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Halloween 1992

October 28, 2014
Henry as Ghost

Henry as Ghost

I’ll be honest, the sound is terrible on this one. I think they pointed a camera at the TV without turning up the sound or else the original VHS recording was bad. I also think person was either typing or eating while recorded and almost sneezes or coughs more than once. I hope someone else loads this because he has great stuff in it.

Vanessa as Morticia

Vanessa as Morticia

This is in fact by favorite Halloween ever in Springfield. Everyone wears incredible costumes. The haunted house has the best decorations and it’s a really nice example of the Little Billy-Ben-Michelle friendship. I’ve long looked for this episode where Michelle dressed up as Wednesday Addams and Vanessa did Morticia and this is it. They’re wonderful costumes and I just love watching Michelle so happy. I like to think Michelle thought of this when she first called Carmen Morticia. It originally aired November 2, 1992.

Ross is running for senator. We’re still doing the Eleni-Alan-Michael-Frank triangle (which you can recognize by Eleni’s near constant shawl wearing which was her signature at the time. Sadly Billy-Vanessa are apart and I think this is when they did that terrible Fletcher-Vanessa bit that really hurt both characters. I guess maybe they’re tying that up. That’s fine with me.

They say: “Halloween time at the Chamberlain home as Henry, Vanessa and Bill prepare with Billy there. Vanessa tells Billy that he can stay. Then Fletcher and Ben arrive. Frank gives Eleni the news of Alan-Michael returning home. Ross gives his speech at the Country Club and him and Jim Haggerty talks about Ross’s election. Roger and Blake arrives making things weird for Ross.”

(Part 1)

Frank and Eleni talk about Alan-Michael coming back to town. Fletcher clears the air with Vanessa about continuing Ben-Little Billy’s friendship now they are no longer an item. (Part 2)

Vanessa does Morticia Adams. It suits her. Ben is somebody in a leather coat. Michelle is the cutest little Wednesday Adams ever. I guess Little Billy is a cowboy. Michelle and Jenna were friends. That’s a nice beat to play. Frank offers Eleni a ring he couldn’t possibly afford. Roger, Holly, and Blake have a meal. That’s always interesting. (Part 3)

Michelle as Wednesday with Jenna

Michelle as Wednesday with Jenna

Little Billy locks Vanessa and Billy together in a closet while everyone is playing hide and seek. Blake talks with Frank on the phone about her plan to break in somewhere to make up to Ross what their affair being exposed cost him. (Part 4)

Roger and Holly talk with understanding about the past and how much Blake means to both of them as Blake breaks into Leo Flynn’s senatorial campaign office to help Ross. (Part 5)

Bill and Vanessa are freed from the locked closet (too soon IMNHO) and discover a room full of people waiting including a TV camera there to get B roll of Ross and the kids for his senatorial campaign. Henry is a ghost and looking for Jenna. Fletcher and Billy have words over their interest in Vanessa. Eleni moves out of the Spaulding Mansion and in with Frank, taking nothing, but what she brought with her. (Part 6)

Henry confronts Jenna over finding her going through his office. Henry: “If you’re counting on there’s not fool like an old fool, you’ll be sorely disappointed.” Henry is still working on putting together who Jenna is and exactly what went on. With her hand literally on the doorknob to walk away Eleni learns she is pregnant. She thinks it’s Alan-Michael’s baby because she thinks that was when she was most likely to get pregnant. Really A-M had replaced her birth control pills with candy and the future baby is Marina who is Frank’s daughter. (Part 7)

Closing Credits (Part 8)

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Dani Santos

October 22, 2014

One of my continuing series is posts about the characters you meet on Guiding Light. Tonight’s character is a little different. She never actually appeared on Guiding Light. Her existence is first discussed in my fanfic “Springfield Bound”, but I’ve continued to talk about her so much she’s started to appear in other people’s fanfics which is just great as far as I’m concerned as it’s as close as we’ll ever get to having her declared cannon. So if you write Guiding Light fanfic, please do include Danielle.  Danielle Santos was conceived from three ideas. First, I read a lot of alternative universe fanfics where they used that name for a hypothetical child of Manny’s because it was a combination of Danny and Michelle’s names. Once they pointed that out who could resist? Second, after showing how great he could be during Michelle’s first pregnancy that tragically ends in a miscarriage, Danny is, for various reasons, prevented from being with Michelle during either of their successful pregnancies, not knowing about either until they were far advanced. I always held that this was terribly unfair. Danny SHOULD have gotten to be there for a whole pregnancy so I gave them one. Third, I never gave up on Guiding Light as the writing plummeted. There was normally some bright spot to be found, but one of the only real bright spot in all of 2007-2008 was that Reva had a miracle post-menopause baby. That’s not much of a bright spot, but every single time they mentioned it, I thought well if Reva is still pumping out kids, surely Michelle should get one more, so here she is.

Danielle “Dani” Santos – Danielle Santos is the third child born to Danny and Michelle Santos. Michelle announced her pregnancy shortly after Rick and Mindy’s wedding set in the 2010 flash ahead from the finale. So Dani will be born the following year making her 3 in 2014 and a year younger than Francesca Cooper and H.B. Lewis IV who were born just before or after the flashback. This makes her six years younger than her older sister Hope and 10 years younger than her oldest brother Robbie. Dani is so young we haven’t experienced much of her personality yet, but she and the latest Little Billy have a bond and she looks like her mother with her father’s coloring, so her appearance is pretty close to her sister. Danielle was the first successful pregnancy that Danny got to be there for the whole thing. – Created in the fanfic “Springfield Bound.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Gus Pressures Harley to Betray Her Friends April 25-May 1 2001

October 21, 2014

Wed., April 25, 2001 – Michelle comes in and Gus tells her that they have found where she burned all the evidence and they think they have enough to prove that she did it. He tells her he would like to give her a deal but if she doesn’t start talking there will be no deal. He tells her if she doesn’t talk before the lab works comes back he will put her in federal prison and she will not see her baby until he is very old. Michelle tells him she is going to call her attorney and tells Gus he will rip him apart. He slams his fists onto his desk and starts yelling at her just as Ross comes in. Ross tells him that he has to stop badgering his client without thought to her constitutional rights. Ross tells the cops he wants to speak to Michelle and everyone else leaves. Ross sighs and tells Michelle he doesn’t want to know any details so Michelle should keep her mouth shut. Michelle tells him a little anyway and he tells her not to discuss it with anyone even Meta and Rick, for their own protection. Gus walks back in and Ross tells him that until he files charges against Michelle he will leave her alone and remember all of her rights. Ross tells Michelle they are leaving and they walk out. Frank asks Gus if he is going to give up now but Gus tells him a lawyer doesn’t get that angry unless he knows their client is guilty as sin so he is going full steam ahead. He is sure he will get them very soon.

Mon., April 30, 2001 – Philip tells Harley that he heard she was put on the Santos case. Harley hates it but Phillip tells her it will probably be better that Michelle and Danny have someone on their side instead of someone wanting to bury them. Harley tells him her new boss wants to bury them. Right on cue, Gus shows up and Phillip answers the door. Harley introduces the two and Phillip excuses himself after telling Gus to lighten up on Harley, she needs some rest. Phillip leaves. Gus tells Harley she may be tired because every time he comes over there is a different guy there. Harley is offended. She tells him that Phillip is her ex-husband and baby’s father. (Note: Flips over to next bit in list, so watch for the end)

Tues., May 1, 2001 – At Infierno: Michelle and Danny have the baby at the club. Ray and Catalina are playing with Robbie. Ray asks how things are on the fed front and Danny tells him Gus is still around but they are clean so they should be fine. Danny thinks Gus will give up and leave town eventually. Just then Gus walks in, (he has a ‘bug’ hidden in a book that he is planning on planting in the club.) Catalina seats Gus at a table and Danny comes over and tells him to get out. Gus tells Danny he was minding his own business and not bothering him and his family. Danny says he will press charges for harassment if he doesn’t back off. Gus gets up and says he will eat somewhere else. Gus leaves. Michelle tells Danny that Gus just wanted to get his goat. Danny says Gus won’t leave town until he gets something on him. Ray says there is nothing to get on him so they can relax. Harley tells Frank that Gus got a court order to bug the Bauer’s House and she has to plant it. Frank asks if she did it yet. She says she hasn’t had time. She asks his opinion on what he thinks will happen if Danny and Michelle find out. Frank tells him that she can’t tell them. Harley says she hates doing this especially now that Michelle and Danny are finally happy. Frank asks Harley if she wants Gus to think she doesn’t know how to draw the line between her job and friendship. Frank says if Danny is out of the business the bug will get him off the hook, otherwise he will get what he deserves. Harley tells Frank that if Michelle did burn the evidence the bug will incriminate her. Frank tells her Michelle would never do that and the bug will probably only pick up everyone talking baby talk to Robbie. Harley says she will do it but she feels like a traitor. Rick comes over and tells her she doesn’t look like a traitor. Harley feels busted but realizes soon thereafter that Rick didn’t overhear anything else. Rick tells her that Gus won’t find anything because there is nothing to find. Rick gets up for more coffee and Harley tells Frank that Gus won’t be satisfied even if Danny is a choirboy. Harley feels bad about having to plant a bug. Frank tries to reassure her and says they have both gotten attached to the Bauer’s house since they got divorced. Harley doesn’t want to get thrown off the barbecue guest list.

My Comments:
I know I’ve said this before, but honestly I can’t believe clippers left this stuff out. The whole Manny storyline right now is about them overcoming a series of obstacles one after another. First Danny’s guilt, then Michelle’s troubled birth, then dealing with Abuela, then the other mob families, and now the FBI. THIS is the Manny story and it’s a clever story, why don’t they include these great scenes. It’s also the beginning of the GusH which while I personally didn’t like as a couple, had a great initial build up. Both these couples were really tied up in this story and should definitely have been posted by somebody. Other than that we are mostly building. The next really important point comes after this which focuses on Harley and her split loyalties. Also I want to point out that Phillip was having a conversation with Harley about Danny and Michelle that he definitely sees himself as involved in Manny’s lives. That Danny-Phillip connection is one I’ll come back to you.

Mindy Lewis

October 5, 2014

 Periodically I post a character descriptions for supporting characters to the Manny story. We visit another one tonight. Find more on the Supporting Characters pages.

Mindy Lewis aka Melinda Sue Lewis - Mindy Lewis was the daughter of Billy Lewis and his deceased first wife. She was granddaughter to H.B., niece to Josh, cousin to Marah and Shayne, and half-sister to Bill and Dylan. Mindy was also important because of her relationship as part of the Four Musketeers. Her other major arc was her epic rivalry with Alexandra Spaulding. We first meet Mindy while she is in high school. She goes through several relationships including both Phillip Spaulding and Rick Bauer. She wins the Sampson Girl contest and becomes a model. She later transitions to fashion designer spending swaths of time in Paris. She had some interaction with Michelle as a child, since Michelle was very close to both Rick and Phillip, but was embroiled in her own issues before Michelle was very old. After that Mindy was in Paris, although Michelle’s friend Marah and Mindy’s cousin Marah moved to Paris to also become a designer so there was probably some communication there although it was mostly off screen. Mindy enters the Manny story again when they all move back to Springfield at the same time. According to the flash ahead, they became close and were included in the wedding party when Rick and Mindy married in 2010.
For a more complete description of the character of Mindy Lewis and her various storylines see:

I wasn’t too crazy about Rick and Mindy ending up together. It made sense in a circle of storyline completion and I always like Rick and Mindy together. However, Rick’s best marriage was with Abby Bloom and Mindy’s best relationship (which it was never fully explored) was with Rusty Shayne. Their ghosts prevent me from fully supporting Rick and Mindy. Mindy had several relationships that were just pretty. Her Kurt Coday wedding was one of the most beautiful soap weddings ever (it was a Cinderella theme) and her trip (shot on location) to San Francisco with Nick McHenry led to some breath-taking videos. Over the years Mindy suffered from a variety of poor recasts. The first two Mindys were very good, but the following ones were unconvincing, too old, or kind of annoying. So I was very glad when Krista Tesreau, her original portrayer, was the one who returned for the last few weddings and funerals and the one who came back at the end. I was very pleased with how Manny was accepted into the Four Musketeer group so there was a lot to be grateful in the end.

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October 2, 2014
Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro, 2004

Harley Cooper and Gus Aitoro, 2004

Although it’s been awhile since I posted one this isn’t one of my favorite couple posts. This time I want to discuss GusH in terms of current story from the episode guide. If you have been watching the Manny clips, you’ll have met Gus Aitoro, FBI Prosecutor (which honestly I don’t think that is even really a thing) when he came into Inferno basically to make Danny upset and to be introduced to him by Mary/May. Very shortly afterward he showed up at the Bauer House to accuse Danny of a lot of things when Frank Cooper, Harley Cooper, and David Grant, all of SFPD were there to tell them about how they found Tony shot in the Lewis House. He demonstrated very thoroughly why a lot of local cops don’t like the FBI on their turf. Gus is arrogant, rude, 100% sure he is right at all times, with a smart mouth on him. He is also obsessed with getting Danny Santos anyway possible as revenge for what Danny’s father ordered for his father, despite the fact that his sister has already killed Danny’s uncle who actually pulled the trigger (a life for a life or even I’d say). In addition, part of Gus’s duty as a lawyer is to uphold the Constitution which very clearly states that there is to be “no corruption of the blood” which means you can’t be held accountable for a relative’s crimes which is exactly what he’s trying to do with Danny. I’ll continue to drop GusH scenes in as I find them and they fit, but it’s important to understand that this was a storyline the show was very invested in and some of the incomprehendable things Gus does (like show up uninvited at the Bauer BBQ and the Bauer cabin – when he is obviously persona non grata with them) is because he’s trying to get close to Harley and actively campaigning to break Harley and Rick up. Things don’t make sense unless you know that.

Gus and Harley have a Moonlighting feel relationship where they act angry at each other at first, learn they work together well, and eventually find romance. While Harley disliked working with Gus at first, especially when he pressures her into helping bug the Bauer House, eventually they come to a place of mutual respect. Despite the fact that she was trying to make a go of it with Rick at the time since they’d been good friends for years and were now having a baby, Harley eventually succumbs and decides she wants Gus instead if he can get over his vendetta against Danny. (At the same time Rick was entering an entirely chemistry-less marriage to doctor/lawyer Mel.) It’s even Gus who gets to be there for Jude’s birth, not Rick his father.

Gus is eventually domesticated, even working with Danny to bring in Carmen when Danny is driven to the point that he feels he has no choice. The domesticated Gus is a good guy who tries to do the right thing while honoring his family ties (which when those ties end up to be to Eden and the Spauldings complicates matters). I will also give Gus props for saving Danny’s life in the warehouse fire, even though he says he only did it so he could continue prosecuting him, and for definitely being a good husband and an outstanding father to Harley’s step-kids and in this later version genuinely always trying to do the right thing although he struggled sometimes to know what the “right thing” was.

GusH ended up to one of the most popular couples on the show and I must admit that they were one of the most stable couples until the writing for the pair turned crazy as they neared Gus’s death including a fake wedding to Olivia while he was then married to Natalia and GusH not only not sending each other longing looks, but never being in the same room. Harley is one of the characters I’m most willing to see with other people. I still think Alan-Michael was who she really belonged with, but I liked her with Mallet #1 and would have given Mallet #2 more of a chance. I’ll even admit that a lot of Pharley scenes early on were pretty great (although later the pairing ultimately damaged her character). Still GusH is not one of my favorite couples because they don’t meet one of my main criteria, they aren’t better together than apart, except when they are working a case. Once they settle down together, Harley regains a lot of the personality she had lost while married to Phillip, but is incredibly spiteful treating Phillip like he’s the devil incarnate well before he gets driven crazy and cuts him no slack for the mental illness that she contributed to and which helped cause his actions.  Meanwhile Gus is completely ruled by Harley, kind of like Mattessa, Gus is treated as if he was a junior partner in the relationship. He hates Phillip because Harley says to. He even divorces Harley because Harley says so.  Watch how it all plays out and judge for yourself.

P.S. Part of my problem with this couple was that GusH story and the Harlett story were practically identical, except for the vengence thing and I really think they played it out better then.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Gus-Harley-Rick Triangle Stuff April 19 2001

September 30, 2014

Thurs., April 19, 2001 – At Harley’s: Rick comes in. Harley has a cold or allergies she doesn’t know which as well as a bad rash. Rick wants her to have it looked at and asks Harley if she would like to order a pizza. She likes the idea and they go into the den to talk. Rick tells her he heard about her working with the feds and he wants to know if that will cause problems with their relationship. Harley tells him she will make sure it isn’t a problem; she doesn’t want to lose their friendship on top of everything else she has lost. Rick asks Harley if she is teaming up with the feds to nail his little sister. Rick tells her he is kind of glad she is working with Gus now because he knows she will be fair. She tells him she won’t have that much influence on the case but suggests Michelle and Danny keep their noses clean. There is a knock at the door, Gus. He barges in with a few bags. Harley tells him she has company. He tells her that is okay; he wanted to talk to Rick anyway. He goes on in and makes himself comfy. Gus goes on to ask questions about Michelle. Rick at first refuses to answer them. Gus tells him that he knows all about his and his sisters past run-ins with the law. He tells Rick if he knows anything about what Michelle did at their office the other day he is an accessory after the fact. Rick says he knows nothing. Gus wants him to explain his sister’s relationship with the Santos family. He understands the beginning but wonders why when Michelle became a part of the problem. Rick starts to defend Michelle and her actions but Harley stops him. Rick says he is tired and leaves. Harley is upset that her friend left and Gus stayed. She tells Gus that he ran her friend off; Gus says Rick left on his own. He opens one of the bags will all kinds of take out. Harley is staring at him and he tells her that he was assuming she wouldn’t have him something to eat so he brought his own. She tells him she is off duty and has kids to take care of. He tells her to go ahead, he will be fine. They argue and he starts what she knows about the Santos. He tells her that May thinks they have two sets of books to Infierno. Gus asks Harley if she had any idea where the other set would be kept. Harley tells him she didn’t know if they existed but if they did they were probably at the bottom of the lake. Gus asks her if they could be at the Bauer home. Harley tells him Danny would never put the Michelle or the Bauers in that position. Gus isn’t so sure. He wants to go over Danny’s assets but he doesn’t have many, most of everything is in Maria’s name. Harley talks but Gus doesn’t listen. She asks him why he doesn’t trust her. Gus tells her she has to earn his trust. She asks him to leave and hands him his stuff. Gus tells her they will get along fine as long as she learns to do things his way. He leaves. (Part 1)
My Comments:
Early GusH was designed to have Moonlighting style, I hate you, I hate you, I love you pattern. They also made Gus Aitoro a bit of an eccentric at first. He pushed his way in over and over again in Harley’s and everybody else’s personal space. He also was incredibly messy. I’m really sorry I don’t have more Rick-Harley because while they didn’t have a lot of chemistry, I definitely though Rick-Harley had more than the Rick-Mel we were condemned to for the next few years and I’d to to have some to show everybody.

Michelle Finds A Miracle April 16-18 2001

September 23, 2014

Mon., April 16, 2001 – At the Springfield PD: The FBI has taken an office in the police station. May is on the phone with Gus while she is unpacks boxes of evidence. She tells him she will take it to the evidence room and log it all in. There are videotapes and audiotapes lying with paperwork on her desk. Michelle stands outside the office and sees the evidence that says U.S. vs. Santos. May continues to talk on the phone about warrants for all their wiretaps. Michelle steps in and puts her hands on some of the evidence. She is thinking of what she should do. Michelle steps back out and May goes back over to the desk. She grabs all the evidence and puts it in a briefcase and closes the case. Michelle comes to the door again and knocks. May sees her and puts the briefcase beside the desk and goes on to ask Michelle what she is doing there. Michelle tells her she wants a meeting with her. May asks what she can do for her. Michelle says she wants May to help Danny; she thinks she owes it to him. Michelle tells her she isn’t leaving until Danny gets a break one way or the other. May says she doesn’t owe Danny anything. Michelle says she knows what Danny is really like, he let her in. May says she did what she had to do. Michelle says May slept with her husband and she wonders why May can’t look her in the eye now if it was all just business. May knows Danny was trying to get out and went along with the other families just enough to protect her and the baby. May again offers them witness protection. Michelle says they can’t turn their backs on Rick and the rest of their family. Michelle says they are going to trial and tells May that Ross is shocked they are even bringing a case. May says there is enough evidence to convict. Michelle says Danny was trying to shut down a crime family and wonders why they are prosecuting him. They are using him to get to the other families. Michelle wants May to help him. May says only Danny can help himself. May tells Michelle this isn’t easy for her. She can’t help Danny and she can’t risk ruining her career. She thinks Michelle can talk Danny into cooperating with the Feds. Gus arrives and asks Michelle what she is doing there Michelle tells Gus they are having a meeting. Gus says that is fine if she is offering info. Michelle tells him he has no case. Gus tells Michelle to leave if she is not interested in cooperating. Michelle says she isn’t done with what she has to say. Gus wants her to leave. He gets a phone call and has to take it. He turns his back and then has to ask May for her help finding something. Michelle tells them she will leave then. When she sees that both have their back to her she grabs the briefcase and leaves the police station. After the call, Gus asks May why Michelle was there. May tells him she was trying to play her. She says Gus can’t relate because he will never be used in a case as a piece of meat. He reminds her that she volunteered for the job. She goes on to tell him that Michelle was trying to relate to her as a woman. She tells him that Michelle said they are taking this to trial. Gus is upset; he thinks her lawyer knows how thin their evidence is. May tells him she got everything she could. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be reminded of the rotten job she did. She tells him she got all there was, she wasn’t going to manufacture evidence. He wished she did. He wants to look at everything again and asks her where it is. She tells him everything is in the evidence kit. She goes to get it and finds it is gone. Gus is upset. He runs out of the office with May. Gus gets on the phone relay Michelle’s description and the type of car she is driving. They want the police to help track her down. At the Bauer House: Rick comes in and sees Danny playing with Robert. Rick tells Danny he needs to go to the hospital and get his wound checked. Danny hands him the baby. Rick tells Robbie about his adventure at the bus station. Danny thanks Rick for risking his life for him. Rick says he did it for the three of them and actually had fun. He tells Danny he checked on Tony and he is doing fine. Danny says he will wind up in a cell. Ross is doing his best but is using the word miracle. Danny says the feds are coming after him hard. The other families should leave them alone but the feds won’t. Rick asks where Michelle is and Danny says she left to find a miracle. Rick thinks she is scheming. Danny wonders what she can really do. He tells Rick he is kind of worried about Michelle and wants to go look for her. He heads for the door just as the bell rings. Rick looks out and sees the feds. Gus and May come in and tells them they are looking for Michelle. May says Michelle came to see her and then left. She and Gus want to talk to her and tell them they aren’t leaving until they do. Danny tells them they aren’t waiting for her there. Gus tells him they will. Rick tells them he owns this house and they will leave or he will call the police. Gus tells them they will wait outside. Rick asks Danny if Michelle did something. Danny isn’t sure but says if it got the feds that mad, he is sure he will like it. At Laurel Falls: Michelle has a bonfire going and is humming and singing, “Home on the Range.” She smiles each time she tosses a piece of evidence into the flames. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Tues., April 17, 2001 - At the Bauer House: Michelle comes home and Rick and Danny asks her where she was. She tells them she went to see May and then came home. She doesn’t want to tell them anything else. They want to know what she has done to tick off the feds so much. She tells them she isn’t going to say anything so they will have plausible deniability. Michelle: “If you don’t know, you’re not involved.” Danny: “If you don’t tell me, how can I protect you?” Michelle: “You don’t HAVE to protect me. THIS time I’m going to protect you.” Just then May and Gus ring the doorbell. She opens the door and they barge in and start accusing Michelle of taking something that belongs to them. They tell her they want it back. Michelle plays dumb and asks them what they are accusing her of. May says she has one chance to make things right. Gus tells her that he will do her a favor and try to get her an adjoining cell to her husband. Michelle asks Gus what she is accused of doing. He says theft, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and conspiracy to racketeering. May tells her that this is going to hurt them more as well as mean the end of her career. Michelle tells Danny they are charging her with more than they have against him. Gus tells Michelle he is confused at who is the innocent party in this. Michelle says his anger is misplaced and again asks what she did. She says all she did was go over to talk to Mary and when Gus asked her to leave, she did. Gus asks Michelle where she went when she left the office. Michelle says she went for a walk. Danny and Rick open the door and tell them to get out. Gus leaves. May turns to Michelle and tells her that she made the mistake of turning her back on her but she will never do that again. The feds leave. Rick turns to Michelle and asks her what she did. She tells him she doesn’t know but she assumes by what the feds were saying that something must have been missing. Danny tells her to try to guess. Michelle tells him it seems to her that someone must have taken all there evidence, video, audio, and field files. Danny and Rick can’t believe it. Michelle tells them if the evidence is gone so is the case against Danny and Tony. Danny asks her what she did. Michelle says she just prayed for a miracle and got one. Rick goes to the phone and calls Ross. He tells Michelle that the trouble may be over for Danny but is just beginning for her. Rick is pacing the room. He is sure Gus won’t give up. Danny tells Michelle that the other problem is, if the case is gone against him and Tony the case is also gone against the other families. Michelle tells him she knows that. He tells her that they may come back now. Michelle says no one has to know the case is gone and she is betting Maria is having a great time in Cuba. Ross comes in and Michelle tells him she needs him this time. He tells them it is time to discuss his group rate. Michelle asks to speak to him alone. Michelle says she thinks the FBI lost their case against Danny and Tony. She tells him about their visit and says she thinks the evidence went up in smoke. She has a strong feeling, almost as if she saw it happen. Ross tells her she is scaring him. Ross gets call from Tony at the hospital. Tony tells him that Gus is there. Ross asks to speak to him and asks Gus to meet him at Company. He leaves. Michelle sits on Danny’s lap and tells him not to worry, they are sure Ross will figure things out. Danny: “I swear it’s always the quiet ones.” Michelle: “What do you mean?” Danny: “You. What did Aitoro call you? An innocent, preppie wife of a crime lord.” Michelle: “Do you agree with him?” Danny: “No, not at all. I mean you look innocent and beautiful and soft and pink, but underneath you’re like steel. I always knew you had that in you. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. What do you say we get married?” Michelle: “We’ve done that four times.” Danny: “Ok, then how about bed.” Michelle: “I thought you’d never ask.” (Part 1) (Part 2)

Wed., April 18, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Ross comes in with Tony. Michelle and Danny are glad he is there and ask if he got bail. Ross tells them that the charges have been dropped. Tony wants to file false arrest charges but Ross tells him it is best to let it go. Tony tells them he doesn’t understand what happened to get the case dropped so fast. Danny tells him the evidence must have disappeared. Tony is just glad the case is over. Ross tells them all that he doesn’t thinks Gus will give up that easy. Ross says Gus isn’t a nice guy; he met with him last night after Gus showed up in Tony’s hospital room. Ross seems to think that Gus is out to get Danny. Danny wonders why he would target him now that he is out of the life. Ross asks Danny if Gus digs long enough will he find anything on him. Danny tells him he is clean. Ross is glad to hear it. Ross turns to Tony and tells him to keep his nose clean. Ross leaves.

Harley gets assigned to work with Gus. They have a run in. Harley tries to get out of working with Gus by going over his head. It doesn’t work. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Flash of Michelle in May’s office and then Gus telling them about it: (Part 1) (Part 2)


My Comments:
Another instance when I can’t believe they didn’t clip more. Michelle sitting there singing to herself burning the evidence at Laurel Falls was terrific. It was an important episode for both Manny and GusH why has no one posted it as whole or at least clipped it? So be sure to read the description instead. This is one of the funniest sequences in GL ever while still being true to characters and advancing stories. Gus is a hoot, the stuff between Danny and Rick is wonderful and Michelle is a stitch. I just totally love this conversation between Rick and Danny about Michelle. They both love her and know “that look” she gets and can tell she’s up to something. It also shows there respective reactions to that where Rick wants to head her off at the pass to protect her and as protective of her as Danny can be he, he wants to let her run. He wouldn’t want Michelle to be less than she is even if that means she’s safe. Sadly while Rick loved her, he never got that. I’m so sorry I only have that flash of Michelle in the Gus clips and none of her actually burning it. It was even better. How could no one have clipped that?

Actually that should be Michelle’s line, May. Michelle turned her back long enough for you to take something that was hers – temporarily – you totally deserve whatever happens except for Gus scape goatting you. Those looks between Danny and Rick after “there’s no case against me” – “or Tony” is perfection itself. Frank is being kind of dumb here. Of course Michelle would steal evidence to save Danny. Harley is completely right that Gus makes Mary his scapegoat.

Harley has really been closing involved in Rick’s storyline, and she’s pregnant with his kid (the future Jude Bauer), and the follow out of that fact with Phillip. However, they have played out most of the Rick-Phillip fall out and they’ve decided to start new storylines for both Rick and Harley. Rick’s was a total failure as he was eventually moved into a chemistry-free marriage, but Harley’s was much more successful. GusH was very popular and have their own clips channel. I’ll use some of them to help tell the first part of the story where Harley and Gus were locking horns over his obsession with bringing down Danny by whatever illegal and immoral means at his disposal.

Guiding Light September 18, 2009 Remembered

September 20, 2014
Last Episode at Park

Manny Last Episode at Park

I have been wanting to watch the last two weeks of Guiding Light again in real time. It ended up being a bad time for me to do the whole thing this month, but I’m going to finish out the week in honor of the five year anniversary of the final episode. In each post, I looked for a bright spot in the cancellation and also look for the line of the day which is in many of these posts.

Final Episode – Sept. 18, 2009

NOTE: During the last couple of months of Guiding Light, I did a daily feedback and summary post. I had just started my blog and it was an early experiment that helped establish my style. I put comments and summaries on the same storyline together, with time tags to the different parts of the episode. I put the official CBS link at the end. Sadly that is no long viable so I’m going to put the YouTube link at the beginning instead. The time codes are for a full episode load and so won’t match, but should still give you a rough idea. Also the parts are on a playlist in the wrong order, so you have to watch or it will jump to different parts of the last week, if you don’t watch it. Once again I put the most important stuff (Manny and the Bauers) at the top.

22:51 The Bauer-Santos family is having a picnic at the park. Manny is on a blanket and Mindy and Rick are horsing around. They spot Phillip and Beth coming from a distance and Mindy goes to hide as Robbie and Hope run up to their parents. Hope plops herself on Michelle’s lap and Robbie sits where he can look with hero worship at his father. Phillip and Beth seem thrilled that Manny is back. (Then again who isn’t? –  joyful sniff). Phillip always did see Michelle as another little sister. But it only gets better when Mindy pops out and tells them she’s staying.  Line of the Day – Rick: “The Four Muskateers Ride Again.”

27:45 – 1 Year Later – Manny, Phillip and Beth, and Rick and Mindy are all in the patio/formal garden courtyard of the Spaulding Mansion. Everybody notice that Michelle has DANNY wearing PINK today. Guess they are really are one person now. ;-) Danny makes a toast to Rick and Mindy. Rick and Mindy are getting married tomorrow and Phillip is serving as the best man. (I wonder if Danny will be an usher? They certainly seem to be of the bridal party even if Danny is a hair underdressed.) Manny is fully accepted as one of the group and Danny and both Phillip and Rick seem totally at ease with each other. Michelle insists they get a group photo. [I hope they post that one to the website - sadly they didn't :( ] Manny is safe, they are happy, they are in sync, they are in Springfield, they are accepted, they are home. THANK YOU! If we can’t see them, we can at least know that, for sure, forever.

35:01 During the Happily Ever After Montage, the group at the Spaulding Mansion share a champagne toast. It just feels so right. This is where all belong, together.

Today’s episode started with a short montage of various openings they had over the years and the motto, “There is a destiny that makes us family.” [Minute 0] As I’ve mentioned before they’ve been updating the opening montage every single day for awhile now. Today included most of the cast’s photos (no Manny ;-(  ) and they seemed to suddenly remember that they these were not individual characters, but families. If they had remembered that earlier, maybe they’d done better these last few years. [Minute 4]

The Cooper family and various extensions and hanger on-ers are gathered at Company, still discussing names for the new baby. Frank admits he has a date. James and Daisy come in and she announces she’s going to Berkley, like now. Ashlee and Daisy had planned for years to go to college together, but this Berkley business was leaving Ashlee behind. Doris calls Ashlee down to her office and as a good will gesture she got Ashlee admitted at their writing program, so they can still go together. This is a real big thing for Doris who has previously gone WAY out of her way to destroy every relationship Ashlee had with anyone else. [Minute 1] Ashlee tells Daisy they can go to college together after all. [Minute 4]

Remy and Christina are worrying about being legally married before the baby comes, so they are looking for Mel. [Minute 2] Mel is still otherwise occupied, but for some reason answers her door anyway. In a sheet. The door opens farther and they see Cyrus naked in Mel’s bed and Remy ACTUALLY asks, “What’s he doing here?” Yeah, Remy is DEFINITELY material for the SFPD. [Minute 5] They get all the Coopers over to the police station and Doris performs a quickie legal marriage and then they all rush over to say goodbye to Daisy and Ashlee. [Minute 10] Daisy and Ashlee are driving. So they need to take off now. (Daisy really needs to quit wearing that pair of shorts unless she’s alone with James in private.) Reva and Billy make it for the send off too. Marina, as usual, shows her selfless nature, “You know you’re leaving me alone to be the only Cooper girl.” James and Daisy exchange “I love yous.” I don’t remember them actually saying it before. [Minute 17] Blake and Frank both hurry off, not realizing they are going to meet each other. [Minute 18] They meet on the bridge and slowly it dawns on them they are meeting each other. [Minute 20]They decide they’ll try dating. (Why not, they’ve already worked together twice and slept together, was it just once or more, well never mind.) [Minute 21]

Lizzie and Bill are talking about whether Alex welcoming Fletcher back in her life is a wise idea. Lizzie doesn’t know Fletcher, which is right, she was in Arizona with Phillip and Beth and before that very, very little when Alex was with Fletcher. Bill does know Fletcher, which is also right. He was his best friend’s (Ben Reade) father. Still they haven’t mentioned the elephant in the room, Ben.  Fletcher overhears and says he promises to keep Alex out of trouble. Yeah, right Fletcher, you never could control her and you usually didn’t bother to try that’s why the relationship lasted longer than about any of your other ones. Phillip and Beth come in and seem glad, in a long time no see kind of way, to see Fletcher. [Minute 2] Lizzie is still upset about Alex leaving, partly out of concern, partly out of having to face another goodbye. Alex has been the family member closest to her the last few years and they bonded, first over their involvement with Cooper men (Alex with Buzz and Lizzie with Coop) and later over similar life experiences. Although they again never said explicitly (ARGGGH), both of them had their children taken away from them and were unable to raise them themselves. (Alex had Lujack and Nick McHenry, their father who was a creep extreme, sold Nick and off a bribe from Brandon – I’ve mentioned he was evil – kept Lujack from her.) OK, FINALLY, Bill tells Fletcher he misses Ben in their last conversation before he leaves.  Alex comes out packed to go on the trip with Fletcher. She promises to come back for Phillip and Beth’s wedding. She pauses as she gets ready to get into the car, looks back at her home while a myriad array of emotions and memories play across her face. She pulls herself in with a ragged breath, winks and blows a kiss to her family before leaving again on her next big adventure. [Minute 6]

Phillip and Beth are together talking at the mansion. Phillip: “This feels weird. I’m the oldest Spaulding living here now.” Notice behind Phillip there are actually family photos on the mantelpiece. There haven’t been family photos on any of the sets (except for Reva’s nutso Jeffery memorial)  in ages and here’s a whole row of them. Beth gives Phillip a blank book and encourages him to express his feelings in writing like he used to. Beth and Phillip kiss and then the phone rings. Phillip says “Always” ruefully and goes to answer it while Beth laughs. (I think that’s a soap opera convention joke, but you have to be a Manny fan to truly understand the pain of the dreaded phone call/interruption – Mannyacs should have bought them an answering machine. ;-) )[Minute 19] The phone call is Rick and he tells Phillip he needs to come to the park. Rick tells him everybody is here and now would be a good time. Good time for what we wonder? [Minute 20] (See the Bauer-Santos Report at the top of the page) Besides the good news above, Phillip is glad he’s in the park because he meets up with James and they seem to be in a good place now and toss around the Frisbee. (Alan and James had bonded over playing Frisbee when the SORASed James returned to town.) [Minute 24]

Jonathan, Sarah, and Reva are playing at Tammy’s cottage. (That kid is a real chatterer, Tom seems to be getting sick of it.) Josh calls Reva and asks her to meet him at Cross Creek. [Minute 3] Josh and Reva meet up. She announces that the old truck they’ve been driving around all week was H.B.’s.  Yeah, right where have they been hiding that to keep it in fully restored condition all these years? Reva and Josh flirt and he tells her his new plan is to go down and oversee the addition of the new wing on H.B.’s memorial veterans hospital (this is the reason Cross Creek is in Springfield now, they built the hospital on the original Cross Creek site, supposedly as H.B. had always planned (rolls eyes), this is was also the project they used to bulldoze Josh and nuCassie to be together with when Reva was pushing him away during her cancer scare – no, it really didn’t make sense when it was happening either). Reva cries at the thought he’s really leaving. Josh mentioned this was the latest version of his plan. Reva asks if there was another one in the middle and he admits there was. He was going to kidnap and marry her. [Minute 9] Reva reacts to the news by walking off sobbing. Josh catches her up and apologizes for telling her. She tells him she’s glad he did. She still loves him too, but she’s just not ready to commit to him again right now. She’s still dealing with too much.  He tells her he understands that, that’s why he’s giving them both some distance, but one year from today he plans on being at the lighthouse at noon. If she’s ready for him then, she should be there. Until then, he’ll be loving her. [Minute 12] Billy arrives, but misses Josh leaving. Billy asks Reva what she will do when the time comes. She doesn’t know, but I think Billy does. [Minute 15]

Bizzie, Jonathan and Sarah are all playing in the park together. Jonathan takes Sarah down to feed the ducks. Bill says he was afraid that now that Sarah was back, Lizzie wouldn’t want a baby with him, but she tells him not to be nuts. She wants children with him. She loves him. Aren’t they sweet? Bill looked so vulnerable when he asked that and it’s great that actually talk about their fears, you know like you should in a relationship rather than leave them to fester like they did before. [Minute 22] The Cooper entourage arrives in the park with all the stealth of a herd of elephants to spy on Frank and his date. Guess they closed Company again, and they are still surprised they have money troubles? When they see Frank and Blake together they go over to give them a hard time. [Minute 22] While hanging out with her family, Marina tells Shayne she’s gotten him that coaching job at the high school. (Yes, schools always hire baseball coaches when the season is over, but I guess for Marina they do.) [Minute 23] Remy, Christina, Mel and Cyrus must have gotten over the strangeness in their earlier meeting in her room and are hanging out together in the park. They share the baby news. [Minute 24]

Mindy is still in town. She’s hunted down Billy to tell him she’s made a decision. All her trips home this year have convinced her she’s sick of living in exile in Paris. She wants to be home with her family and friends and she’s decided to stay in Springfield. They are both very happy. [Minute 8]

Maureen tells her Dad Matt that he ought to be dating, too. [Minute 5]Maureen is in a play. She sets up her dad with the drama teacher. Yes, because Matt needs more drama in his life. [Minute 16] Otalia talk about how happy they are. They decide to name the baby for Frank. [Minute 11] Otalia runs into Frank and Blake and tell him they are going to name the baby Francesca, after him. [Minute 22] Reva and Olivia talk about Josh. [Minute 25]

Flash Forward – One Year Later

Now pay close attention because this goes real quick. Yes, I know they got us all ready for Thanksgiving and then totally skipped it. I’m just reporting here.

Shayne is coaching a nearly championship high school baseball team. Marina and Shayne appear to be together and she has “Biggen” calling Shayne Papa which is kind of wrong since that what they were having him call Mallet, but we know Marina isn’t too big on ethics anyway. [Minute 26]

Billy asks Jonathan to be the foreman on Lewis Construction’s newest project, the new Springfield elementary school. I think Jonathan calls him Uncle Billy, but he kind of mumbles so I’m not positive. Boy, he never did that. He must really be feeling like family. The second he put down Sarah she ran off (Yeah, I think Tom is totally over working with this kid). Bizzie shows up and after months of playing it down Lizzie is really padded out. She calls Sarah over to feel her little brother kick. I guess it will be H.B. 4th. Christina and Remy arrive with their new baby son Clayton, named after Remy’s father. Lillian and Buzz go all mushy over the little tyke.  [Minute 26]

Cyrus and Mel are still together. Cyrus and Remy are working together still in the SFPD. Heaven knows that just the last two episodes have shown that Remy needs someone to help him.  Frank is giving them a new assignment. Blake walks up with baby Francesca in her arms and she and Frank are still together. Frank: “How come she has two mommies and I’m still all stuck changing the diapers?” Buzz tells him they are picking up Rafe who’s coming how on leave.  He’s coming home by bus. (Come on, Olivia’s his step mom now, she could spring for a plane ticket or rental car.) Their family is all at the bus stop picking him up and all seem very happy. [Minute 27]

James is out at Berkley visiting Daisy and Ashlee. They are all actually wearing clothes, which is a nice change and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen Daisy look so happy. [Minute 28, Minute 34]

Mallet and Dinah have all their old sync back. They’re traveling around Europe together and having fun and being light hearted. Dinah playfully and softly calls out Elaine a la “The Graduate.”  They are stopped at a church and Dinah is peeking in at a local wedding. She and Mallet banter back and forth. She tells him she loves weddings and he tells her he knows, it’s why they’ve stopped at every single church in Europe. They seem almost giddy being together without any of the garbage they had to deal with before. [Minute 29, Minute 34]

The whole town is together and playing at the ballpark. Everyone is happy and there are couples and babies everywhere you look. [Minute 34] A Happily Ever After Montage with brief looks at each group begins to music.

Jonathan and Billy, still at Shayne’s ballgame, speculate on whether Jeva will reunite today. Josh arrives at the lighthouse (one we’ve never seen before by the way). Reva and Collin (who looks way more than 1 year older, I wonder if this is some cast or crew’s kid again?) start slowly walking towards the lighthouse. Josh sees them coming and he can’t wait. He jogs, practically running over to them. Josh: “I wasn’t sure if you’d be here.” Reva: “Oh yes, you were.” [Minute 30] All is literally silent as he comes over. Then suddenly, Good LORD, it’s their couple THEME music!!! We haven’t heard their theme music (or anybody else’s) in years!!![Minute 32] Reva and Josh reunite. Reva: “If you still want to be together, I’m in.” Josh (smiles, his happy full of himself smile): “That’s a good thing.” Then he takes her face in his hands and kisses her deeply.  About the final shot is the one Kim Zimmer fought for. Jeva together and kissing with the lighthouse in the background. So for once TPTB kept their word after all. [Minute 33] Jeva and Collin are going to go on an adventure. Reva brought their stuff, she knew Josh would have an adventure in mind. Reva (in a broken whisper, with one arm around Josh and the other around her youngest son, I think partly says to us): “Come on, let’s go.” (OK, I’m crying now and I don’t even like Jeva.) They walk up to H.B.’s pickup, give each other a long smiling look, get in and drive off. Josh (to Reva): “You ready?” Reva: “Always.” [Minute 35] The truck drives down a road. You can see the lighthouse rising above the trees behind them and like a classic, old movie the words “The End” come up on the screen.

And we’ve lost our way to Springfield forever. Goodbye, Farewell, Amen.

P.S. If this leaves you wanting more, please read my fanfic of scenes leading up to and surrounding the finale here:

P.P.S I wanted to repeat this portion of my analysis of the new format.

Pacing of scenes – The last few months I was doing a daily summary of the show (you can find those descriptions by clicking on the July, August, and September 2009 blog entries) and from that experience I can tell you that a long scene was a minute, most were less than that. The last two days I thought something was wrong because I didn’t have as many times in my descriptions. I realized that it was because the average length of the scene had approximately doubled to roughly 2 minutes. The short scenes were supposed to be compensating for the lack of a an ability to block on smaller sets (again from a quote from Wheeler), but even lengthening the scenes by that much (let’s face it 2 minutes is still a pretty short scene) improved the pace rhythm and flow of the show to a marked extent. Watch an episode, even from early on in that last week and then one of the last two days and see if you don’t agree. This length and pacing was an executive decision, not one forced by money or circumstances and was clearly a wrong one and was not one that was experimented with, even though there was just over a year and a half in which multiple things could have been adjusted and tried.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Remembering the Last Day of Guiding Light

September 19, 2014

I have been wanting to watch the last two weeks of Guiding Light again in real time. It ended up being a bad time for me to do the whole thing this month, but I’m going to finish out the week in honor of the five year anniversary of the final episode.  I looked for a bright spot in the cancellation and also look for the line of the day which is in many of these posts.

Before we finish up the last episode guide post of the very last episode (bitter, BITTER sob!!!), I want to pause as I did originally and offer some comments. I put it off a couple of days to just have one unwatched new episode for a couple of more days.

This is my post from September 18, 2009:

I absolutely loved yesterday’s episode of Guiding Light. THAT’S what we should have been seeing for years. Characters you care about. History honored. Connections made. Pure happiness balancing the pathos. Yesterday’s episode was what Guiding Light is truly supposed to be and from the preview description I read late last night today’s episode should be just as good. I’m thankful for all the vets, really old friends, who agreed to return. I’m thankful that they wrapped up as much story and let as many characters find happiness as they did. I’m so sorry that anybody decided that it had to stop. We’ll never see its like again and if its last few years were in one of its temporary declines, it was definitely on the upswing these last few months and if they had started to actually play a few of the beats they hinted at, I think they could have been on top again. I’m especially sad because I really think that loss of economies of scale with the closing of down of GL will inevitably mean the loss of Product and Gambles final soap, currently the lone survivor of a once might pantheon, As the World Turns. My day will never be the same again. I truly didn’t ever think I’d see it end. Goodbye Springfield, Farewell, and Amen.

This is my post from September 19, 2009:

Thank You To the Fans

An absolutely great video that shows the Guiding Light cast thanking fans for their longtime support. I’ll especially draw your attention to Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban who thank their fans for fighting for their characters which we most definitely did.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Guiding Light September 17, 2009 Remembered

September 18, 2014
Manny Move Back

Manny Move Back

I have been wanting to watch the last two weeks of Guiding Light again in real time. It ended up being a bad time for me to do the whole thing this month, but I’m going to finish out the week in honor of the five year anniversary of the final episode. In these posts among the things I looked for a bright spot in the cancellation and I also look for the line of the day which is in many of these posts. Sometimes I can’t help breaking down in bitter, BITTER sobs.

September 17, 2009 – An Almost Perfect Day

NOTE: During the last couple of months of Guiding Light, I did a daily feedback and summary post. I had just started my blog and it was an early experiment that helped establish my style. I put comments and summaries on the same storyline together, with time tags to the different parts of the episode. I put the official CBS link at the end. Sadly that is no long viable so I’m going to put the YouTube links at the beginning instead. The time codes are for a full episode load and so won’t match, but should still give you a rough idea. Also the parts are on a playlist in the wrong order, so you have to watch or it will jump to different parts of the last week, if you don’t watch just what the original link is. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)
Today gives us almost everything they promised us last July. Why did they wait so long? I’ve put the most important things first (the most important things being the Manny family and the Bauers).

8:55 – A rental truck pulls up honking its horn pulls up in front of the Bauer House. IT’S DANNY, MICHELLE, ROBBIE, AND HOPE SANTOS!!!!! Somewhere between the visit back for the Bauer BBQ, Danny’s reconnection with his (legitimate) business connections over the summer, and Ed’s being back so much, Danny decided to give in to Michelle’s missing Springfield (when could he ever deny her something she wanted for very long?) and they are moving back. They didn’t tell anybody so they could surprise Rick. They all look absolutely ecstatic and even more in sync than they did at the BBQ. I literally jumped up for joy when this came across the television screen – seriously I bounced off the couch and jumped. (Joyful sniff) Why did they wait so long?

Danny’s first line is “There he is” and I think it was directed at Robbie. I think he was pestering his Dad on when they would see Uncle Rick. Line of the Day – Danny announces “We’re moving back.” He said they should have let Rick know, especially since they are planning on crashing at his house at least temporarily, but like they did one dark and stormy night years ago, they just show up, boxes in hand. Michelle wanted to surprise Rick with the good news. They both look so happy together and relaxed, I just can’t get the happy smile off of my face watching them.  And in just this short scene they have definitely retained their title of Tactile Twosome. They discuss dinner. Rick says Michelle can cook. Michelle says she just drove all the way across the country and he can buy dinner tonight. Danny backs her up and they pull into one joyful group hug. (Bet Rick never pictured this the day he first showed Danny her room and told him she’d be happier without him – Judging by the smiles on all their faces, I think, for once, Rick would be glad to admit he was wrong.)

12:05 – Rick is helping to unload Manny’s rental truck. He tells Ed who’s reading the newspaper that it’s his turn to move back next, but Ed is working on a different plan.

23:25 – Rick walks into Company to order supper for 6. Rick: “Hey…I need dinner for 6 my family just moved back. Keep it under $15.”  (The jokes about Rick’s cheapness approached Jack Benny levels in the last year.) Frank (another of Springfield’s finest) does not say who moved back? Does not say is it Danny and Michelle?, once some of his best friends in town. He basically ignores Rick’s statement and blows off the order. This restaurant is going to make money how again?

30:06 – Rick comes home with dinner, calling out that he’s got the food. Manny come into the kitchen and Rick tells them, it’s so great having a family there in the house again. He was so tired of being there alone, Danny punches his shoulder lightly and tells him he hopes he still feels that way in a week. Michelle is falling back into happy homemaker mode (if that cleaning out the frig scene between Rick and Ed was any indication the old home place needs it) and tells Danny, Rick will be even happier in a week because she’ll be cooking and doing his laundry. Robbie and Hope have discovered Rick’s video games and are already making themselves at home. They must, at least subconsciously, remember living there before. Ed though has disappeared.

30:34 – (Ok, I admit it, I jumped up and down here, too.) Ed has shown up at Holly’s door and I thought I was just going to have imagine something like this happened. After all the disappointments the show has dealt us, it’s too good to be true. Ed seems happier, more sure of himself, and more relaxed than I’ve seen him since Danny rescued him from Africa, heck, maybe since Maureen died. He’s even wearing cruise wear and cool shades. Everything with Phillip and Alan has convinced Ed to grab what he wants out of life and quit worrying about it. What he wants most right now is Holly. Holly starts to ask a practical question and then thinking about what she saw in Ed’s eyes, in Ed’s face, the girl who fell in love with Roger Thorpe comes back out and only asks him “How long do I have to pack?” as a smile spills across her face, joy as true as any that shown itself on his son-in-law’s face takes over Ed’s features and shakes his whole body, spilling out in a choked laugh.

Alan’s funeral is totally rushed. I really would have rather they had it off screen rather than do it this way. (OK, so I can still gripe on an almost perfect day.) Bill has picked up Alan’s remains at the crematorium. For some reason Phillip feels compelled to look inside. (Like you could tell anything from just looking, unless some fool left the Woofie dog tag attached again – really Claire.) Alan seems to be in his cigar humidor. He’d like that. [Minute 0] Alex poured Alan’s cup of coffee he always shared with her in the morning without thinking. She gives it to Phillip, still not fully accepting that Alan will never come down stairs to have breakfast with her again. She talks briefly with Phillip about Alan and then when he asks, she says she’s ready to go to the memorial. She strokes the chair where he always sat as she passes by. [Minute 6] Somehow they’ve added that Alan wanted his ashes scattered in the lake to his final requests in the hospital. (I DON’T think so . 1. Alan would want to be in the family plot. After all to him, to steal a Manny phrase, La Familia es segrada. 2. As many problems as the Spauldings have had with family members coming back from the dead, wouldn’t they want the remains somewhere they could get at them for the almost inevitable DNA test? 3. Roger Thorpe’s ashes were scattered from Towers, some of them must have ended in the lake. Would Alan really VOLUNTEER to spend eternity cheek to jowl with his worst enemy, no matter how mellow he’s gotten lately? I think not.  4. How much did Alan whine about just getting splashed on at Universal Studios? Would he really request to spend the afterlife in a “Splash Zone”?) [Minute 13]

The immediate Spaulding family (and most extended family in town) gather at the lake to sprinkle his ashes. Judging by the rocks, this could be very near where Michelle killed Mick, but Bill seems to have no dark memories about this spot. [Minute 13] Apparently Father Ray, Mayor Doris, and Josh were all busy, so they don’t have a clergymen. Actually now that I think about it, they really should have brought back Josh’s mentor Rev. Rutledge, descendant of the town’s original Guiding Light. It would have been fitting to have him on this last week. So, lacking any kind of organizer, they mostly stare at the waves coming in off the lake and let its calming effect take them. [Minute 15] Beth tells Buzz to say a few words after closer family members demurred. It’s a pretty decent eulogy for off the cuff. [Minute 19] Each family member takes a handful of Alan’s ashes (with their bare hands – EWWW – the tradition is each family member takes a handful of DIRT) and slowly releases it one at a time into the lake. EW’s production models have been criticized for relying too much on music (repeated ad nauseam), but she showed great restraint here to great effect. (I’ll also add that Bill didn’t get his own handful and considering that Bill once literally saved Alan’s life, besides being Lizzie’s husband and soulmate, the omission was pretty tacky.) The entire ceremony has only the sound of the calming waves and each member gets a full beat. My main complaint here, except for the entire concept, is that Peyton, who we just saw yesterday and pretty much all the younger children weren’t given the chance to be at their father’s/grandfather’s funeral. I think that is wrong and false, especially considering how much Phillip regretted missing his biological mother’s funeral. [Minute 20] After the service, Phillip and James make tentative steps towards reconciliation over their mutual loss and a Frisbee. [Minute 23] Phillip still hasn’t been able to leave the beach. Beth is worried about him. They talk. Beth: “He (Alan) did what he wanted to do.” Phillip (with a broken laugh): “He always did.” [Minute 32]

Bizzie are checking on Alex. Bill seems especially worried, which he should be standing in for her practically adopted son and his best childhood friend, Ben Reade, who preceded her in death and so can’t be there and who Bill couldn’t save, but his name never passes their lips, which is especially odd because the next person to walk in is Ben’s father. Fletcher Reade strides in (boy, the last 10 years have been hard on him). He heard about Alan and came to see if he could help Alex which is especially nice because he couldn’t even be bothered to come back for his own son’s funeral. I wonder if he stopped at the cemetery first to see the grave for the first time? (Bitter, Bitter sob!!! – Sorry, Fletcher broke my heart once when he walked out on Claire, long, long ago, and I can’t forgive him.) “Hello, Beautiful” is what he always used to say to Alex, they lived together during almost all of Ben’s formative years, before he dumped her too. Fletcher thought she might need an old friend and Alex throws herself into his arms and totally dissolves into tears. [Minute 33]

Daisy got a call from Berkley. A spot opened up in their fall class, if she wants it and can get there by Monday, (A day we’ll never see in Springfield – Bitter, BITTER sob!!) it’s hers. She’s got 4 hours to decide. Buzz encourages her to go. [Minute 2, Minute 6] Daisy tells James about Berkley, but he’s not upset. In fact he’s really supportive of her goals. James: “I’m rich. I’ll come visit you.” [Minute 34]

Frank and Blake are still working on a name for the baby without much success. [Minute 7] While he is busy ignoring Rick’s order, Frank tells him he’s asking a girl of his dating website out. Rick teases him about it, but is pleased for his friend when she (unknowingly Blake) says yes. [Minute 24]

Remember when I pointed out that Remy and Christina didn’t have the legal papers when they got married after Bizzie’s wedding. Well, the insurance company just figured that out, too. It takes Remy (THE COP) a little while longer and Olivia had to help explain it to him. (Rolls eyes – Hey I said almost perfect.) [Minute 10] Remy tells Christina, they aren’t officially married. Christina tells Remy she’s pregnant. It takes Remy a minute to get her clue about this too. (Are we sure Remy is cut out for the police force? I’m really starting to think he was a better EMT.)[Minute 16]

Reva looks the best she has in ages. She and Jonathan are bickering a little bit and he announces he and Sarah better start looking for their own place. [Minute 3] Apparently Billy and Vanessa didn’t plan a honeymoon. Billy is back at work. Josh finds him there and tells him he plans to steal Billy’s idea and kidnap Reva to marry her, like Billy did Vanessa. Billy refuses to help. He basically says with everything going on, he’s pretty sure she isn’t ready right now. Josh is right. He should have done this a year ago. Billy refuses to help. [Minute 4] Josh’s kidnap plan goes awry when he finds Reva in the midst of the family picnic that he hadn’t checked his voicemail to get his invitation to yet. [Minute 8] Josh tells Billy, he’s back to plan A and he’ll leave town for awhile. [Minute 11] Billy tells him not now, doesn’t mean not ever, and not to give up hope. [Minute 12] Josh stops by Marina’s house to say goodbye to Shayne, Marina, and his brand new grandson. [Minute 25] Reva remembers that Cassie’s wedding present for Tammy was supposed to be a cottage. Cassie had actually bought it and she never could find it in her heart to sell it or rent it, so it’s been sitting empty. She calls Cassie to check and she wants Jonathan and Sarah to have it. [Minute 26] Josh tells Billy he’s going to Tulsa first to build a new wing on H.B.’s hospital and will take it from there. Billy wants to spend the last couple of hours together. [Minute 35] Jonathan talks to Tammy about moving into what should have been their house. [Minute 36]

Cyrus has baked some cookies to repay Mel for the ones she brought on his birthday when they broke his bed. (No, they literally broke his bed and they only had gotten as far as kissing and it scared Mel off.) [Minute 7] Cyrus gives Mel his cookies and they end up in bed and this time, no distractions. OK, I’ll give her that I don’t think I ever saw get that excited that quickly with Rick, except when they were fighting. [Minute 17, Minute 24]

Meanwhile, back in the adventure story, Richard, I mean Jeffery, it’s so hard to tell in his CLEVER disguise (I guess he never took my advice to look up the old Roger Thorpe footage for disguise ideas), thinks he has a chance at getting a clean shot at Edmund and calls Jonathan and tells him so. [Minute 10] Jeffery is up on a very industrial looking rooftop watching Edmund’s limo pull in the warehouse next door. [Minute 12] That’s it, I definitely want my tax money back for whatever government training Jeffery has had. Jeffery is supposedly setting up an ambush. He’s wearing street clothes, not a gilly suit AND using a handgun. Rifle, Jeffery, for long distance shooting you use a R-I-F-L-E. Surprise, Surprise, he’s spotted by one of Edmund’s men who struggles with him for awhile and makes him drop his handgun to an inaccessible ledge. He has no back up piece (this is the guy that boxed DANNY into a corner, REALLY?) and doesn’t check Edmund’s now unconscious henchmen to see if he was carrying. Edmund watches with undisguised glee. Thankfully the Edmund we know is back, his bad James Bond impression forgotten. He tells Jeffery they are too much alike and that Jeffery will never complete or abandon his hunt and deep down he doesn’t want to. [Minute 27]

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