with their kids and enjoying the finer things of life which both had in common.  They don’t really play it up here, but as a reminder Michelle is just calling next door the Spaulding Mansion and the Bauer House are not only right next door the houses are positions fairly closely on their respective lots.

Rick is right his Spanish is awful and his Phillip impression is much better than his Danny impression. The physical movements have some resemblance, but his voice is nowhere near Danny. It sounds like a New Jersey bad mobster movie. Although on a second watching maybe he’s being Danny when he’s hurt and projecting??? This was a really nice Rick and Tony conversation. They could have built a lot on Rick seeing Tony as part of the family and how having that support would alter Tony’s behavior.

I love that Michelle still has an interest in medicine despite not being able to finish med school. She can handle being Claire assistant and reads Merck Manual (a standard informational reference book about drugs) as bedtime reading. Although this was nuts, meatball surgery, Claire always believed in being prepared and used to be involved with adventures on a regular basis I think it makes sense she’d have the material she needed.

It was too bad for Michelle to lash out at Frank, but David kind of deserved that. He’d turned on her before and Harley would turn on her later. Frank, however, stayed true blue.  Actually this totally sounds like something that could have happened to Meta later on. Meta clearly feels Claire has earned a second chance, but sadly she’ll squander it too.

OH, their bed is brass now instead to the painted wood they had first as a twin and then a double. It’s much prettier. 

OK, I don’t really care for Gus much at this stage, but that was pretty darn funny “He’s a Cooper, She’s a Cooper…are you a Cooper too.” “No, they call me Mr. Tibbs.” A nice little run of pop culture references. 

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Attack on the Bauer House April 2-3 2001

August 15, 2014

Mon., April 2, 2001 – At the Bauers: Michelle comes in and Danny asks where she had been. He is nervous. She tells him that she went to Infierno to see Tony. Danny demanded to know what Tony said. Rick walks in interrupting their conversation. Rick is exhausted from working multiple shifts and seems like he is falling asleep on his feet. Michelle commiserates with him and sends him up to bed. Once Rick heads upstairs, Danny again insists on knowing  about Tony. She told him that Tony didn’t say much but that she did most of the talking. She tells Danny what she told Tony and that he was stressed out. She asks Danny what May and her boss said at the meeting and calls him out on not telling her before. Danny tells her that there is a contract out on him and Carlos, Tony and Abuela are the ones behind it. Michelle can’t believe that even with all she’s done that Abuela would actually take Danny’s life. Danny tells her about finding out Ray knew as well, but couldn’t tell him because Tony told him in confession. Danny doesn’t understand why Abuela would do this. He has always been taught blood is blood. Danny: “You know I was always told the Family first. La Famalia es sagrada. What a lie!”  Danny wants to call Abuela, he doesn’t believe she can do go through with it if she has to look in his face. Tony shows up at the Bauer’s house and peeks in the window. He sees the two men in the woods with guns and then looks over to Danny and Michelle right inside the windows. He says something about the family being sacred and runs inside. He tries to get Danny out of the view of the hit men and tells Danny that someone is there to kill him. Danny tells him he knows and he is looking at that person. He grabs Tony and pushes him against the wall. Tony tells him that there are men in the woods with guns there to take him out. He tells him that he is there to warn him. He says they wanted him in on it but he couldn’t do it, he would never make Michelle a widow. Tony tells him that the men have high-powered rifles but he thinks they can get out. Danny lets Tony go and closes all the blinds and shuts off the lights. Tony tells him to leave with him now; he knows they can get away. Danny refuses to leave his wife and child. Tony tells him they won’t be hurt, Carlos said so. Danny doesn’t trust Carlos. Tony begs Danny to trust him then and get out. Just then Abuela comes in walking, without her wheelchair. Tony is confused and asks where her wheelchair is. Abuela tells him that the role of the old grandmother in the wheelchair served her well but she was in a hurry and had to do what she had to do. Danny tells her that he knows she wants him dead and wants her to say it to his face. She tells him the time for words is over and she pulls a gun on him.

Tues., April 3, 2001 – At the Bauers: Danny is still confronting Maria, who is holding him at gunpoint. He tells her she looks very much like his grandmother but she isn’t related to him. He tells her that he used to trust her but now she and her buddy Carlos have been trying to turn Tony against him. Maria tells him that she tries to reason with the other families but Danny wouldn’t listen and insisted that he was leaving so the hit was inevitable and out of her hands. She tells Danny he should trust her now. He tells her that at one time he would have done whatever she said but there is no way he is going to trust her now. Maria asks him if he wants things to end like this, wasting his life. She turns to Michelle and tells her that now that she is a mother and a wife she will appreciate the loss that much more. She tells Michelle that she has lost her sons and lost her grandson to her. Maria tells Michelle that she won and now she will feel true loss. Maria tells Danny to enjoy what little time he has left and she leaves. She looks over at the hitmen hiding in the bushes. Danny sends Michelle, Tony and Robert to the basement telling them that he will stay in the kitchen with Tony’s gun. Before they can leave the hitmen break in and a shot rings out. Danny yells out for Tony from behind the cabinets. One of the hitmen was hit. Danny runs out and grabs Tony and they try to get out. Then Danny is shot and Michelle runs to help him. She gets him on the couch just as Rick comes down. Rick tries to help him and asks Tony to call 911 but Danny tells him not to. Tony tells him the guys are still out there and they have to get Danny away. Rick puts Danny’s jacket on and starts to head out to buy them a little time. Rick tells Tony to go with him and that they should run for the car. Rick: “Tony, you’ve got to find a way to get us to the car. That’s the plan.” Rick: “What’s the plan?” Tony: “We run like hell.” Rick: “We run like hell, that’s got technical merit.” They run out and there are a lot of shots fired. Inside, Danny tells Michelle to get away from the window. Rick and Tony make it to the car but the hitmen are following them.

My Comments: I wish this copy was crisper, but both copies on YouTube I’ve found look about like this. It’s one of the most awesome Manny sequences anyway. This is really the worse bit of Maria Santos. That she could not only condone the assassination of her grandson, but laugh and chortle over it. This whole reveal does even more damage to the throughline of the Maria character. If they had just let it be that she was willing to sacrifice Danny to save her own skin, while having made some special effort to protect Robbie and insure the family line continued that would be one thing, but this actual enjoyment over the power play is sickening. Frankly they just should have made her another character, a great-aunt or something, or even Fredrico’s wife since she was considerably younger than the first Maria anyway. They could have played out so much better. As it is it’s just sickening. Even when she makes her excuses don’t track. This is one of the Coke machine rocking stops as Danny slowly and against his will is finally convinced that the only way out is to destroy the family he was raised with.

However, the play out of the Tony-Danny relationship is important as they come to terms with Tony’s temptation and ultimately Tony indeed having his back. Tony’s line about the kitchen doesn’t make any sense. They are still in the kitchen and the shooters are still out there. When Danny does indeed decide to trust Tony I love how he just immediately takes care of the situation shutting the blinds and shutting down the lights. Such a Mike Bauer moment. Sigh! Why couldn’t there relationship play out on screen? It would have been fascinating. I love that Danny is smart enough not to trust Carlos, but Tony still is foolish enough to think he has everything under control.

This is also one of my all time favorite Nancy as Michelle scenes. She looks awesome! And just an aside I love how consistent they were at playing Manny as parents who actually actively took care of their kids. Note the baby monitor on the island counter.

This was a great timing choice to free Maria of the wheelchair, but they really don’t play the shot for dramatic effect. It’s too rushed. The term of affection Maria uses with Danny is one that she’s often used before referring to Danny to his face, Mijo which is a Spanish contraction for mi hijo or my son, it’s frequently used as a term of affection within Hispanic families.

Danny’s power speech confronting Maria is amazing one of the best strong Danny scenes. It’s also a great couple scene although at this point Michelle lets Danny take the lead totally in dealing with his family she stands strongly with him, supporting him and touching him.

I really don’t know though why nobody thinks they should maybe wake Rick up and get him out of the house as there are people attacking the house. Also as many times as men with guns have come to the Bauer House you’d think they’d have so sort of system or security set up. And the rest of the times were all pre-Santos.

Although Danny really sells being serious with the gun, these must be the world’s worst hitmen. I love how Tony does what Rick says, but Danny continues to take charge. To be fair Rick does pick up on what’s going on very quickly and this kind of crazy plan is exactly what he’d do if put into a similar situation with Phillip. I love Rick pretending to be Danny, I can’t believe they didn’t clip more of it.

Pre 1998 Santos in Springfield

July 24, 2014

I have been e-mailing with Peter Bradfield who is a Guiding Light history researcher. He’s sent me stuff previously for the Dates of Springfield page and some very helpful clips for my Places in Springfield series which I need to get back on.  However, he caught me completely by surprise recently with the following aside in an e-mail.

 Yes, I even feel that the Santos story line still fit into the history of the show (you know the Santos family had some mentions by the Reardons and the Bauers prior to 1999 — I know of at least three for sure, one from Diane Ballard at Spaulding Enterprises in January 1981, one from Tony Reardon on Christmas Eve 1981 and the other one from Mike Bauer in June 1982 …. yes, I actually am surprised that there were later writers that paid attention to Doug Marland actually having characters mention  the Santos family as far back as 1981.)

I replied that this was news to me and I found it very strange because I’ve read interviews with the writers and they said they deliberately created a Hispanic family with a female head to break the mafia stereotype (Italian and all male). They never once said they were tying it in to previous mentions. And while I wastching 1981-1982 and have fond memories from then, I was still very little and something like a mention to someone I’d never heard of could easily have gone right over my head. I asked re any of those online?

Actually yes they all are (all on youtube.)  Diane Ballard’s mention of the Santos family from January 1981 is given in one of the videos of Jennifer Richards murder trial.  It’s very brief, but Diane mentions the Santos family as someone Alan will have to contact when he’s back in the office.  

The one from Tony Reardon on December 1981 (Christmas Eve, from the episode posted on youtube that isn’t very clear — that I actually sent the poster of it) comes from the fact that Tony brings out a bottle of sherry that he shares with Mrs. Renfield, who makes a surprise visit to the Boarding House and Tony states that the bottle of sherry was given to the Reardons from Mr. Santos when he was staying at the Boarding House.  
And then the one from Mike Bauer from either June or July 1982 is also on one of the videos from that time period, but is very very brief and uses the name Santos as a family he has had some legal wranglings with, which in retrospect is rather humorous that Marland would put that in Mike’s mouth.      

So I’m looking for these references online. If you come across one, please let me know.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Goodbye My Friend – Maureen’s Death Updated 2014

July 15, 2014

I had previously posted on this topic, but since the original post I have found a lot of additions and updates. I’ve tried to work them in, but at this point think it will be clearer if I just start again. Click to below to find the original post:

For Manny fans watch these clips to: see Michelle cope with the worst tragedy in her life, see Ross and Ed BE best friends instead of just hearing that they were,

Maureen Reardon Bauer 1993

Maureen Reardon Bauer 1993

understand Michelle and Holly’s relationship, and see the connection between Michelle and A-M or why she should have gotten to talk to him at the last scene in the bar in Nov. 2005, even if it would have upset stupid Marina.

ClassicGL aka Kahlil Lowry was hit by a car and was killed 10/31/2008. His family made the decision to keep his Guiding Light Memory Project going. We thank him for his efforts. While his versions might not be the most complete available on YouTube, the range of stories he covers is unusually thorough. The majority of the links in the post come from his version of the story of Maureen Reardon Bauer’s death. I’ve added additional clips and if I find better copies or copies at all of crucial scenes currently not listed below, like the affair itself or Michelle asking Roger Thorpe to stay at the visitation because he was his mother’s friend (see I’m not just whistling Dixie about her attracting trouble) or Holly ripping  into Ed when she learns exactly what happened, I will revisit this critical aspect to the Manny story and really to all of Springfield history.

Maureen’s death was absolutely pivotal to Springfield history. Showing just how much impact and how many shockwaves this story set off, the March 2, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Digest has two articles about soap opera deaths and both feature a prominent mention of Maureen’s death, 17 years after it happened and 11 months after the cancellation of Guiding Light was announced. Her death was also the instigation for an entire generation of Springfield young people who bonded over the fact that they had all (at least thought permanently) lost at least one parent.

NOTE: I know it looks like there are a lot of clips linked to below, but the ones from the main channel are only a few minutes each (almost all less than 5 minutes). Scroll past the storyline summary and comments for links.

The Storyline:

In one of the worst mistakes in Guiding Light history, Michelle’s mother Maureen Reardon Bauer was killed. Lillian Raines was preforming a routine monthly check of her breasts and found a lump. Ed supported her during her fight against breast cancer. At the same time, Ed was resentful of the time and energy Maureen was putting into her new job at Spaulding Enterprises. One night Ed and Lillian slept together and that might have been the end of it, but Lillian wrote Ed (one of her friend’s husbands) a thank you letter completely spelling out the affair. Maureen found this letter and left Ed over his repeated infidelity. She probably would have forgiven him eventually, as she had for several previous affairs, but he just kept insisting that she had to forgive him now. Disgusted Maureen took off upset and in poor driving conditions and her car crashed. She makes it to the hospital, but dies soon after and they are unable to revive her. She was an organ donor and her heart was transplanted into Jesse Blue at Ed’s request (we learn this much later). Her death appeared on screen January 11, 1993. The hole in the canvas resulting from Maureen’s death is never fully filled as TPTB throw away the perfect opportunity to move Manny in the central couple position of tying nearly everyone on the canvas together once held by Ed and Maureen, which would not have fixed the mistake, but would have filled an important and long empty spot on the canvas.

Scroll below the links for in-depth explanations of Eve Guthrie’s presence and Rick’s absence.

Running Comments:

The following is a running commentary from watching the clips. This took place in 1993. The furniture in the kitchen had changed slightly by 1998. Those awful, ugly vegetable prints were on the wall already though. I kind of wish when Danny was shot he would have gotten blood on them instead of the floor so they’d had to get rid of them.

Although Ed and Eve were later engaged, at this point they are only friends. It was Lillian that Ed’s most recent affair had been with. Vanessa was Maureen’s best friend that’s why Ed checked with her to see if Maureen had called her. Vanessa and Maureen were one of the truly great GL friendships. Later when Jenna’s ghost visits Vanessa, Vanessa tells Jenna she feels like she only ever had two true friends (Jenna and Maureen) and now they were both gone. Even while Ed’s calling looking for Maureen, it’s already too late, Maureen will never step foot in the Bauer house again. Ed calls Blake, his former step-daughter who was currently living in the apartment above the garage to check if she’s heard from Maureen.

Vanessa understands why Maureen died, which is why she’d never  would have shared her wedding with Lillian. Sorry Lillibuzz fans, it rang false. Oh, if only Maureen had gone with Vanessa when she asks. “Write her another letter.”  – Maureen found out because Lillian wrote Ed a thank-you letter for the affair. (I mean a THANK YOU letter! And Tina Sloan wonders why people never got over it?!)

Ed changed his name from his childhood name of Billy to Ed to distance himself from his father because of his drinking and womanizing. However, he copied both in all of his marriages. Michelle plays an important part in this story. She sees Ed and Lillian together (though not during the act itself). Michelle heard Maureen crying when she left. Maureen tells Ed she can’t put up with his infidelity and lies for Michelle. I think Maureen would have eventually forgiven Ed because she loved him warts and all and as she says this wasn’t a surprise. I don’t think she could break away. She just needed time and space, but Ed was so self-absorbed, he insisted she had to forgive him right then.

Maureen only got pregnant that we know of once. It was a year or two before Michelle was born. Maureen considered Michelle her daughter, but never gave up on having another child with Ed. That’s what she was doing with the book about getting pregnant that Ed finds in the car.

The worst part of the whole thing about Ed’s affair with Lillian was that it wasn’t even the direct cause of Maureen’s accident, it was that he kept pushing her to forgive him right now. If Ed could only have trusted in their love and given her some space, she’d have come back to him. She always did, but unfortunately that’s Ed.

This is important to the Manny story because this is all Michelle can think about when Carmen tells her Danny slept with Drew. In fact the very line Maureen tells Ed she fears Michelle will learn from his behavior is what Danny says right before he sleeps with Drew, thinking Michelle doesn’t love him.

For all his skill as a doctor, Ed can’t save everybody. Rick’s mother Leslie (then Ed’s ex-wife) also died in a car accident (although that was a hit and run). Here Ed tries to put Maureen’s purse back together instead because that is something he can fix.

I’m still not sure where the Nick and Eve relationship is at this point, but that must be what Nick is doing there. Vanessa is Maureen’s best friend (again why there is NO WAY under heaven she would have shared her wedding with Lillibuzz). Alan-Michael is Ed’s great-nephew (which is kind of funny because after SORAS-ing, A-M is much older than Michelle, but an entire generation younger, it’s his mother Hope that is Michelle’s first cousin).  Ed does pay his penance, how would you like to work everyday where your spouse died when it was your fault?

Eve was a good doctor, a total whackadoodle, but a good doctor. That must have really hurt Vanessa to say Nadine was very nice and it was out of character. Ed also is putting the whole thing in terms of his needs and desires even as Maureen is on her deathbed. It’s just soooo Ed.

Bridget is in the attic because she is pregnant with Hart’s baby off a one-night stand (yep, Prince Charming did that twice) and when she realized he still wouldn’t marry her she made a deal to basically sell her baby to Nadine so Nadine could keep up the pretense that she was pregnant with Billy’s child which was really the only thing holding their marriage together since she had to get Billy drunk to get him to marry her in the first place. They came up with a lie that Bridget was going on a sort of service learning trip to Appalachia to explain why no one ever saw her and why she wasn’t in contact with them. That’s the class trip they keep talking about and why they would be trying to contact Bridget through Springfield University.

Lillian is diagnosed with Breast Cancer – The scene is labeled wrongly on YouTube

Ed and Lillian dancing way too closely at Mindy & Nick’s almost wedding reception before the blackout.

Ed and Maureen final confrontation

Ed and Maureen final confrontation
(Starting at 3:30)

Ed and Lillian heat up while trapped in the parking garage. (Starting at 0:50)
(Starting at 0:28) and Lillian kiss) and Lillian kiss some more starting at 2:58)

Lillian writes Ed that thank you letter. (Maureen finds Lillian’s letter- pixilated but crucial) (Part 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Part 6 of Goodbye My Friend has the sound disabled, so I didn’t link to it. 7 – Ed finds Maureen at the Bauer Cabin) 8-Ed tries to use Michelle and its effect on her which you can see play out in her future relationships, including her relationship with Danny, to convince Maureen to forgive him and come back. Maureen’s last words. Ed finds the crash site.) Quotes Below

“What is she [Michelle] supposed to believe? Certainly not in words that people say to each other that they call vows because they don’t mean anything.”

“The Hell with it.” – Ironically enough the very line Danny says right before he sleeps with Drew which is what Maureen is afraid here will be what Michelle learns about love from her father.

“That’s not good enough for my daughter and its certainly not good enough for me. God Ed, what were you thinking? How could you have let this happen? You have broken my heart.” – Maureen’s last words 9 – Ed is helpless to save Maureen, Maureen arrives at Cedars in ambulance) 10 –Vanessa confronts Lillian in the chapel – Ed begs Maureen not to leave him alone) 11 – Maureen dies, Ed has to sign a donor permission form and specifically mentions her heart. Later it is revealed that Ed actually designated Jesse Blue to get her heart because he felt some guilt that his drinking had led him not to be on duty the night that Jesse’s mother died and she was one of his patients.) 12 – Maureen Tribute over closing credits)
Pictures of Maureen are shown with many of the important people in her life. Maureen and Ed’s vow renewal (after their separation over, among other things, his affair with Holly). Ed with Blake, Blake was Ed’s former step-daughter and great-nephew A-M’s former wife. Couple of romantic shots with Ed. Maureen and her best friend Vanessa talk. Maureen, Vanessa, and Holly play with seltzer bottles. Maureen with Fletcher, a good friend who she once kissed in a fit of despondency over Ed.  Maureen and Ed watch Michelle play softball – another photo of the 3 of them this same day is frequently used later when Michelle talks about her childhood. Maureen with her niece Bridget (Matt’s sister) who eventually comes to see Maureen as a mentor when she straightens her life up before marrying true love Dylan and moving out of town. Maureen with Roger Thorpe, she didn’t excuse his bad behavior, but was his friend regardless. Another shot with Michelle and one with Ed. 13) 14 – Ed talks about Rick. Ed is still focused on himself, as a father I would have thought his first reaction would have been it would hurt Rick because it was close to how his own mother’s died. Leslie, remember her Ed?) 15 – Everyone is already wearing black [subtle guys] and our little Nancy Drew should have had an inkling from that. Michelle learns Maureen is dead.) 16 – Stops about 1 minute in) 17) 18 – Maureen’s funeral. Michelle preps for people coming over.) 19 – Glad they described the funeral, but I wish they would have shown it. Ed talks to Maureen.) 20) 21 – Michelle withdraws to her room.) 22 – No Lillian, I haven’t forgiven you yet. Vanessa tears into her.) 23 – Ben, Little Billy, and Michelle bond. Bill and Ben are just the 1st two of the many people in Michelle’s life that she feels drawn to through the early loss of a parent. She shares this same bond with Jesse, Drew, Marah, and most importantly Danny.) 24 – Ross helps Ed. Why Michelle should have gotten to talk to A-M in the last bar scene even if it upset Marina.) 25 – Michelle-Lillian smackdown. Ross helps Ed.) 26) 27 – Holly creates a bond with Michelle) 28 – More Holly and Michelle) 29 – Holly explains Michelle’s reaction. Ross tells Ed he loves him. Michelle goes to clean up after people have left, but “it’s all done.”) 30 – Michelle wakes up after she dreams about Maureen.)

Aftermath for Ed

Later Nola laying into Ed and Lillian about causing Maureen’s death even though this is years afterward. These scenes are from October 1996. This is great. (They are all in hospital gowns because they all got food poisoning at Matt and Vanessa’s wedding.) at 1:00)

Why Eve is there:

Eve Guthrie had previously dated Nick McHenry in Europe. She came to town and stalked him for awhile and then they dated for awhile as her behavior became more and more outrageous. Ed helped determine that an incident from her past had caused a psychotic break and miraculously was able to quickly overcome it. Eve and Ed became close friends. Most people in town continued to treat her with kid gloves because while she was no longer violent she still leaned heavily toward the whackadoodle in her behavior. Ed and her quickly grew closer, partly because they both felt like outcasts. Less than a year after Maureen’s death they became engaged. It was then Eve was diagnosed with a quickly developing cancer and while both Rick and Ed tried to find a cure in time, eventually Ed agreed to turn off the life support on a comatose Eve. This second “widowing” within two years, as well as his continued guilt over Maureen’s death, is what pushed Ed to leave Springfield to go off and atone by helping to “save the world.” Unfortunately, it also meant that Ed once again abandoned his children when they needed him most.

Why Rick isn’t there:

Rick, as he later tells Michelle repeatedly, was very close to his step-mother Maureen. If it was real life, undoubtedly both Rick and his best friend Phillip, would have been at the funeral right along with all those Reardons TPTB didn’t actually want to pay to come back so attended “off screen.” However, at this point both Rick and Phillip have “moved out of town” (see my soap opera jargon page).  Previously, Beth had returned from the dead in the company of an odd architect named Neil. She was suffering amnesia about her past and was mute due to a psychosomatic reaction to the event (she thought she killed a man who was trying to rape her) that triggered her disappearance and amnesia. Things were working out, she was talking again, she had regained her memory, and was back with Phillip when Neil, angry that he’d lost her to Phillip, committed suicide in such a way as to frame Phillip for his death. As the 4 Musketeers strove to prove Phillip’s innocence, Rick had married a pregnant with Lizzie Beth to convince people Phillip was really gone and Rick had stolen a corpse from hospital that they set up to be identified as Phillip. Eventually Phillip was cleared, but the crimes they committed while trying to prove his innocence came back to haunt them and both Phillip and Rick were forced to leave Springfield, basically as part of their probation. Phillip and Beth moved to Arizona where they happily raised Lizzie until Phillip learned that it was a family member that insured he be exiled to Arizona and he returned to find out who it was and seek revenge. Rick went to Chicago where the temporary revocation of his medical license helped push him to a pill addiction for the second time in his life and toward marriage with a, pre-driven crazy by Jeva, nurse named Annie Dutton who later followed Rick to Springfield.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2002 Update 2014

July 7, 2014
Michelle and Danny Santos

Michelle and Danny Santos

We’ve got another great year and again we go from highlight to at least one full episode. Even though I’m sorry that there is more trouble going on in Springfield this year, there’s still a lot of good and I have to say that this rates as a top Bauer BBQ. It’s the first Bauer BBQ post 9/11. With that in mind they both have some feel good happy and pretty hilarious stuff with the fantasies and some true soul searching talking about freedom. Manny aren’t in the greatest place as they are building to another major problem from them, but right now they seem to be in a great place. Bloss have gotten over their problem except that they still have to actually get psycho Tory arrested. Richard is in the hospital following a car crash and he will not survive. Josh and Reva have reunited once again and are about to embark on their most realistic set of martial problems ever which I find to be one of their best storylines. Rick is in desperate need of a heart transplant and worse is married to Mel. Beth is still dealing with the fallout from her latest round with DOD and amnesia and Bill is hoping the psychosis wins. Lizzie is in her last incarnation as cute little kid. Ed is back from his long absence in Africa thanks to Danny and Ed and Holly are back together. Phillip is starting his dalliance with Olivia that will spawn Emma, although it’s too bad because I think when all is said and done she really had a better relationship with Alan and that’s after he raped her by blackmailing her into sex. Harley and Gus are together.

July 3, 2002 – Partial Episode

The night before the Bauer BBQ Danny and Michelle have miscommunications almost derail their best on screen anniversary celebration. Note some rising tensions between them. One of the first signs the Manny story was VERY slowly getting better again during the deep dark best forgotten amnesia year, was when amnesiac Michelle remembers this night.

July 4, 2002

The Bauer BBQ starts with a real nice Ed-Robbie moment. Raising a flag was often the start of the Bauer BBQ going way back to Papa Bauer. Rick had developed a cardiac infection which had permanently damaged his heart before it was detected. His heart is failing now. The great part of this year was the fantasies. Michael O’Leary has said Rick’s fantasy this year was one of the scenes fans mention to him most. Danny doesn’t want to work the grill because despite his grill on the balcony in San Cristobel, grilling is not one of his strengths. His 2001 attempt to man the grill created a wall of fire. Why didn’t they have Danny bar tend? I mean he’s a former professional, I’ll never understand. Once again Danny is wearing is terrific black Hawaiian shirt. I totally love it. These thankful moments are very meaning about where the characters are at that moment. Sadly they only include Manny’s but you can tell they have a little tension in their marriage at this point which will sadly eventually lead to another divorce.

Richard was hurt in a car crash as he was rushing home from his new job as a high end car salesman. Richard had hid their money troubles (Richard had turned all his money over to the crown which now belongs to his half-brother) from Cassie and that he had gotten a job. It’s hard for Cassie because as you saw in the Bauer BBQ 2001 Richard had showed up and surprised her. Everyone can’t help, but remember. I really never really appreciated how great the character of Richard was until I had to deal with Jeffery O’Neil.

The current teen story has Lizzie crushing on Shayne is crushing on Marina. Marina and Shane will get back together.

Yankee Doodle Dandy 2002

Yankee Doodle Dandy 2002

Great little Manny bits behind Bill and Beth. First they are messing with each other’s food and then they scooping up Robbie to take him in for his name. Beth is dealing with the aftereffects of her latest being assumed dead with split personality amnesia. Olivia is married to Alan at this point, but Olivia and Phillip are fighting an attraction (inexplicable and lasting only long enough to cause a lot of trouble and create Emma). Phillip is in his typical wants to have his cake and eat it too mode and while he is happily reunited with Beth, it’s not enough — hence Olivia. In a totally stupid and implausible story while Bill was off canvas he ran into Beth’s alter Loreli and wasn’t at all freaked out by the fact she looked like Beth who he’d known as a friend of his parents his whole life and never thought it was worth mentioning to anybody. After Loreli was reintegrated back into Beth, she suddenly remembered Bill and that they’d had a hot affair (for a penniless amnesiac, she certainly got around, even more than Reva – poor Michelle had to stay in town and suffer the awful writing when she lost her memory). Olivia has gotten Beth’s diary and knows about the affair, Beth only partially remembers. Alan once again claimed he wouldn’t come to the BBQ and yet there he is. Bill is a future ex-husband of Olivia’s.

Rick is suffering from a virus which attacked and weakened his heart. He is in desperate need of a transplant to live. He isn’t paralyzed, but incredibly weak hence the wheelchair. He is currently married to lawyer/doctor Mel who won’t discover she has a personality until she’s paired with Cyrus in the last year a fact her family blames on Rick and not her.

There was a series of fantasies that day. The most well remembered is Rick’s, but the funniest is Olivia’s, Phillip is US President and Olivia’s First Lady fantasy. Sadly so far Olivia’s is the only one I’ve found.

Rick has a full Yankee Doodle Dandy musical sequence. Find it 14:00.

Phillip as President of the United States full of errors because what does Olivia know about American politics, she’s a San Cristobelian. Find it 17:00. It shows once again Phillip is about to get involved with a woman who is only interested in HER version of him.

Bill’s fantasy is that Beth’s psychological issues push her around the bend and she dumps her family for him. Find it at 21:00.

I really like it when they honor the history by having someone going through something Reva already did, to ask her for advice, like Beth does here. Things are righter with the world when Reva’s back in red and Beth is back in pink.

Reva was trying to decide whether to honor Richard’s last request and terminate his life support without involving Cassie. I like that Reva is the go to person for fellow amnesiacs in Springfield. Michelle also later gets her advice during her bought with amnesia.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Bauer BBQ 2014 by Robansuefarm Chapter 2

July 5, 2014

Author’s Note: Nope still not divulging much. I will say that I just gave Michelle my mother’s new car because loves it and I thought Michelle would too.  It’s a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Also, in making sure we have the kids at the right ages, the then Marcy Rylan had son Jackson, who should get credit for playing the baby bump that was H.B. Lewis IV, on  Oct. 21, 2009. Since she only revealed her pregnancy in the flash forward set in September 2010, Little Billy the Fourth should have been born at least approximately Oct. 21, 2010 which would make him 4 now and a year older than Dani Santos. Sarah Randall was born in 2006 and she is 8 this year.

Bauer BBQ 2014 by Robansuefarm Chapter 2

It was a short drive over to the Bauer House on Skyline Drive and still early. Michelle pulled up into the parking area between the house and the garage apartment and said briskly, “OK everybody out!” Robbie grabbed a package out of the back and took off to carry it into his old room. Michelle let Hope dance ahead, and took on her first load with Dani riding her hip and the diaper bag draped over her shoulder messenger bag style. Michelle had pushed the button to make the back of the Wrangler close, but before it could close all the way, suddenly Bill caught it and sent it up again.

“Woah there Bauer, looks like you still have a lot to carry in, why don’t you load me up?”

“Well, Lewis, you always do best as a beast of burden.

“Hardy, har, har. That’s nice talk to someone who got up early to help you on his day off with his wife and infant son,” gesturing behind him as Lizzie came bearing down on them a four year old Little Billy IV pulling her along.

“I’d hardly call Little Billy an infant any more, next thing you know he’ll be breaking hearts just like his Daddy and ‘borrowing’ the car without asking.”

“You first, Bauer. Robbie’s 18 by now isn’t he?”

“He’s 13 as you very well know. You were at his birthday party.”

“AND if Little Billy’s breaking a heart it will probably be with that little girl of yours.”

Little Billy ran up and began yanking on Dani trying to get her down. “We want to play, Michelle. Dani down!”

Billy quirked her a smile, and said “Yeah, Michelle we want to play.”

“OK, OK I know when I’m out numbered.”

She put Dani down and Little Billy grabbed her hand and they took off, a short haired blond and light brown ringlets bouncing away across the parking area and into the kitchen door of the Bauer House.

Lizzie had been about a step behind her son and she threw Michelle a quick “Happy Fourth of July” and kissed the corner of Bill’s mouth as she rushed by. “I’ll keep an eye on them.”

“Here you go. Let’s really load you down and we’ll get all this stuff in the house. I already brought a load over last night. I’ll have to pull the apple pies out of the freezer and rewarm them in the oven, but I think we can get most of this in one load.”

Bill readjusted the load in his arms, “I don’t think anybody will mind Bert’s recipe apple pies aren’t fresh this year. Everybody knows you’ve had a lot going on, speaking of which do you want me to grab that?” Bill gestured with his head toward the last two bags in the rear of the Cherokee.

“No, I”m making a special trip with those, keep your dirty mitts off them….It was really nice of you guys to come early to help with set up, you did last year, too.”

“Well, you’ve showed up with the whole family early every Thanksgiving since Lizzie and I started our new family tradition, it’s give and take, help when you can. That’s just the Springfield way.”

“Here’s some help then, see if you manage to remember your anniversary without Lizzie having to prompt you this year, it’s just 10 days after the BBQ.”

Bill, a little put out, “Of course I’ll remember my anniversary.”

“You put the wrong date on your wedding invitations.”

Bill groaned. “Won’t you and Santos, ever let me forget THAT?”

Michelle paused to think for a moment, before shoulder bumping her friend and walking into the house with him. “Nope, I don’t think, we…at least I…will.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.



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